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Chinese indirectly voting to prolong NEP

Yesterday I asked my blog readers to guess the ethnicity of a rape suspect charged by the Philadelphia police in a particularly egregious incident of sexual assault.

You’d be correct if you guessed that he’s black — 35 year-old Fiston Ngoy (pictured above).

Meanwhile, the police body-cam photo below shows 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant lunging at 22-year-old Tionna Bonner with a kitchen knife.

Ma’Khia is the one wearing blue jeans; Tionna is in a pink tracksuit.

Ma’Khia is black, as is her assault victim.

Indeed I’d be surprised to hear otherwise. I cannot imagine this stabbing, which occurred in Columbus, Ohio last April, to have involved say two Korean American girls or a pair of teens belonging to other ethnicities.

Without even looking at the police footage and just going by headlines of the stabbing alone, I’d already have guessed correctly — it’s sure to be a black-on-black knifing. I’d make the same guess about news of a drive-by shooting.

Racial profiling is not foolproof but it is largely an accurate predictor if there is sufficient data.

Another recent incident – this one involving verbal rather than phyical violence – grabbed media headlines but with the woke reporters putting their usual liberal spin on it, i.e. praising Lizzo as a fashion icon.

The American rapper, however, was widely criticized by the ordinary public for her sheer fishnet outfit (pic below) worn to a paparazzi event.

Lizzo reacted to her naysayers by ranting: “Keep your comments to your motherfucking self, bitch. Let me do whatever the fuck I wanna do.”

Lizzo then doubled down telling those critics not impressed by her dress sense to “Kiss my fat Black ass” and even threatening to show them up, i.e. retaliating against any critical individuals because as a celebrity, Lizzo has a huge social media platform and many entertainment journo friends.

Again, I cannot imagine a Korean American woman, or American women belonging to ethnicities other than black spewing such a torrent of profanities. (Which is not to say there is not the rare exception but still, the pattern is clear.)

Dear Leader and his DAP fan girls

And in our own backyard …

Mahathir is often called a “racist”.

Well, he’s certainly a racial profiler. He profiles Chinese in Malaysia as being rich.

In the context of implementing the race-based NEP discriminative programme, Mahathir regards the Chinese to be a collective. He sees the community as “a whole”, and not as individuals where a few Chinese could be poor or less well off, and requiring NEP help.

Have Chinese in Malaysia done anything to encourage racial profiling?

The answer is ‘Yes’, very much so.

If there are 20 Chinese in a room, typically 19 of them would be DAP supporters. Hence the Cina DAP profiling.

On the other hand, if you collect 20 Malays in a room, you’d be hardpressed to pigeonhole the bulk of them into any single political party.

They could be Umno supporters or PAS people or inclined to Bersatu / PKR / Amanah / PBB or even Pejuang. Twenty votes split among 6 – 7 Malay parties will never yield a 95:5 ratio.

The 95 percent Chinese support for DAP means that is little possibility for internal check-and-balance. Therefore, Chinese here have become a monolithic community with no diversity of political thought.

Chinese in Malaysia can be reasonably profiled in certain areas. One empirical example is cases of maid abuse that have been heard in court and reported by the press. The guilty employers have been predominantly Chinese.

BELOW: A Chinese boss is anathema to Mahathir

There is no indication that many Malays really want the NEP to end.

The surface reason is that the Malays feel economically threatened because Chinese are super “competitive” (Note: Mahathir had very recently again highlighted this Chinese trait of over competitiveness.)

Or in our local vernacular, Cina ‘ultrakiasu’ (a word recognized by WordPress spellcheck!) and also cukup kiasi.

Apart from the competitiveness, there are other behaviours racially profiled to the Chinese. And as long as the majority believe that a Chinese will predictably behave like this or like that, then there is no incentive to discard the NEP.

DAP exco cum Penang DCM II Ramasamy Palanisamy three days ago said Mahathir was spouting “Malays vs non-Malays poppycock”.

DAP routinely fault Mahathir for dividing the races as well as proclaim themselves to be “colour blind” and accusing everybody else of racism.

Mahathir clapped back, contending that it is the non Malays (Chinese) who choose to separate themselves by “their political affiliations” — see tweet above by @chedetofficial.

When 95 percent of Chinese pick DAP, how then can one say Mahathir is wrong to claim that Chinese choose to separate themselves by their political affiliations and through their DAP-indoctrinated mindset?


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  1. blink : the power of thinking without thinking. msian shd read malcolm gladwell second book.

    that said, we have a consti that define what is a malay, so how we are not diff with the malay?

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