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Wuhan lab leak hypothesis

The public has been “terribly misinformed” about the real origin of the Wuhan virus, says Sharri Markson, investigations editor at The Australian newspaper cum Sky News television host.

Markson, who has newly released a 400-page book and documentary about her investigative findings, discusses the “gain of function” research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology — damaging information of which was deliberately kept hidden (and denied by Dr Fauci) from the world.

In her interview (clip below) with Epoch TV, Markson says a variety of available evidence strongly suggests that Covid was made in China.


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One thought on “Wuhan lab leak hypothesis

  1. the common ground among islamist, communist and democrats is all 3 are pathological liars. another interesting connection among them is both islamist and communist love to live in a state governed by democrats, and tell us islam way of life and communist regime is da best.

    the virus is definitely from wuhan, whether cause by lab leak or natural i dont know, however applying the chinese wisdom of no 300 taels of silver buried here, most probably its the former, ccp this round sneaky reaction and accusing others is very different during sars time, a clear sign of guilty conscience of a thief, another chinese wisdom.

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