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DAP using Nik Aziz as fig leaf

In his press statement on Thursday (Oct 7), Lim Guan Eng said: “Since PAS decided to break away from the late PAS leader Allahyarham Tok Guru Nik Aziz politics of moderation, tolerance and respect for non-Muslims, PAS had adopted a policy of hostility towards non-Muslims.”

Guan Eng is misinforming the non Muslims when he claims that the PAS of today (note: Nik Aziz passed away in 2015) is different from PAS pre-2015 with regard to its Islamist politics.

Guan Eng is falsely claiming that PAS – say roughly from 2008 when Pakatan Rakyat was formed, up till 2015 the year of Nik Aziz’s death – was moderate, tolerant and respectful of non Muslims under the rubric of Tok Guru’s Pakatan-friendly politics, whereas since his demise, (Guan Eng’s words) “PAS had adopted a policy of hostility towards non Muslims”.

“There is no moderate or immoderate Islam; Islam is one”

Guan Eng is further claiming that the current PAS leadership has broken away from Nik Aziz’s moderate politics.

This again is not true.

‘Moderate’ is merely a Western-idea word being misconceptualized here by the DAP leadership.

As Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously declared in Ankara on 10 Nov 2017:

“The term ‘moderate Islam’ is being lathered up again. The patent of moderate Islam belongs to the West. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam; Islam is one. The aim of using such terms is to weaken Islam.”

Guan Eng’s framing device – i.e. his claim that Nik Aziz was moderate; the current crop of PAS leaders are immoderate – is clearly misleading.

However, it is something that’s often repeated and amplified by DAP as deliberate propaganda fed to the Chinese.

And don’t DAP supporters just love to parrot such a line — chanting their simplistic mantra of ‘Nik Aziz good, Hadi Awang bad’.

How is PAS post-Nik Aziz any different from PAS during the Pakatan Rakyat period under the guidance of the Tuan Guru in realpolitik terms?

Did Nik Aziz hold any Islamic ideology that was different from his party brethren? Did Nik Aziz ever advocate any policies that deviated from the party ethos?

On the contrary and rather than the supposed flip-flopping (bad-good-bad as the Dapsters are led to believe), PAS is indeed the most ideologically consistent party. And much more steadfast than the DAP.

Not a single PAS Adun or MP has hopped in our frog season frenzy.

On the other hand, three DAP reps elected in GE14, i.e. the muhibbah trio of Paul Yong (YB Tronoh), Sivasubramaniam Athinarayanan (YB Buntong) and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (YB Pengkalan Batu) had all of them leaped over to the Malay establishment.

The truth of the matter is that Islamic policies, e.g. RUU355, which PAS wants implemented now (and which DAP is opposing) have always been on the table.

RUU355 translates into strengthening syariah law and enhancing available hudud punishments.

At state level, the PAS-ruled Terengganu had approved a similar bill in 2002 when Hadi Awang was Menteri Besar.

In March 2015, the Kelantan DUN – including  PKR’s Adun – unanimously passed their amendments to the Syariah Criminal Code Enactment II 1993.

Did Nik Aziz approve of RUU355?

Certainly. Ask any PAS leader. Nobody will say otherwise.

Yet DAP is portraying the situation as if present-day PAS is extremist whereas they were not intolerant when Nik Aziz was alive to exert his moderating influence.

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The Taliban trope — DAP’s favourite name-calling 

Guan Eng in his statement this week had also said the “PAS’ brand of extremism is highlighted by their support of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, which denies educational and employment opportunities to women”.

What Guan Eng did above is to smear PAS with a ‘Taliban’ broad brush — a dirty tactic typically employed by sneaky bastard Dapsters.

Guan Eng is only distracting non Malays by deflecting their attention to a shiny object (the Taliban).

The fundamental question for us to ask — Did Nik Aziz support whatever his party was trying to do (in 2008-2015 during the Pakatan period) when PAS was still allied with the DAP?

The answer is ‘Yes!’ Of course Nik Aziz supported syariah and hudud under the PAS Negara Islam umbrella. How could he not?

Hear the truth from the mouth of a rare, honest DAP leader.

(Truthtelling from the DAP is rare.)

On 3 Oct 2011, Norman Fernandez said:

”PAS mursyidul am Nik Aziz Nik Mat who is also the Kelantan Menteri Besar has been trying unsuccessfully to convince DAP while at the same time promising non-Muslims that hudud laws will not be applicable to them, but only to Muslims.”

So according to Norman, Nik Aziz had been trying to persuade DAP to accept hudud albeit unsuccessfully.

Nik Aziz had also given assurances that hudud would not apply to non Muslims. PAS leaders are presently giving the very same reassurances.

So how was Nik Aziz any different?

