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How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody

“According to ProPublica, more than ten thousand Chinese government-linked accounts on Twitter were used to cast doubt on early reports related to the outbreak in Wuhan.”

“Citizen Lab documented thousands of keywords related to COVID that were suppressed by the Chinese government on platforms YY and WeChat. Many deleted posts criticized the government for their handling of the outbreak.”

The above were two of some ten ways Beijing deflected attention and misled the world at the outset of the Wuhan virus.

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Dr Scott Gottlieb lists examples of the Chinese government’s corrupt handling of the emerging coronavirus outbreak.

1. Silencing Genetic Sequencing

2. Censoring Doctors

3. Deploying Social Media Bots

4. Censoring Social Media<

5. Not Reporting the Outbreak to the WHO as Required

6. Refusing to Share the Coronavirus’ Genetic Sequence

7. Not Sharing Virus Samples

8. Attempting to Avoid Travel Restrictions

9. Misleading the World Health Organization

10. Refusing to Allow CDC Scientists Into Wuhan

For details, read in full the article titled ‘10 Ways the Chinese Government Lied, Misled, and Messed Up Early on in the Pandemic’ at Real Clear Science.


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7 thoughts on “How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody

  1. almost 90% of my classmate in our wapps group support the theory wuhanvirus was from usa and brought in to wuhan by american during 2019 military world game. my friends include phd holder, doctor, accountant, engineer, banker etc. see how ccp propaganda work?

    namawee new song it might break your pinky hearr, too many insinuations, the youtube video come with lyric and translation, perhaps only chinese language reader could grasp.

    说的话 你从来都不想听
    不明白 到底辱了你哪里

    你说我 (属于你)
    别逃避 (快回家里)
    一点都不能少都让你赢 (不讲道理)
    你要我 (去说明)


    或许不该太直白 超直白
    I’m So Sorry

    你拥有 粉红色纯洁的心
    要听话 别再攀岩爬墙壁

    你说你 (很努力)
    不换肩 (走了十里)
    扛着棉花 采著牠爱的蜂蜜 (共同富裕)
    拼了命 (要脱贫)


    或许不该太直白 超直白
    I’m So Sorry

    说个话 还要自带消音
    怕被送进去 种哈密瓜再教育
    吃了苹果 你又要切凤梨
    在那边气噗噗 就骂我的妈咪
    拜托你 别再偷我的东西
    要我跪下去 Sorry我不可以
    跟你说话 像对熊猫弹琴
    真的惊呆了吓尿了 倒吸一口气


    或许不该太直白 超直白
    I’m So Sorry

    Sorry baby

    1. re: 90% support the theory wuhanvirus was brought into wuhan by Americans during 2019 military world games … yup, I share your experience.

      1. believe thats the truth or not i dont know because most are savvy in their profession, but definitely choose to support, like how we support dap umno and pas.

  2. May be the Covid-19 virus is the first Pandemic to be politicised from its very beginning because all task forces in the World were led by politicians in the fight against the virus. Is it because of this fact that the peoples suffered by the millions of cases and deaths ? The epidemiologists were nowhere in sight ! Still, the Pandemic does not go away even though the politicians have set up schedules after schedules to open up the economies again. In 2 months time, we will mark the advent of the Covid-19 virus in December 2020. I reckon the Pandemic will syill be with us all.

    1. if one go read the article and comment published in any ccp online news portal like taotiao, netease, weibo, sina, zhihu, almost 90% believe the virus is from usa. who politicize the pendemic?

      those choose not to believe never debate or share their opinion, their comments is always a question like why the breakout is in wuhan, is american so stupid dont know the diff between covid and flu? etcetc.

      the millions death might have to do with genetic, for eg virus killed most native in america and australia, not cowboy. its a repeat of history?

  3. My humble apologies. A typo error. In my comment it should be ‘December 2019’ not 2020. How time flies !

  4. As Malaysians living in one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia, we must be friends with all in this World. History has recorded that well before the present South China Sea fracas, in the 1990s, a US four engine spy plane had a brush with a Chinese fighter jet along the Hainan Island coast line. The US plane was forced to land in Sanya whilst the jet pilot was killed. The present events reflect a stronger China and an inward looking US Policy which is why Oz, UK, Germany, India, Canada etc are dragged in. Just like the Romans retreating from Germany France and Britain in 200-300 AD. It’s just history unfolding before our eyes and repeating itself !

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