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Our national hobby of making police reports

‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is an Aesop fable teaching that it is counter productive to raise false alarms because any later true claims will be subsequently disregarded.

Every now and then the media will tell us about this or that person making a police report — a favourite pastime in metropolitan Malaysia.

Most recently, there are the police reports revolving around Kisona and Nasoha (referred to as the “two incidents” in Kit Siang’s tweet above) … but first some relevant background.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh in July 2014 threatened to make a police report against Ustaz Hisham for the errr –‘crime’ (?) – of asking if she had converted to Islam, according to Sinar Harian

In May 2017, Hannah and her gang again made an avalanche of police reports – see Malaysiakini article below – against UUM political science lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

Because Dr Kamarul apparently thinks Hannah has a Christian agenda, the Dapsters believe he should be investigated by the police.

Hannah is giving Syed Saddiq a run for his money when it comes to the title No.1 Drama Queen.

BELOW: All photos in the compilation are of Hannah wearing tudung – does she aspire to become a boutique owner selling scarves or has she another hidden agenda?

And so, why should any ustaz be reported to the police if they’re curious as to whether Hannah has embraced Islam as (falsely) rumoured.

In September last year, a ton of police reports were instigated by DAP against PAS parliamentarian Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh.

Ustaz Zawawi was accused by DAP of perpetrating “hostile attacks against Christianity”.

Anybody bothering to read the Hansard – i.e. transcript of the MP debates in parliament – can see that DAP’s accusation of “hate speech against Christianity” levelled against the PAS rep is patently false.

Kisona & Nasoha

Kisona Selvaduray is our first singles badminton player who burst into tears because last week (Oct 2), a Malay politician called her ‘keling’.

Urm, just ask any Penangite what the local Hokkien word is for ‘Indian’. If Kisona heard their answers, she’d be crying a river.

Were a Form Three schoolgirl to sob show for the gallery, it would be understandable that she lacks the mental toughness required of champions.

But Kisona is 23 years old and a top flight national athlete. Give her another three years and she could even pitch for the job of Sports Minister.

Anyways, Kisona’s opponents now know that to rattle her before an important badminton match, all they have to do is taunt.

Police reports were made immediately against the Bersatu man for using the ‘k’ word on Kisona, and The Star further informs us – see above – that he will be probed by PDRM.

Unfortunately all the police reports recounted above were episodes of crying wolf.

The next case – police reports against Muslim preacher Syakir Nasoha – is however of real concern.

The conduct of Syakir Nasoha, who harshly denounces non Muslims in apocalyptic terms, is indeed disturbing.

But because so many unmerited police reports have been made previously, the genuine public fear now with regard to this religious zealot is lost in the cacophony.

BELOW: Is he clutching an imaginary floating crystal ball? 


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6 thoughts on “Our national hobby of making police reports

  1. wow, where you get the photo of hannah tudung show? its not only hilarious but hit the nail on the head.

    1. It’s a montage I compiled years ago. Today even more photo material available in soc-med but i malas dah to update.

      1. The Catholic Christians practise taqiya which was copied by the Arabs… being pura2 is not Arabs originated..

  2. Sejahtera kepada Kak Helen (Salam Sejahtera sebenarnya lewah (redundant) salam sudah pun bermaksud sejahtera.

    Mengenai adik Kisona tu.. ianya adalah isu bahasa dan saya sehingga kini masih tertanya apa yang deragotary atau menghina kerana perkataan itu langsung tidak membawa maksud kononnya kaum Tamil datang ke Tanah Melayu sebagai hamba yang berantai dan rantai itu berbunyi seperti perkataan tersebut, seperti yang cuba ditanam di dalam masyarakat Tamil…

    Mengenai adik Syakir Nasoha pula.. saya secara peribadi mmg tidak bersetuju dengan TULARNYA video itu.. tetapi.. realitinya memang itulah yang diajar dalam Islam kerana itulah KEPERCAYAAN ORANG ISLAM mengenai perkara yang berlaku akan datang.. tetapi ini tidak menafikan juga bahawa dalam ajaran Islam menjaga hubungan dengan penganut agama lain untuk mewujudkan kedamaian adalah satu kewajipan.. Realitinya sekarang juga perlu Kak Helen ambil perhatian… bukan tak ada orang Islam yang suka cakap benda tak baik mengenai penganut Islam berkaitan agama Islam itu sendiri… ada kan??? saya sendiri pernah mengalaminya sendiri… di forum2 internet.. begitu juga di facebook.. cuma saya bukan seperti Hannah Yeo la nak report polis…biarlah orang lain report….. ya… memang orang bukan Islam akan rasa tersinggung mendengar apa yang dikatakan tetapi tidakkah Kak Helen dan semua orang Islam lain terfikir.. adakah orang Islam akan tersinggung jika mendengar kepercayaan penganut agama lain seperti orang Islam yang tidak menganut kepercayaan mana2 agama sekian2 akan contohnya dilahirkan semula sebagai binatang, masuk dalam neraka, jadi hantu dan lain2 lagi lah??? bukankah konsepnya sama sahaja.. tetapi kenapa ianya “BIG DEAL” kerana Syakir Nasoha itu seorang penganut agama Islam dan memakai serban??? kita ini hidup di dalam zaman Internet.. maklumat dihujung jari… tapis2 lah sendiri… saya sendiri ada preacher2 buddhist2 yang masih berpegang teguh akan kepercayaan mereka sering berkongsi kepercayaan mereka dan bersoal jawab sedangkan saya masih bersekolah menengah pada waktu itu tapi tak report polis atau sakit hati pun… biasa je… bukankah itu keunikan hidup dalam masyarakat berbilang kaum seperti dicanang sejak merdeka lagi di Malaysia ini??? kalau nak bangkitkan isu keselamatan dan hasutan pun tak boleh dinafikan perkara2 ini telah berlaku contohnya di India dan di Eropah…begitu juga di Afrika…

    1. I am no admirer of Tamil Muslim Anwar Ibrahim, but for him to challenge Malay Muslims
      silence on the Pandora Papers is the height of Tamil hypocrisy. Firstly the Malays are quiet about the Pandora Papers because the 90% of them are scratching their heads as they don’t even have 10,000 in EPF or PNB trust funds to think about evading taxes!
      The beauty of cukup makan is that you don’t have to file any tax papers or lie about your income. In fact LHDN is not interested in you at all.

      So the Speaker is right in rejecting Anwar public grabbing attempt at appearing pious tax wise. We all know of his so domising pardoned ways.
      What Tamil Muslim Anwar should do is make a police report or direct the Income Tax Department to the 3000 Chinese Christians in the list. Obviously the Chinese are not Christian enough to know to give to Caesar what is due to Caesar.. As Sherlock Holmes observed it is not why the Malay Muslims are quiet` its why the Christian Chinese are not barking…

  3. In the year 1999, I made a police report that my son’s schoolmate attempted to burn our house down. My son left for the US and returned 4 years later. Then, a lady police inspector contacted me and asked me whether I wanted to carry on with the case. The arsonist, an overseas student had departed long ago. In 2002, I reported that the illegal Trustees of my father’s Trust hijacked all out of jurisdiction. A Chinese woman inspector, Koh, interviewed me. She asked,”Did you see them taking the money (RM 80 million) ? “. I replied, “No !”. She promptly replied. “No case”. In another case, I reported the culprit after he made 100 calls a day to harass me. Over 10 years later, still no case. But I see a flurry of political reports nearly every day. These seem to take precedence over non-political reports. It’s a strange World.

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