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Where is Timah importing its whisky ingredients from?

Yesterday, I blogged that because the Malay votes are being split among 6 – 7 parties, their community is not politically monolithic like the Chinese.

In the current controversy over the Malaysian-made new whisky labeled ‘Timah’, we see how the Malays check and balance each other (something impossible to happen among the politically homogenous Chinese).

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim and the Deputy Religious Affairs Minister (PAS’s Ahmad Marzuk Shaary) have had to fend off allegations by political rivals of their party that PAS is complicit with the government for allowing Timah to be distilled here.

Other Malays holding PAS to account

Political scientists Kamarul Zaman Yusoff and Wong Chin Huat have both observed that it is the Amanah people who are holding the feet of the PAS leaders to the fire over Timah.

  • See ‘Isu wiski Timah: Senjata PAN-PH akan menikam tuan?’ in Harakah

Meanwhile, Chin Huat writes “adakah serangan sebegini menguntungkan Amanah atau PH? … Adakah serangan sebegini akan menghakis sokongan PAS di kawasan Melayu lebih daripada menghakis sokongan Amanah/PH di kawasan majmuk?”

“Lebih-lebih lagi, kalau PH menang semula dan menteri agama dipegang Amanah lagi, tidak akan puak PAS membalas dendam dengan lebih banyak serangan? Mungkinkah kerajaan majmuk PH melaksanakan larangan yang dituntut oleh puak Amanah hari ini tanpa menghakis asas sokongannya? Kalau tidak, bukankah ini cuma akan melemahkan menteri agama Amanah pada masa depan?”

The Amanah folks, it seems, have challenged PAS (as being part of the government) to live up to their Islamic credentials. Arak is haram in Islam.

As a result of the pressure and public shaming by their fellow Muslim politicians, many PAS leaders have waded into the Timah affair.

Muslim watchdogs have lodged police reports and NGOs have urged the relevant ministries to investigate Timah.

Of specific interest is where Winepak (the distillers of Timah) are importing their ingredients from.

Which country is supplying Timah its peated malts which goes into the making of Malaysia’s first whisky?


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