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Idris Haron claims one-race ruling party is not Keluarga Melaka

A snap election in Malacca will be an interesting litmus test to see if Malays are willing to vote for BN Chinese candidates again.

Or whether BN is still willing to field MCA in Malay-majority areas.

Idris Haron: “Kita tidak boleh tahan dengan sebuah kerajaan [negeri Melaka] yang hanya tertumpu kepada satu-satu sektor ataupun satu-satu kaum, dan kita tidak nampak ada representasi yang sempurna dengan semangat kehidupan Keluarga Satu Melaka atau di peringkat kebangsaan semangat Keluarga Satu Malaysia yang dibawa YAB Perdana Menteri”. 

See – beginning minute 6:10 – video above featuring Idris Haron‘s Tarik Sokongan interview last night with Astro Awani. 

Idris gave the reason of unacceptable mono ethnicity in BN-PN (as quoted above) for a justification on why the Malacca state government must be changed.

Idris was sacked from Umno as a party assemblyman for Malacca after he and three other Adun precipitously pulled out from the ruling coalition, causing the state government to collapse. 

The BN-PN Malacca government, which has now dissolved, did not have any non-Malay Adun.

The pie chart below shows the 15 Harapan state assemblymen in Malacca – numbers according to party – immediately following GE14.

BELOW: Chinese Adun in Malacca are all from DAP and PKR (no MCA, no Gerakan)

The Malacca DUN has 28 seats. A simple majority is 15, which was exactly how many seats Harapan obtained in the last election. 

So Harapan actually had a wafer-thin government in Malacca. 

In the 2018 polls, Umno won 13 seats, Bersatu two and Amanah two. The reps from these parties are all Malay. 

Nine non Malay Adun – eight Chinese, one Indian – currently represent DAP (7) and PKR (2), as below:

  1. Kerk Chee Yee
  2. Seah Shoo Chin
  3. Low Chee Leong
  4. Tey Kok Kiew
  5. Wong Fort Pin
  6. Damian Yeo Shen Li
  7. Saminathan Ganesan
  8. Ginie Lim Siew Lin (PKR)
  9. Gue Teck (PKR)

Norhizam Hassan Baktee had won his seat on the DAP ticket but last year defected to become an independent aligned with PN.

Norhizam’s Pengkalan Batu constituency is a Malay-majority area where PAS played the spoiler by siphoning votes away from Gerakan’s Chinese candidate.

DAP’s sole Indian Adun won his Gadek seat with only a slim 307-vote majority over the MIC man, also after PAS split the Malay votes in a three-cornered fight.

BELOW: Harapan opposed to snap poll

If there is a snap election, four DAP seats are safely in the bag as the party’s Chinese candidates had obtained unassailable supermajorities in GE14 over their MCA rivals.

However, results in the two following seats – Bemban and Duyong – could turn out differently if PAS refrained from fielding its people this time. 

GE14 result tables sourced from Undi Info




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5 thoughts on “Idris Haron claims one-race ruling party is not Keluarga Melaka

  1. In view of the big let-downs by both the Communal Middlemen or Toll-keeper Parties of the MCA and the DAP since Merdeka 1957, the UMNO should for the very first time field Malay UMNO candidates or associates in Chinese majority constituencies all over this beloved land. These Malay candidates should give iron cast promises or guarantees that the Chinese interests as well as others will be strongly safeguarded and protected. This modus operandi will break communal disunity and creates Malaysian Unity regardless of Race, Religion or whatever. In the year 2021, after 64 years of Merdeka,, we Malaysians especially the Chinese should be mature enough to realise that all interests would be safe-guarded and protected if the Adun is not a crook History has recorded of the many crooks who betrayed their own communities. Some even stood up to say they are as pure as the virgin snow or like Caesar’s wife, beyond reproach ! Believe it or not. History will be the finest arbiter of the Truth. If the British could govern Hong Kong and Singapore better than the Chinese themselves, why not the Malays ?

  2. In Politics, courage favours the brave ! It is now for UMNO to stand up to be counted as the only paramount political party of our beloved Malaysia despite the stumble not too long ago. History is still on your side UMNO since 1946. UMNO will progress from lessons or mistakes well-learnt ! With this our beloved Malaysia will rise again to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh ! It’s not the economics. It’s the mind-set, UMNO !

  3. My message to UMNO. Have a new mind-set to break out of the self-imposed impasse now occupying the minds of the UMNO Leadership. Forget about the recent stumble. Money can be easily created again with the right Leadership but not Honour and Opportunity. Whilst the memory is FRESH about the SHENANIGANS OF THE DAP IN THE PH GOVERNMENT May 2018-March 2020 which were 1) the Withdrawal of the Suit to review the loss of the Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore. 2) the LKY inspired CPTPPA (SME Killer) approval by the PH Cabinet. 3) the utter neglect of the interests of the 95% Chinese, whom the DAP was suppose to represent.. But instead, the DAP was alleged via the PH Cabinet to do things not in Malaysia’s or the 95% Chinese interests. SURELY, THE 95% MALAYSIAN CHINESE ARE NOT THAT STUPID TO BE MISLED BY SMOKE AND MIRRORS ? For UMNO. Be a tiger that roars. Not a pussy cat that meows ! UMNO dos not deserve to play with droopy or snow white and the 8 dwarfs ! Be a Malaysian tiger UMNO ! A victory for UMNO in Melaka will be a NEW ERA for our beloved Malaysia. Frogs will jump back to UMNO. Believe it or not. In Politics, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE ! In June 2018, the DAP could not re-invent themselves in Victory. Now it is alleged the DAP is as dead as the dodo bird of Mauritius ! For UMNO, the opportunity is now, the Melaka State Elections, not the 15th GE. Our beloved Malaysia needs UMNO Leadership again, Our beloved Malaysia has the wonderful peoples, the natural resources, the strategic geographic location but no UMNO Leadership ! UMNO must rise again in the National Interest now or never ! The political position of UMNO can only go up from now on ! FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE, UMNO ! The name UMNO has always been synonymous with our beloved Malaysia ! No more. No less !

  4. With the shifting quick sands of Malaysian Politics, today the media reported that TDM confessed that the DAP are good guys after all these years of mud-slinging and bitter attrition between the two major antagonists. Who are we to believe anymore ? Can we take back our votes for or against cast long ago or the money paid for red-hot expose’ publications which are now confirmed by the once warring parties to be only fakes as authored by them ? But the underlying crunch point is, will the DAP now being wooed and pursued hotly by TDM, be seduced and support Pejuang at any future elections and NOT PKR. For Pejuang it’s the economies of scale and instant Chinese support, so it believes. For DAP, a Malay group to fill its Malay void. For PKR, the eternal loser once again ? Fortunately, we Humankind always live in the World of Hopes ! This new arrangement is just the continuation of the old and tired looking Malaysian Politics based along communal lines relying on Chinese Communal Middlemen parties for support in Chinese majority areas.

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