PRN Melaka: Mahathir more honest than DAP

Idris Haron is a Malacca Adun recently sacked from Umno and also formerly chief minister of the state (2013 – 2018).

Idris is now saying that Aduns in his state should be racially “proportionate” to Malacca’s diverse population, and that a “100 percent Malay-Muslim government” is not on.

Idris’ election speechifying can be viewed in the ‘Pentas Dinamika’ video below featuring a discussion between him and fellow panelist Adly Zahari who was Malacca CM from 2018 – 2020.

Idris endorsed Harapan’s looking-beyond-race Politik Baru last night at the same time that the coalition is weighing whether to allow him to run on their ticket in the Nov 20 Malacca election.

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Malacca has a population of 901,100 Malaysian citizens. Of these, some 217,600 are Chinese — see table below.

The Malacca state assembly has 28 seats. Since Chinese make up roughly a quarter of the Malacca citizenry, a proportional number of ethnic representatives in its DUN is seven Chinese Aduns.

Harapan performed even better by having eight Chinese Aduns in their last Malacca state government — six from DAP and two from PKR.

On the one hand, Harapan preaches that New Politics is colour blind. On the other hand, DAP still expects their political side to put up at least eight winning Chinese candidates in the Malacca election.

There is no doubt that the DAP base – its horde of Chinese supporters – cast their vote by race.

Their party is after all an offshoot of PAP, which is Singapore’s ruling party. And Singapore is a Sinosphere country.

‘Sino’ refers to Chinese, ‘Anglo’ to English

Anglophone countries are those that speak English, such as the three in the AUKUS defence pact — Australia, the UK and the US.

Sinosphere countries are those centered on or oriented to the Chinese — Greater China (the PRC mainland, Hong Kong, Macau), Taiwan and Singapore.

ABOVE: Comparison box from Index Mundi 

The population of Taiwan is more than 95 percent Han Chinese (right-hand side column in table above), while the population of Singapore is 74.3 percent Chinese (left-hand side column).

We can say that a population with three-quarters Chinese majority (such as Singapore’s) is Sino centric.

Constituencies in Malaysia with 70 percent or more Chinese majority voters can similarly be considered Sino centric.

All the Sino-centric seats in our Malaysian parliament and the DUNs have been won by DAP.

Chinese stuck in DAP paradigm

Mahathir is at least upfront that his Pejuang must be a Malay party and that Malaysian politics is necessarily predicated on race.

DAP puts up a thin veneer of multiracialism and pretends that politics is colour blind whereas communal parties like MCA and MIC are “racist”.

Chinese voters could ponder on the irony that DAP is less honest than even our most maligned Mahathir. They could but they won’t.

Therefore Chinese voters will never achieve any self awareness that it is DAP that has landed them with Hobson’s choice — if Harapan loses, the alternative is a Sheraton, i.e. Malay unity government.

The Chinese journey to a Bumiputera-only government started in 2008 and has now reached its predictable dead end. The five percent Chinese BN voters saw this coming years ago.


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  1. Who served Singapore’s interests like the our loss of the Pulau Batu Putih, CPTPP, HSR etc in the PH Government May 2018 – March 2020, is the BAD GUY ?

  2. The latest Suit by a Rakyat against the ex-AG and the PH Government May 2018 – March 2020 proved otherwise ???

  3. How many books are going to be published to justify the pro-Singapore actions that the 95% Chinese are not being represented by those who PROMISED them with false promises in May 2018 ? History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Our Pulau Batu Putih owned by Malaysia before Singapore was founded in 1819 was given away. Soon our SME will go the same way with the PH Government approval of the CPTPP ! With the revival of the HSR which runs 99% on Malaysia’s soil, more money will be lost due to this fact ie. Malaysia carries 99% of the costs !

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