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DAP punching down with impunity

In his press statement yesterday, DAP exco cum Penang-Forever-DCM (II) Ramasamy Palanisamy decried the “morally corrupt” ethnocrats in Malaysia.

Using his platform in Focus Malaysia, Ramasamy said that “racist and religious attacks are symptomatic of the larger political and economic system” — see below.

Likewise one can equally point out that racist attacks on MCA leaders by Cina DAP are symptomatic of the larger and toxic ecosystem in Ramasamy’s own political party.

Take for example the incessant mockery of Deputy National Unity Minister Ti Lian Ker, including by Malaysiakini subscribers in its reader comments yesterday.

Ramasamy wrote: “The racist slur against badminton star S Kisona is not something new or an isolated incident.”

Ramasamy, of course, cares little that the most demeaning insults as well as the sometimes racist slurs are commonplace against MCA vice president Ti, MCA president Wee Ka Siong and other MCA personalities visibly in the political arena.

Ramasamy also alleged that “rowing [?] attacks” against the non-Muslims are being by perpetrated by “politicians from parties such as Umno, Bersatu and PAS”.

[Note: I’m guessing that Rama is alluding above to insensitive remarks by Malay politicians that lead to “rows”, i.e. noisy arguments.]

Rama, however, is unfortunately most blinkered when it comes to politicians from DAP blithely disparaging the non Christians.

One example some years ago is his party colleague Tony Pua’s seeming contempt for Chinese spiritual folk belief — see 2016 CNY controversy tweeted below.

Ramasamy opined: “The racial attacks [Indians being called the ‘k’ word] are too many to be treated as isolated incidents, which reflects the state race relations in the country.”

Nonetheless another facet of the matter that’s omitted by Ramasamy is how the most ‘racist’ (insulting words disparaging the Chinese) vitriol is actually spewed at Cina MCA by Cina DAP.

This happens often.

It is the 95 percent ideological majority within the Chinese community smacking the five percent pro-establishment minority.

In his media statement, Ramasamy additionally said: “In essence, the racial and religious slurs against the non-Malays or non-Muslims cannot be dismissed as not reflective of the thinking of the larger society.”

By the same token, the racial slurs against MCA people are genuinely reflective of the thinking of DAP, particularly its Chinese chauvinist supporters.

They behave like bullies when securely ensconced in the super majority going by numbers.

Continuing his observations, Ramasamy added: “The Malaysian society is racially and religiously polarised. It is like a time-bomb that can explode any time.”

Actually, it is the DAP and its supporters yang asyik menjolok sarang tebuan, and only because the MCA leadership such as the inoffensive Wee Ka Siong and the mild-mannered Ti Lian Ker do not retaliate.

But sooner rather than later, the DAP – rest assuredly – will poke at a less benign hornet’s nest and thereby agitate an angry swarm.

Ramasamy commented too on the “general uneasiness and tensions [that] are increasing daily” but he blames these on “discriminatory policies of the mono-ethnic based political parties that are in the Government”.

Rama needs a mirror to look at DAP (where only one MP out of the party’s 42 parliamentarians is a Malay) as well as the abusive behaviour of its Chinese and Indian voter base.

These people – i.e. certain DAP politicians and apparatchiks, RBA, and hardcore followers – act like they feel absolutely free to insult MCA and the BN Chinese party leaders, members and voters.

DAP cannot be reined in as they’ve lost sight of normal boundaries of decency. Any course correction is no longer possible.


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3 thoughts on “DAP punching down with impunity

  1. The media reported the death of a prominent businessman in Penang. Apparently, he felled from a condominium and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. It was further reported that he was a key witness in a corruption case involving millions of ringgits which a top Penang political leader was alleged to have demanded from him. It was further reported that he had already signed documents in support of his revelations. We are all waiting for further revelations concerning this case. Why or how those in power become corrupt ? My relative the expert on Counter-insurgency Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too, the highest ranking Chinese adviser to the Federal Government, once told me that when Communism comes into contact with Capitalism, Communism will be corrupted. In recent years, there have been a series of reports of corruption of high officials in China being sacked for corruption. The latest report concerned the sacking of the Minister of Justice who was also expelled from the Communist Party. Hopefully, Jo Low will be deported soon. From the many shenanigans of the DAP since 2008 when it had its first taste of POWER in Penang to its latest mickey mouse skirmishes with its targeted enemies, the DAP has come full circle in its failed attempt to hang on to POWER in Putrajaya. Out of 220 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, 40 seats are all they have which they garnered from a moment of unexpected schism in Malaysian Politics. By March 2020, the best, smart and competent DAP leaders were already back in the streets. If the 95% Chinese still believe in these best, smart and competent DAP leaders who look Chinese on the outside but Western without Chinese values inside, they should have their heads examined by a reliable head shrinker !

  2. The latest media report says the prominent businessman who died falling off a condo, was aged 53, a Chinese. Very young. Therefore, many questions will be raised as to whether he was pushed out of the window by assailants or by his own hands ? This is indeed like a TVB movie in which crooks were employed to protect the big crook. All things being equal, this death was absolutely unnecessary for reasons which have always been in the realm of discretion in Malaysian Politics. But unfortunately, there are some alleged parties with the BLOOD of an innocent victim in their hands. As always, retribution will come in strange ways like LKY Singapore and the Covid-19 virus Pandemic. How smart can a person get ? We are all frail and weak human beings. An ancient saying,” There is always a higher mountain !” No big shots foreseen the coming of the Covid-19 virus Pandemic ! Or a ‘born again’ saying ? ” In victory, HUMILITY !”

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