Current top party leaders like Hadi Awang, Idris Ahmad and Takiyuddin Hassan were similarly the top PAS men during Nik Aziz’s lifetime.

They’re not new politicians. They were the people in charge of PAS too in 2011 when Norman wrote his above letter-to-the-editor of Malaysiakini explaining that Nik Aziz was trying to convince DAP to accept hudud.

Note: Norman, who had once been DAP Johor deputy chairman, quit the party in 2014 after deciding he no longer shared “the [hypocritical] path taken by its leaders”.

Nik Aziz was Kelantan MB from 1990 to 2013. Succeeding him as Menteri Besar is Ahmad Yakob.

Nik Aziz himself had picked Ahmad Yakob over potential rival Husam Musa. You can say that Ahmad Yakob has the Tok Guru’s seal of approval.

In 2015 under him, Kelantan passed its version of RUU355.

Nik Aziz never voiced any public disapproval of the Kelantan bill as it was discussed and debated during his last years.

Although the mass demos supporting RUU355 (for it to be applied nationwide) took place in KL in the years following Nik Aziz’s departure, the basis of this policy to strengthen the application of syariah was nonetheless something Nik Aziz always endorsed.

It is despicable of Guan Eng to use Nik Aziz’s good name to try and distort how PAS is perceived by non Muslims as a ‘Then vs Now’ (Good vs Bad) different eras.

It is despicable of the DAP to constantly misuse Nik Aziz as a fig leaf in order to excuse their previous collaboration with PAS — as if PAS was an entirely different entity just because of one man’s presence, and that PAS suddenly ubah after Nik Aziz’s departure.

Sadly too many Chinese are taken in by the alternate reality stories spun by the DAP. This comes from their deafening 95 percent support for the DAP. The five percent outlier are simply unable to check-and-balance the evangelistas. 


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5 thoughts on “DAP using Nik Aziz as fig leaf

  1. lge talk politic to absolve dap very flexible stance, chinese sugarcoat this unprincipled characteristic with term like pragmatic, sensible, not stupid etc.

    pas islamic stance is fine, thats their goal, however hadi believe that being racial is a better means to attain his goal, he reckon pas can take over umno malay agenda and make it a pas one, he is no diff with that conman mahathir, and islam become his fig leaf to achieve his hunger for power.

    thats what socialist lge and islamist hadi is all about, both a cheap and low class politician.

  2. The DAP actually has TWO DEAD FIG LEAVES. The other is LKY. Unfortunately, recent events stripped the DAP naked and nude.

  3. Bukan Nik Aziz lebih ekstrim ka?? dengan UMNO pun dia tak setuju padahal benda2 remeh…

    Ini semua politik kencing mengencing mainan Tuan Guru Haji Lim Guan Eng… kalau esok PAS kawan sama DAP pasti ini LGE akan bukan cerita pasal Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz.. esok lusa panjang umur nama Nabi Muhammad pun dia jaja… bkn boleh percaya ini Nobita

  4. Why the alleged Trojan Horse DAP going ga-ga over fancy dresses and polemics ? These fellows are supposed to represent the 95% Malaysian Chinese to have PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY ! Not picking fights with others whom they have lived in PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY for centuries past ! The Islam religion has been in Malaya/Malaysia for nearly 1,000 years. Yet, this DAP fellow all tarted and dressed up making a mockery of something which has been with us nearly 1,000 years. What is this grinning DAP fellow up too ? Or is she a Muslim already which is not surprising because she must know the Koran very well by now like some of her erstwhile colleagues. But what is inside their souls and bodies we still do not know. What we know is 1) the legal Suit for a review to take back Pulau Batu Putih from Singapore, was cancelled in June 2018 when PH was in POWER. 2) the LKY inspired CPTPP was approved in August 2018 by the PH Cabinet. 3) The interests of the 95% Malaysian Chinese who voted for the DAP were forgotten. The 95% Malaysian Chinese only want PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY like all the other Chinese in the World. Let an Indian from Sabah or Sarawak become the Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

  5. Whether the DAP is dressed up by 2 dead fig leaves or not, it is time for UMNO to turn itself from a pussy cat which meows into a tiger which roars again ! How ? It is the Melaka State elections which the UMNO should send TWO Mandarin speaking Malays to contest. in 2 DAP constituencies or more ! The younger the better. Their Manifesto should be if the Chinese could represent you in the past,,NOW we Malays can represent you better ! We PROMISE with IRON CAST guarantees that we will not let you down. We UMNO people will be at your beck and call and serve you as Public Servants always. You have tried the others since 1966. You know what they gave you and what they got. UMNO will set up a site office in your Constituency. FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE UMNO. You are destined to be a tiger, NOT A PUSSY CAT THAT MEOWS ! Like this Malaysia Unity is assured and UMNO will win BIG at the 15ht GE ! No problem. Malaysia Boleh !

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