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Chinese not Taiwan’s original people

Taiwan “has been home to Malayo-Polynesian peoples for many millenniums”, says the country’s official website detailing its national history. See

The natives of Taiwan are kin to the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Check out Borneo Post 3 Nov 2018 article ‘Bidayuhs explore ties with Taiwan natives’.

Taiwan historical timeline, briefly

1430: Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) lands in Taiwan

1500s Chinese merchants, fishermen and pirates also visit the island

1517: European sailors name it ‘Ilha Formosa’ meaning beautiful island in Portuguese

1600s: Chinese immigrants come to plant rice and sugar, soon begin to outnumber the natives

1623: Dutch East India Company establishes a trading post

1626: Spain expands its presence

1642: Taiwan becomes a Dutch colony following Spanish defeat

1644: Manchu conquer China ending the Ming dynasty

1662: Ming loyalists under Zheng Chenggong (called ‘Koxinga’ by the Dutch) drive out the Europeans and settle in Taiwan; more Chinese immigration

1683: Manchu invade and take over Taiwan; Qing dynasty govern Taiwan as part of Fujian province

1885-1887: Taiwan attains status as province of the Qing empire

1895: Treaty of Shimonoseki — China loses the First Sino-Japanese War; the Qing ruler cedes Taiwan to Japan

1911: Revolution in China deposes the Chinese emperor; China becomes a republic

1945: The Chiang Kai-shek government exercises jurisdiction over Taiwan after Japanese surrender in World War II

25 Oct 1945: Taiwan becomes part of the larger Republic of China (ROC)

[Note: The communists are the People’s Republic of China]

28 Feb 1947: Hokkien Taiwanese fight with newer Chinese immigrants from the mainland

1949: Kuomintang in exile here after losing civil war to Mao Zedong; some one-and-half million Chinese also flee communist China to settle in Taiwan

From mid-1960s: Economy booms and Taiwan earns moniker of ‘Asian Tiger’

1971: Beijing replaces Taipei in the China chair at the United Nations

1 Jan 1979: Democrat President Jimmy Carter severs USA diplomatic ties with Taiwan, recognizing instead Beijing as China

[Note: Taiwan maintains that it is the Republic of China; Beijing insists the world is not big enough for two China’s]

1987: Chiang Ching-kuo (Chiang Kai-shek’s eldest son) lifts martial law following Taiwan’s first ever two-party election a year earlier

: Kuomintang loses presidential election and power for the first time


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5 thoughts on “Chinese not Taiwan’s original people

  1. when my son join an activity to live with the aborigines of taiwan near to alishan, he thought he is back to malaysia.

    some taiwanese self claim they are the native and label the kmt chinese colonial and outsiders, thats the ideological battle bwt dpp and kmt. ironically most taiwan indigenous people support kmt more than dpp, sound familiar?

    however unlike malay….sia, all chinese in taiwan whether native or outsider acknowledge the fact that they were originally from mainland. they never use an excuse like nusantara to justify they are as origin as the native ie taiwan aborigines, they dont name formosa as chinese….sia or define whats a taiwanese in their constitution. thats the diff i guess.

  2. Bersama-sama ini aku sampaikan salam saudara nusantara di seberang ..
    Selat Melaka bukan pemisah, malah penyambung dua pantai ..

    1. beautiful song, hope there is no more indonesiaraya, no more greater china, unified china, unity melayu, unity muslim ….

  3. Kudos to HA for reporting historical facts on the history of Taiwan. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. To present such facts, a person would have spent many hours of study and research to produce a meaningful picture of any subject matter. Also, it is time more Malaysians know about the real history of the World which is often distorted by political gobbledygook of those in command. Like Lee Kuan Yew is known as the Father Founder of Singapore. With historical facts, cultism is avoided.

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