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Pandemic avoidable had Chinese authorities only been honest — historian

Historian Niall Ferguson discusses the Wuhan virus with former Australian deputy prime minister John Anderson — see video below, relevant time stamp from minute 9:10 onwards.

In the shorter second video, Anderson speaks with London mayoral candidate Laurence Fox (founder of Reclaim political party) about some states still imposing their totalitarian and neverending Covid lockdown.


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4 thoughts on “Pandemic avoidable had Chinese authorities only been honest — historian

  1. As the only qualified epidemiologist in Malaysia and Singapore/Asia trained (only 9 were selected from 154 medics) by the University of Cambridge in the same laboratory as Dr Wu Lien Teh of Harbin Plague fame and the US Army Medical Research Unit, Walter Reed Military Hospital, Washington DC, my Model, “The Strategic Plan to eradicate the Covid-19 virus” was accepted by the Hong Kong government in 7 days ! As an epidemiologist, I found it odd that no country in the World except China applied the basic epidemiological approach but only a political approach managed by politicians who depended on the advent of the vaccines which only appeared 12 months later ! The Covid-19 virus resides in a human cell. For this reason, no drug can kill it. Therefore, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE. Thus, basic epidemiological principle must be applied. But all countries resorted to lock-downs etc which actually permitted the contagious virus to spread unimpeded ! Because of this oversight, governments may be sued for negligence for not applying epidemiological methods at the very beginning in the prevention of the Pandemic. The vaccines have a short life span and are no panaceas for the Pandemic. Eventually, basic epidemiological principles must be applied en mass on the population. How to blame China when all countries never applied the basic epidemiological principles from the very beginning ? To this very day, the World’s politicians are still leading the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

  2. ccp is never honest if one care to read their official announcement, news reporting, editorial and oped, almost all are ccp propaganda that full of lies, distorted facts, false and conceal material and biasness. the only dare to report truth investigation journalist bingdian (frozen point?) under china youth news was closed down in 2006. caixin, another investigation journalist, is the only one left that still reporting some truth or half truth, solely because the owner is from the anti xi faction. one cant find even one from current ccp regime author that could match naill ferguson objective stance when writing most thing britain, take his empire : how britain made the modern world as case for reference, he never hide of conceal the genocide, atrocities, imperialism done by european in particular british, though some of his partiality of the british governance model and law is debatable, however from his pov, i think his view is relatively fair.

    chinese literature under ccp regime are mostly unreadable, movie and series are either works of masturbatory, propaganda or pure entertainment, thus watching porn is perhaps a better alternative. there are some creative work during the 80s, 90s and earlier 00s when ccp still no clue how the reform and opening up affect the authoritarian regime, however under xi leadership, chinese artistic expression is now a lost cause, the atmosphere seem to be a return to the cultural revolution era, whereby any opposing view is deemed a western indoctrination.

    chinese tv series used to portray the usa returned elite as the model of succeed, one can heard the name stanford, harvard, mit and yale from time to time, but since the start of trade war with trump, the overseas returned is no more from evil usa but change to germany and france, this chinese under ccp rule are truly a joker.

    finally, the virus is indeed wuhanvirus.

  3. It is now reported that the British Government did not apply proper epidemiological methods to contain the Covid-19 virus at the beginning of the outbreak. All countries except China did not apply the basics of epidemiology to this day. Most countries fought the Pandemic with politicians heading the battle which ended up in some countries with millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Some laidback countries even copied what was shown on the Sky TV which showed the failure of the British Government which was its failure. Stupid. Now the true story is out. One day many Governments will be sued by class actions for negligence to protect the people. Just wait and see. The Oracle of Ipoh (LKY’s junior version) has muttered something meaningful about our own Government in relation to the British Government’s Covid-19 virus faux pas. Let us hope for once, the Oracle pursues this significant matter of Life and Death to the end. Malaysia since March 2020 had 2,400,000 cases and 28,000 deaths. No none has worked out how many grieving spouses, children, relatives and friends were affected ? How many widows faced an untimely widowhood or how many orphans left behind to fend foe the future by themselves ? Science cannot be replaced by politics in epidemics of whatever kind. The deserted cities along the old Silk Road bear testimony to this fact. It took the plague 300 years to reach London in the 17th century from China. Now, it is just a matter of hours for a jet plane to flit from one country to another.

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