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Kit Siang digging deeper hole in ‘apartheid’ issue

Lim Kit Siang has denied that the MoU signed with the Malay (and similarly apartheid?) “backdoor” government is a betrayal of his party’s principles.

In a press statement today, Kit Siang said:

”The case of Nelson Mandela who chose negotiations with the South African apartheid government despite his 23 years’ of incarceration is a good example.

“Although Mandela knew that negotiations with the South African National Party would be regarded as a sign of weakness and betrayal, the alternative – and in the case of Covid-19 pandemic, more millions of cases and more tens of thousands of deaths – was too terrible to contemplate.”

It seems that the DAP has now to outreach to its non-Malay grassroots to explain what benefits they (i.e. the party voter base) are getting in return for Harapan propping up the Ismail Sabri administration, that is apart from their oppo politicians getting MP allocations.


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5 thoughts on “Kit Siang digging deeper hole in ‘apartheid’ issue

  1. The DAP Leadership is now in a deep deep hole trying to grasp at any straw to survive the record of their dismal performance in POWER, May 2018-March 2020. I wanted to meet the 4 Leaders of DAP in June 2020 to show them another Way to be the paramount political party of Malaysia in the National Interest and within the precepts of our revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Unfortunately, EXCLUSIVITY is their belief. Hence, within 18 months they were booted out naked without ceremony from their high office with their jurassic mind-sets and alleged Trojan Horse loyalty. Not only that,, by losing POWER, they let down their 95% Chinese supporters. Worse ! The 6 million Chinese have no credible Political Party to lead them if their Leaders become clowns of the First Order. Would anyone cares if the Oracle of Ipoh (LKY’s junior version) uttered a few choice words now and then, to be relevant ? With all due respect, he has been doing this augmented by writings since 1966. The World still rolled on without caring 2 hoots for him. However, as a professional success, kudos to him ! If licking TDM’s boots is all these DAP fellows know about Malaysian Politics, good luck to them !

  2. Here are the latest population statistics from Singapore for the DAP Leaders. Total population is 5.5 million. Singapore citizens 3.4 million. ( 70% Chinese = 2,4 million ; Age 21-50 = 1.6 million of which 800,000 are male Chinese.). PR 500,000. Non-residents = 1.60 million. Vide Singapore’s CNA. TV. The number of male Chinese between 21-50 years of 800,000, in Singapore is less than the membership of the DAP in Malaysia ? The tail wags the elephant ? What can one do with only 800,000 male chinamen, age 21-50 ? The population of Hong Kong, is 6.5 million which consists of 100% chinamen. Marriage and birth rates are falling for all Singaporeans between 2020 – 2021 ! Old folks living longer.

  3. Is it a travesty of Justice that the 95% Chinese who voted for the DAP in the 14th GE landed up in the Opposition? It must be remembered that the DAP which claimed to be highly-principled from 1966-2008 by being the Opposition, lost its political mojo from 2008 after it got ensnarled to turn Pulau Pinang into Singapore. Were the Singaporeans sincere in helping the DAP to do so after all their rocket scientists’ calculations ? Any school boy or girl would have worked out that Pulau Pinang is not Singapore and Singapore is not Pulau Pinang. Or the deep fear that if Pulau Pinang becomes the World’s holiday resort destination instead of a concrete island, all the World’s travellers would make a bee line for Pulau Pinang instead of Singapore.? This is confirmed by the Singapore’s tourism industry dire straits being ravaged by the Covid-19 virus. If the once proud SIA is no more for the moment. I remember my wife always complained to be of the haughty attitude of the Singaporean sales girls who always addressed her as from the Ulus !

  4. Being long-winded, I hope the 95% Chinese who voted for the DAP in the 14th GE, realise by now that the alleged actions of the DAP when in POWER May 2018-March 2020 in the PH Government forgot and did not represent the Chinese’ interest when they had the POWER in their hands. 20 months is a long time in Malaysian Politics.

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