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If Saddiq can, why Danesh cannot?

There is a louder public outcry at 26-year-old Danesh Raj Nagarajan being appointed to a university board of directors than there was when 26-year-old Syed Saddiq was appointed to the cabinet as a federal minister.

Why the difference in reaction when both are similarly young twenty-somethings?

Well, because Danesh’s appointment is by the BN government and everything done by BN must be bad.

Saddiq’s appointment, on the other hand, was made by the Harapan government and anything done by Harapan is always good because DAP is the coalition’s biggest party.

The same pattern of cherrypicking good and bad is woven in the Cina DAP tapestry.

When PAS was in Pakatan Rakyat together with DAP, the Islamist party was viewed as moderate Muslim.

Now that PAS is in Muafakat with Umno however, they’ve suddenly become as extreme as the Taliban.

See Guan Eng’s comment a few day’s ago that the “PAS’ brand of extremism is highlighted by their support of the Taliban”.

ABOVE: Atuk appointed Saddiq a Pak Menteri at age 26

DAP supporters had thought Mahathir was the devil incarnate when he led the BN government for 22 years but regarded him as a Born Again saviour (overnight cleansed) when he led the Harapan government for 22 months.

Just as the appointment of DAP leaders as full ministers was considered selecting only the best and brightest, likewise Mahathir picking Saddiq was considered grooming a future “PM for all Malaysians”.

Contrasting reactions to the two 26-year-olds therefore expectedly follows the set template — Danesh bad and not qualified for the job; and Saddiq good and well qualified for the job (2018 – 2020).

Why Saddiq is so popular among Dapsters

He is a “drama queen“ and Chinese appreciate this DAP-type wayang.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim who is the Crown Prince of Johor (TMJ) said “I pity the rakyat who always end up being the victim of political games” when describing Saddiq as a “drama queen” a few months ago.

BELOW: Many Malaysians – you know who – vote for hype over substance

“Berlakon dan menipu rakyat semata-mata nak undi dan kuasa,” TMJ wrote in his Instagram on July 22 about Saddiq’s dramatics.

“Hampir semua tak boleh percaya. Semoga Allah SWT peliharakan rakyat dan negara,” HRH added.

It’s okay, I say. Let Malaysians get the politicians they choose to vote for.

”Dia fake, tiada prinsip”. According to TMJ, Saddiq “goes where the wind blows”.

Most Malays agree with TMJ’s assessment above that Saddiq is pure plastic but Cina DAP still think their Muar MP is the best thing since sliced bread.

Many DAP supporters contributed generously when Saddiq made a public appeal to fund his bail not long ago.

The donations to help bail Saddiq totalled a whopping three-quarters of a million ringgit.

Saddiq has been charged with misappropriating money. This makes him just the Dapsters’ kind of guy because like Guan Eng, Saddiq is teflon-coated in the court of Chinese public opinion.

“Pergi terjun dari KLCC tanpa parachute”

Last month when he was interacting live on Instagram, TMJ snarked about how Saddiq might wanna jump off KLCC without a parachute.

The suggestion by HRH is most fabulous, especially if we can tag on the following Titanic meme to it — famously from the blockbuster movie is the line: “You jump, I jump”. 

Saddiq jumps, they all jump.

Hopeful DAP voters cum Saddiq fans are again going to take a leap of faith in GE15. They’re gonna be jumping without parachutes. Hallelujah!

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8 thoughts on “If Saddiq can, why Danesh cannot?

  1. saddiq is peoples choice mp, 26 yo is um mgt choice, nobody choose tmj, thats the diff.

    to further elaborate the diff, its a bit difficult to question peoples choice, its normal to question the appointment of public post, and no one is allowed to question that nobody choice.

    1. Saddiq was chosen by Mahathir to be in his 2.0 cabinet.

      DAP did not object, so Saddiq as 26-year-old full minister was the 95 percent Chinese’s choice.

      Ask the Malays if they picked Saddiq. A majority (reflected by the popularity of TMJ’s comments) of “the people” do not endorse him.

  2. Simple, the qualification to be a politician or minister is very much lower than any other public posts. Lets at least have a higher standard for our universities.

    If the voice of youth is needed, there are many more inclusive ways to get it.

