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Seven killed in madrasah murders

“The Rohingya camps, with growing cases of drug and arms smuggling, violence, homicides and other illegal activities, is increasingly becoming a security threat for [Bangladesh],” the Daily Star reported today.

And certain Malaysian human rights activists want to import this culture into our country.

On Friday (Oct 22), there was a mass shooting in the Balukhali camp, Cox’s Bazar which took the lives of four Rohingya religious teachers and three others — see media links below.

Gunmen suspected to be Arsa militants opened fire and injured at least 20 people inside the madrasah as well.

Some of the victims had also been stabbed and hacked.

Report below on the “grisly attack” in the Daily Star, Bangladesh’s biggest English-language newspaper.


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  1. I have full confidence that our political leaders will not permit our beloved Malaysia to descend down to an ugly Rohingya situation. Forewarned is forearmed.

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