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Same skin colour most important factor in brotherhood

Charles M. Blow – pix below – is a writer who appears twice a week in the New York Times. Below are some extracts from his Sept 26 article.

Headlined ‘The Mendacity of Joe Biden’, Blow’s latest NYT article takes to task the president for deporting Haitians who had entered Texas illegally en masse.

If you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t black

“Joe Biden, once again, disappointed many of the same Black voters who were his strongest supporters,” Blow writes.

“How much of this can or should Black people stand?” asks Blow – who is himself black – in the first paragraph of his column.

Blow then proceeds to the issue under spotlight, pointing to “the outrageous images of [border patrol] agents on horseback herding the migrants like cattle, and there was also the administration aggressively deporting the migrants back to Haiti”.

”When I see those Black bodies at the border, I am unable to separate them from myself, or my family, or my friends,” Blow declares.

“They are us. There is a collective consciousness in blackness, born of the white supremacist erasure of our individuality,” he continues.

”Your accomplishment is never your own, but a credit to the race. Your sins are never your own, but a stain on the race. In America, and throughout the diaspora, all Black people are linked together like a chain of paper dolls.”

The Haitians massed at the USA-Mexico border had been living in South American countries like Chile and Brazil.

Blow opposes the decision to deport the Haitians to Haiti.

”What’s more, these particular migrants were being deported to a country many haven’t been to in years. Many of them didn’t leave Haiti in 2021; they left it years ago,” Blow writes.

“And they were being deported into danger. Haiti has recently been devastated by an earthquake, flooding from a hurricane, and the assassination of the president.”

[Helen’s note: There is similarity to the migration of the Rohingya headed for Malaysia.

[Charles Blow claims that the Haitians cannot be returned to Haiti because the island has suffered earthquake, hurricane and the assassination of its president.

[Rohingya have a comparatively stronger claim that they cannot be returned to the Rakhine because Myanmar has suffered ethnic cleansing, military coup and is on the verge of a civil war. There is however no reason why they cannot be returned to Cox’s Bazar where international aid agencies operate the refugee camps.]

BELOW: The Taliban have since erased this George Floyd mural in Kabul

The overblown rhetoric of Black America

“No White House fact sheet about other policies that benefited Black people can cover that stain. These Black people were treated like animals because Biden was afraid of a Washington full of monsters,” writes Blow, sounding frankly quite hysterical.

“As is too often the case, Black people become the political pawn, a weight around the ankle or a weapon in the hand. Our humanity is reduced to a calculation or a cause. We can be chased down by horseback-riding agents or flown out by weak-kneed presidents,” adds Blow.

“After Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election, the Rev. Al Sharpton recalled for The Washington Post last week, he [Biden] said, ‘Black America, you had my back, I’ll have yours’,” Blow recaps.

“Sharpton continued: ‘Well, we’re being stabbed in the back, Mr. President. We need you to stop the stabbing — from Haiti to Harlem’.”

Al Sharpton and Charles M. Blow feel a stronger connection to Haitian illegal immigrants than they do with conservative white Americans whom they’re always bashing.


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4 thoughts on “Same skin colour most important factor in brotherhood

  1. not necessarily the case, mainland chinese always want to invade and kill taiwan chinese, plus zombified the hongkong chinese, while wanna make non chinese like uighur and tibetan as their own.

    here muslim welcome rohingya, bangla and indon and want to shoot non muslim like vietnamese while chinese welcome all, at least we claim as such except the very few non inclusive type that always want rohingya to get out.

    race is an interesting topic, i read the british black faminism writer reni eddo lodge full of anger “why i’m no longer talking to white people about race” and american red indian thomas king hilarious “the truth about stories” recently, both really lead one to have some introspection about oneself, especially for malaysian since we also have indian and native, though both doesn’t matter much since they dont own kuala lumpur.

  2. i refer to the above comment made by HY

    Malaysians never welcome rohingya bangla and indon.. get ur reality check right.. they are here to work and willing to be paid CHEAPLY…..they are there to work.. NOT TO LIVE… this is because the Malaysian CAPITALISTS.. U KNOW WHO R THEY..DONT PRETEND U DONT… are willing to employ them to make more PROFIT…PLUS… these PEMAIN2 IMPORT can be exploited without worry, survivalist, skillful and can enslaved… this is what we call as CHEAP LABOUR… hiring local will just minimizing THEIR PROFIT……

    btw… its FEMINISM.. not FAMINISM… lol.. thanks kak helen sbb publish my comments… always remember ur blog to get ur thoughts and insights..

    1. thanks for pointing out my mistake, but why lol, you have the habit to laugh at others mistake?

      capitalist do what capitalist gotta do. its govt responsibility to regulate them.

      i dont know much about rohingya because i never meet one, i talked about them here to give a false impression i stick to topic. but i do know many bangladesh and indonesian that are legal migrant and many become malaysian, i guess there must be reason why they can become legal migrant and malaysian easier than others, my guess is we welcome them, if there is other more convincing reason, please enlightened.

  3. The US Democrats and President Biden turned out to be worse than President Trump by escalating tensions when there were none. ASEAN must keep its neutrality stance and not used by any external Powers. With this opportunity of the Covid-19 virus hiccup, we should come closer to one another for socio-economic advantages and be fair to all. Hopefully, the refugees will return to their home-lands when peace returns.

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