  3. We must begin with the basics. We Malaysians must not have short memories. Do not forget that 3 Generations of Malay elites self-destruct eg the BMF Gen,,1972-1981. ; the Renong Gen..; 1982-2003, ; and the 1 MDB Gen,.; 2004-2018.. The causes of their downfall are well- recorded. I knew them all. They all lacked DISCIPLINE. With no Malay elite, we are left with the kids still wet behind the ears to lead us. Why ? Because the revered Constitution stipulates the rule by the majority. This is a fair and just basis anywhere in the World. But as always, our beloved Malaysia could be ruled by a Prime Minister aged 21, the first in the World. How would all those fellows who burnt the mid-night oil to pass exams after exams feel about this UNIQUE Malaysian trend where no one needs to study but earns a living based on Public finances and by the GIFT OF THE GAB ? They will emigrate. For the lack of Malay elites, TDM was forced to appoint twenty-somethings as full Ministers. Don’t blame him . Blame the 3 Gens of Malay elites now enjoying Life in their RM 20+ million homes, or rubbing shoulders with Arab Royalty in London, Paris, Dubai, Switzerland etc with their kids or grand-kids. There is no Permanency in this World. The only Constant is Change. Hence, it is not surprising we Malaysians are now subjected to view the most astounding events in the Globe. It’s out of this World !

  4. When I brought up the subject of a dire lack of real Malay elites today, some must have wondered why. The Oxford Dictionary defines elites as the best group of people in a society. But many have purchased or copied PH.Ds in the hope of being an elite. The 3 Generations of Malay elites, the BMF – 1972-1982. the Renong – 1982-2003. the 1MDB – 2004-2018 were mainly educated overseas in America, the UK or Australasia. There was one exception who was given a monopoly. He treated it like his fiefdom as though it was his private property. As it was alleged, even the lady director was no exception ! In no time at all, the monopoly had to be bailed out by the Government. It was alleged that he had difficulty in passing the examination in General Economics at the UM even after 4 long years ! Yet, he was given a monopoly which traded with the World. Typically, he ended up suing and blaming the Government for his own failures. Another poignant point I have always noticed in the political and corporate World, was that if the Head only passed Form 5, he would never engaged a person who passed Form 6 but Form 4 and below. Academic examinations is one form of meritocracy whilst sports is another. With the advent of juveniles into the Malaysian Political arena, all bets are off as anything may happen. I was surprised that the defence for appointing a 26 year old to a high body of a university was that this boy organised a food for the poor party. How would the same people gauge a 26 year old who saved the life of a comatose 12 year old Malay boy at 2 am in the morning ? Make him the Vice-Chancellor ? In our compassion to help we must not lose sight of reality within Life’s context. Or else, all manner od things become topsy-turvy. Hence when the real Malay elites materialise again in a few years time the many Chinese elites will be able to jive with them again and progress in a balanced World within the precepts of our revered Constitution- like with like. Not chalk and cheese, like a 40 year old having cross-purposes with a 21 year old on nuclear physics ! Many Nations nurture their elites from young. India had famous schools like the Doon School, Dehra Dun and many others up in Mussoorie, UP. with clusters of institutions of specialities in the same vicinity of Dehra Dun to form an Education Silicon Valley with offshoots in New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. India is now reaping the harvest of her magnificent elites with hundreds of them holding the highest positions in Politics, Commerce and Academia in North America and the United Kingdom. India’s huge potential is from her 350 million English speaking population. It was India’s backward mindset which held her back until the turn of the 21st Century. Nations like the UK and the US are famous for the care and nurture of their elites. Elites are what make a Nation progresses and develops. Not fakes.

    1. china started their reformed in 1978 while india started opening up in 1991, chinese claim china is the sure winner by looking at infrastructure and high rise buildings but i always doubt it because if using america corporate tech world as benchmark, indian seem to be far ahead. gdp india is now world no5 but they have 15 years to catch up. its a competition between democracy vs authoritarian, liberal thought vs communist dogma, lets see who come out top.

      btw singaporean have grab and shopee (imported from msia and china), indonesian have traveloka and gojek, while tuan here have umno and pas, and 51%. seem like we are the only one that can do less but gain more, equally impressive.

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