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Herd immunity

Under all circumstances, you’re just not allowed to criticize a black person.

If you dare to do so, the wokeist horde will call you a “racist”.

Or like American rapper Lizzo when criticized for her see-through fishnet dress, immediately unleash a torrent of expletives at her critics.

Click on this Yahoo! story to read Lizzo’s blitzkrieg of F-bombs and see her controversial X-rated party dress.


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2 thoughts on “Herd immunity

  1. Herd immunity Madam ? Please don’t joke. Our naive and gullible folks even believed that the Covid-19 virus attacks the hospitals and staff first by calling them ‘FRONTLINERS’ without thought just because Western journalistic jingoism said so from the very beginning via Sky TV !. Any qualified epidemiologist will tell us that the Covid-19 virus attacks the Rakyat first. By the time anyone turns up at the hospital, it is time for HY to put on her fancy dress. Stupid. SOP always. This is not a joke !

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