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DAP “rage factory” says it is insulting to speak Tamil to elephant

Umno MP Azeez Rahim recounted a light-hearted anecdote in parliament yesterday about speaking Tamil to an elephant as he fed it sugarcane.

The elephant had been caught in his Baling constituency in Kedah and was waiting to be transported to Terengganu for rehab. Continue reading “DAP “rage factory” says it is insulting to speak Tamil to elephant”

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PAS (not Chinese) are the kingmaker in Malacca

“Chinese could be the kingmaker in mixed seats where the Malay vote is split between Perikatan Nasional, Umno and Pakatan,” political analyst Khaw Veon Szu was quoted by The Star as saying.

See article ‘Chinese poised to be kingmaker in Melaka election’ in the paper yesterday.

I disagree. I think Chinese voters are delusional if they see themselves in the role of kingmaker. Continue reading “PAS (not Chinese) are the kingmaker in Malacca”


PRN Melaka: Mahathir more honest than DAP

Idris Haron is a Malacca Adun recently sacked from Umno and also formerly chief minister of the state (2013 – 2018).

Idris is now saying that Aduns in his state should be racially “proportionate” to Malacca’s diverse population, and that a “100 percent Malay-Muslim government” is not on. Continue reading “PRN Melaka: Mahathir more honest than DAP”

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Melaka: Hang apa lagi

Was Hang Li Po really a Ming princess?

She was reputed to have been sent here from China to become a wife of Sultan Mansur Shah who ruled Malacca from 1459 to 1477.

Is ‘Hang’ an honorific (title) and similarly conferred on the other famous Hang’s, i.e. Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir, Lekiu?

Or was Hang Tuah maybe Hang Too Ah and his companions Lekir and Lekiu really Lee Kiei and Lee Kiew? Continue reading “Melaka: Hang apa lagi”

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Where is Timah importing its whisky ingredients from?

Yesterday, I blogged that because the Malay votes are being split among 6 – 7 parties, their community is not politically monolithic like the Chinese.

In the current controversy over the Malaysian-made new whisky labeled ‘Timah’, we see how the Malays check and balance each other (something impossible to happen among the politically homogenous Chinese). Continue reading “Where is Timah importing its whisky ingredients from?”

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Train riders held up phones as woman was raped 

The incident happened in the dysfunctional USA, where else — the world capital of woke.

Philadelphia police have charged a suspect for the rape which took place openly on public transport.

Continue reading “Train riders held up phones as woman was raped “

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M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs

Malaysia will continue to strongly advocate against human rights violations perpetrated on Palestinians and Rohingya, said our Foreign Minister on Friday (Oct 15).

Saifuddin Abdullah said in a statement: “Di persada antarabangsa, Malaysia akan terus membantah sekeras-kerasnya penindasan hak asasi manusia yang dilakukan, antaranya terhadap rakyat Palestin dan Rohingya di Myanmar.” Continue reading “M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs”

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How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody

“According to ProPublica, more than ten thousand Chinese government-linked accounts on Twitter were used to cast doubt on early reports related to the outbreak in Wuhan.”

“Citizen Lab documented thousands of keywords related to COVID that were suppressed by the Chinese government on platforms YY and WeChat. Many deleted posts criticized the government for their handling of the outbreak.” Continue reading “How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody”

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DAP using Nik Aziz as fig leaf

In his press statement on Thursday (Oct 7), Lim Guan Eng said: “Since PAS decided to break away from the late PAS leader Allahyarham Tok Guru Nik Aziz politics of moderation, tolerance and respect for non-Muslims, PAS had adopted a policy of hostility towards non-Muslims.”

Guan Eng is misinforming the non Muslims when he claims that the PAS of today (note: Nik Aziz passed away in 2015) is different from PAS pre-2015 with regard to its Islamist politics. Continue reading “DAP using Nik Aziz as fig leaf”