Dong Zong has seen the light but Dapsters not yet

Dong Zong expressed its gratitude to MCA on Thursday for securing an RM15 million allocation for Chinese independent schools.

The grateful statement, however, did not go down well with the DAP.

DAP‘s Wong Kah Woh – an MP and the party ex-youth chief – responded by snarking: “Please give a big applause to Dong Zong and Tan Tai Kim” for (in Wong’s words) bootlicking the MCA.

The DAP exco was pissed that Tan, the Dong Zong president, is describing the MCA-facilitated allocation as a “timely rain”.

Wong recalled that when an identical sum of RM15 million was earmarked for Chinese schools by the Harapan government, Dong Zong had not appeared as appreciative.

Back in 2019, Dong Zong had (in Wong’s words) rubbished Harapan by likening the DAP-facilitated allocation to only “a drop in the bucket”.

So why the difference in Dong Zong’s attitude to MCA and DAP when the funds given were the same amount?

BELOW: Teo Nie Ching (DAP) was the Harapan deputy education minister

Helen’s hypothesis

DAP in 2019 vs MCA in 2021 represented different parameters, hence the differently calibrated responses from Dong Zong.

How the two parties compare:

(1) The Harapan government had comprised roughly half (counting the number of MPs) non Malays.

On the other hand, the current BN-PN government is almost wholly bumiputera with the exception of half a dozen or so Chinese-and-Indian MPs.

(2) DAP was the second biggest party in Harapan in 2019, and it is now the coalition’s biggest following the defection of Azmin & Gang which depleted the size of PKR.

MCA is more or less the second smallest party in the present government.

Until the Tanjung Piai byelection on 16 Nov 2019 which added the MCA’s second MP, the BN Chinese component had previously only one MP.

(3) The Chinese had voted 95 percent in strength to send 42 DAP reps to the Dewan and at the same time, almost wiped out the MCA whose sole parliament seat was won in a Malay-majority area.

(4) There were six DAP full ministers in the Mahathir-Harapan cabinet, and DAP additionally held the Finance portfolio.

There is only one MCA full minister in Ismail Sabri’s current cabinet.

(5) DAP had intimated to Chinese voters that MCA was utterly useless and deserved to be given a “duck’s egg” or zero seats in the election.

In contrast to the depiction of MCA as “running dogs”, the DAP portrayed themselves as roaring lions of the Chinese community.

Given the above, it is natural that Dong Zong would have anticipated DAP to deliver more from the Harapan government in contrast to what the weak MCA can be expected to extract from the BN-PN government.

Apart from funding for Chinese schools, there are other issues at play, e.g. widening ban on liquor sale, growing curbs on gambling, increased quotas on Malay equity, etc.

Chinese BN voters understand that MCA really served our community’s interests better.

The episode above illustrates:

(a) Two MCA leaders with very negligible Chinese electoral support in a Malay government finagled RM15m for sekolah Cina vs (b) 42 DAP reps with 95% Chinese support in a multiracial government managing the same small amount.

Additionally, we must also consider the backdrop against which MCA and DAP are/were performing.

(a) MCA is heaped with curses for still sticking with Umno, and the Umno-led ruling coalition is also constantly being bashed by the Chinese as a “backdoor”, “illegitimate” and “failed government“ full of “kleptocrats” and “kakistocrats”.

All this verbal abuse is not likely to endear MCA’s sole minister Wee Ka Siong to his Malay cabinet colleagues.

(b) DAP was praised sky high for so cleverly riding the Old Horse to Putrajaya. Harapan was hailed by the Chinese as their DAP-powered political vehicle to Save Malaysia and lauded as well for featuring the best, brightest and most competent Chinese ministers.

Even Bersatu’s greenhorn minister Syed Saddiq was hoisted up by fawning Chinese as saviour, hope for the future and potential PM material.

All this genuflecting to Bersatu talent should have endeared the DAP ministers to their Malay cabinet colleagues.

Real comparison is 95 to 5

MCA in 2021 vs DAP in 2019 are operating in vastly different environments.

Yet Dapsters decry the RM15m allocation using apple-to-apple comparison. They are unable to understand Dong Zong’s muted treatment of the MCA.

Actually we’re comparing apples to oranges.

