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What do Nur Sajat & Guan Eng have in common?

Both are konpius.

One is confused about his gender, the other about his race.

In 2018–2019, Nur Sajat repeatedly denied that his name is Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruzzaman as stated in court documents.

Last month, Nur Sajat said his name was now Bella.

The 7 Jan 2019 tweet reporting Nur Sajat as saying “Nama saya bukan Muhammad Sajjad” is a throwback to the 12 May 2018 tweet above reporting Guan Eng as saying “Saya bukan orang Cina”.

The beauty of Ubah is that Dapsters go by appearances, and thus will easily agree that individual (A) pictured in the tweet above is female and individual (B) is Bangsa Malaysia.

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They forgot to count Guan Eng and Hannah

The figures below are current data on the total number of ‘overseas Chinese’ around the world — see Top Ten table sourced from Statistica

Interestingly, there are 6,720,000 Malaysians – see info above – belonging to the Chinese diaspora.

Our own Statistics Department projects the Malaysian Chinese at 6,716,900 … so Statistica’s estimate is accurate.

But why is such a ‘Cina’ identity outside of China something so consequential?

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Taiwan: Chinese people equals China’s land

It appears to be the basis for China claiming sovereignty over Taiwan, i.e. because Taiwan is peopled by a Chinese majority where 95 percent of its population are the Han ethnic.

Chinese are not the original inhabitants of Taiwan however. China’s Qing dynasty only took control of the island in 1683.

The Chinese empire then ruled Taiwan until 1895 when the Qing emperor ceded it to Japan. Therefore Taiwan was under Beijing’s rule some two centuries (212 years).

For granular details on Kuomintang and Taiwan’s Taipei government in 1912 – 1949, refer historical timeline here.

Chinese leviathan swallowing the small fishes

The Qing dynasty invaded Xinjiang in 1759.

By 1884, Xinjiang was established as a Chinese province but experienced a Muslim rebellion in 1931 – 1933.

A short-lived East Turkestan Republic took shape in Xinjiang territory on 12 Nov 1933 and was dissolved by 16 Apr 1934.

Xinjiang then reverted to Chinese rule again albeit there was a brief interregnum featuring East Turkestan Republic 2.0 which lasted from 12 Nov 1944 to 27 June 1946.

Thereafter Xinjiang fell under communist rule once more as a province of China, and on 1 Oct 1955 was updated to become the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

According to a 1953 national census, Uighurs had made up more than 70 percent of the Xinjiang population.

Fast forward seven decades and the Uighur have shrunk to only 45 percent of the Xinjiang population.

According to China’s 2020 census, the Han ethnic group were 10,920,098 persons (42.24%) in Xinjiang while the Uighurs were 11,624,257 persons (44.96%) of the population.

There are other Turkic minorities in Xinjiang. Beijing has encouraged the Han to migrate to Xinjiang while reportedly ‘discouraging’ the Uighur from having children.


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9 thoughts on “What do Nur Sajat & Guan Eng have in common?

  1. As I said before, many countries have a bigger Chinese population than Malaysia, yet these do not have a communal political party representing them. I also said the Melaka State elections should be the game changer with the Malay based parties fielding Mandarin speaking Malays in Chinese majority constituencies. The younger the better. The practice of same race representing same race should stop. With the end of this deliberate demarcation of race which is more important than age or gender, we Malaysians will march as one towards Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. It is as simple and straightforward as this. Why no one thought about this earlier ? We have had MCA candidates standing in Malay majority constituencies for years and no one seemed to notice about the causes of our Nation.s apparent fault lines ! All Malaysians should always accept each other in all sincerity and honesty like all doctors who treat all patients on equal terms. I am not being frivolous as our beloved Malaysia is already 64 years old !

    1. re: Long-time custom of MCA’s Chinese YBs representing Malay voters — good point, Uncle, that is often overlooked by Dapsters.

      But sadly this practice has been almost wiped out by the 95 percent swing.

  2. I am surprised that Singapore’s population is only 3.10 millions. This means that the Chinese male population between the age of 21 to 50 is only 685,000 ! Whereas Hong Kong has 6 millions Chinese to provide the oomph ! Through the years, I wondered why Singapore always claimed to be best in Asia but second best to the United States in the World with a tiny Chinese population of only 685,000 aged between 21 – 50 ? May be a wise man/woman can enlighten me on this which does not jive with the facts ?

  3. A poignant question is how come both become so rich without burning the midnight oil ? Kids of wealthy tycoons ?

  4. lge not sure, but sajat is very clear she is not a man. the islamist shd stop meddling with her life, a very typical communist characteristic.

  5. These two not only have MONEY, MONEY, MONEY in common but also they were born with the natural resource commonly known as GIFT OF THE GAP OR GAB whichever you prefer ! This reminds me of the good lady who had a suite of 2 rooms in my friend’s Wisma MPI. The right opportunity came along. She donned a clean yellow T-shirt and marched with the hoi polloi munching an out-size KFC with the motley crowd along the hot and humid streets of ye olde KL. Lo and behold ! In no time at all, she was ennobled and made a knight/defender of the Realm and given the Key to the freedom of a Down Under city. Who says there are no opportunities to make money in our beloved Malaysia ? We all begin with the basics to make MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

  6. Surprisingly, the Chinese population of France which is 750,000, is nearly equal to the male Chinese population of Singapore between the age of 21 – 50 of 685,000 ! The wealth of Singapore came from the trades of the Cold War 1948 – 1989 as blessed by Uncle Sam. I reckon about US $350 billions accrued to Singapore’s coffers. Since 2020 with the Covid-19 virus Pandemic, at least S$ 43 billions had to come from the reserves with President Halimah’ consent. More draw down from the reserves should be in the offing till at least 2024 !

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