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DAP “rage factory” says it is insulting to speak Tamil to elephant

Umno MP Azeez Rahim recounted a light-hearted anecdote in parliament yesterday about speaking Tamil to an elephant as he fed it sugarcane.

The elephant had been caught in his Baling constituency in Kedah and was waiting to be transported to Terengganu for rehab.

It’s a cute, upbeat story but somehow Azeez’s positive news still triggered DAP Jelutong MP Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer a/l Rajaji to fly into a rage.

RSN Rayer began shouting furiously in the Dewan that Azeez was insulting the Tamil language — video below.

He protested: “Speaker, tolong jangan benarkan beliau menghina bahasa Tamil! Mengatakan beliau bercakap dengan gajah dalam bahasa Tamil adalah menghina bahasa Tamil!”

Speaker Art Harun responded: “Mana ada.”

But Rayer would not desist, prompting the Speaker to rebuke him saying, “Yang Berhormat ini macam kilang marah … you can manufacture anger”.

Toxic, animal-hating party

Rayer is typical of his angry party colleagues in manufacturing public outrage.

If YB Jelutong is a “rage factory”, then DAP as a whole is an industrial anger zone. And Dapsters always seem to be apoplectic about something or other.

Speaking to animals in whatever language is perfectly innocuous.

There was once when I was browsing in a shop selling sari and salwar kameez. A cat was inside which belonged to the Indian shopkeepers.

I called out to it in Tamil “இங்கே வா” meaning ‘Come here’ and to my mild surprise, the cat approached me to be petted.

Animals do understand language or are at least able conceptualise the vocalization of their owner, carer or handler.

DAP, however, has little empathy and no compassion for four-legged creatures.

In late 2015, the DAP-controlled Penang massacred a total of 2,224 street dogs on the excuse of preempting the spread of rabies.

Apparently the Penang state government did not believe in vaccinating the dogs.

It’s no surprise that their type of perpetually rage-filled leaders would behave in such a callous way. No other state in Malaysia has ever treated strays so brutishly as Penang.

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3 thoughts on “DAP “rage factory” says it is insulting to speak Tamil to elephant

  1. why not the mp use national language when speaking to elephant? no respect of our national language?

  2. This probably completes your compilation on confused people. One confuses about his gender, another about his race and this one his own language.

  3. For want of issues, the DAP creates issues which are of no merit. They used to get away with this hit and run tactic before the advent of the E-Net. Now no longer. This sort of fake ruckus no longer jive with the Rakyat. Only clowns like HY and her colleagues try to attract attention. But behind every one’s back they do it for Singapore like the withdrawal of the Pulau Batu Putih appeal, approval of the LKY inspired CPTTP, etc. The DAP has now lost its bearings and floating aimlessly in the waters of NO NATIONAL INTEREST because they had none in the first place. This act has left the 95% Chinese who voted for them in a limbo without a credible Leadership. In other words, the DAP USED these Chinese for their own purposes which are now well-recorded.

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