DAP is toxic and its hardcore supporters are biting into a poisoned apple.


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4 thoughts on “Dong Zong has seen the light but Dapsters not yet

  1. Slowly, slowly the Chinese, 95% of them will see the light shining on the alleged duplicity of the DAP and what they did in POWER in the PH Government. The DAP did nothing for the 95% Chinese who voted DAP in the 14th GE. Here is the alleged list of what the DAP promoted whilst in POWER for 22 months. i) Obstructed the usual annual subsidy from the Federal Government to UTAR. ii) the Lee Kuan Yew inspired CPTPP without the US mart and Malaysia SME Killer was approved by the DAP dominated PH Cabinet in August 2018, Vide. Dato Seri Azmin Ali revelations in the Dewan Rakyat, October 2020. iii) the Federal Government Suit to review Pulau Batu Putih lost to Singapore was withdrawn in June 2018. At the material time when these acts were performed, the DAP Ministers numbered the most non-Malays in a Cabinet who claimed to be the best, brightest and competent, and bolstered by the DAP Minister of Finance. Is it obvious to the 95% Chinese who voted for the DAP in the 14th GE that they were completely forgotten in favour of the esoteric interests of the DAP as interpreted by its born again Leadership ? I have always been in favour of fair-play, justice and transparency for all. In 1972, I conceptualised within the NEP context, to fast track the Malays into big corporate business by capturing Sime Darby Plc for the Malays because on 13 May 1969, the Malays had only 2% of the economy, the British had 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate assets. My Concept also protected the Chinese businesses from unnecessary red tape in future and gave them the freedom to pursue business without hindrance because the Malays could acquire British assets freely and cheaply in the early 1970s. By November 1975, Sime Darby Plc was in Malay control. The rest is history. And what did the DAP which shouted from the roof-tops of their alleged chauvinistic principles since 1966, do when in POWER between May 2018 – March 2020 ? Nothing for the 95% Chinese who voted for them. In fact, the DAP Leadership became more EXCLUSIVE and INSOUCIANCE. I also donated 2,000 books of the best Malaysiana to UTAR. It is a shame that the DAP dominated PH Government which consisted of so many DAP Chinese Ministers, could only do less for the 95% Chinese who voted for the DAP whilst the one Chinese MCA Minister of the PN Cabinet could do so much more in comparison. The reason for this flaw is obvious because the alleged born again DAP Ministers of the PH Government (May 2018-March 2020) were alleged to look Chinese on the outside but Western beliefs on the inside. From now on, all the 100% Chinese should not forget that SOME MAY LOOK LIKE CHINESE BUT INSIDE THEY ARE NOT CHINESE. It is alleged their loyalty is turned to something else ! In Politics, loyalty and sincerity rank first in priority terms. All the 100% Chinese should not be misled again by politicians who look like Chinese on the outside but Western on the inside. Remember history !

  2. Dong Zong would be most upset to see Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs chumming together and neglecting their general election promises and years of shouting alleged chauvinistic slogans from the roof tops. It is alleged many DAP supporters from 1966 were absolutely astounded by the DAP’s elected leaders stooping so low as to lick TDM’s boots to gain POWER and forgot the masses when in POWER.

  3. nothing to do with seeing the light, dz know the fixation to close down chinese school and chinese independent school is never fade among the ultras, there are definitely more ultras in pn/bn vs ph, thus dj attitude and approach could be different when facing both faction.

    another analogy, sea countries seem very polite and friendly to ccp but would not hesitate to call out the american even on trivial matter, because they know ccp is a real threat and invader of the weak while american just want to show off their strength and champion their laughable cause, the underlying risk of both is different.

    that said, i think dap is the real menace of anything chinese, they are not necessarily wrong because there is no way dap to be in real power as long as racial divide is msian way of life, the sneaky type malay never want this, they want chinese to be forever as chinese, not malaysian.

  4. All 100% Chinese should remember and never forget that a Chinese looking DAP leader is more alleged to be Western inside without Asian or Chinese values. Do not be misled at the next 15th GE. Their actions in POWER May 2018 – March 2020 are well- recorded. Do not be fooled by a Chinese looking alleged DAP leader with only Western values inside.

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