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Kesian Tajuddin Rasdi

He is another one of the konpius, a public intellectual unable to square the circle.

Notably “civil society seems to be merciless in their criticism of Malay and Muslim leaders”, Tajuddin Rasdi remarked two days ago.

What Tajuddin omitted to mention in his Sinchew column on Oct 26 is that “civil society” comprises mostly pro-DAP individuals.

Nonetheless Tajuddin did concede that they (i.e. those people who mercilessly criticize the Malay Muslim leaders) “do not seem to follow the Malay adab of advising the elders or advising the Ketua or Pemimpin”.

“When the leader is an Ulama like Tuan Guru Hadi Awang, you really need to observe the Islamic adab,” he added.

But no. Hadi is instead treated rudely and often ridiculed.

Treating Hadi with contempt and mocking him mercilessly are DAP and its supporters.

Only a few months ago in July, Kit Siang had to apologize for sniding Hadi over the latter’s ‘kerajaan Allah’ term — see below.

Political Christianity, political Islam in the arena

Hadi’s harshest critics are most likely the evangelists. That’s because the PAS president often invokes “kaum Yahudi dan Nasrani” in his political sermons.

“Orang Melayu umumnya benci kepada orang Kristian atas momokan ustaz dan khutbah yang mengingatkan umat Islam bahawa Kristian itu seteru Islam,” Tajuddin wrote in his Sinar Harian column on 22 June 2019.

Tajuddin claimed that para ustaz often remind Malays how Christians are the enemies of Islam.

Actually, Hadi Awang too quotes from the Quran, time and again, those verses relevant to the Christians (and the Jews).

BELOW: A DAP forum in 2014 titled ‘Adakah Melayu dan Islam diancam?’ showcased the party’s token Malay, Aziz Bari (seated far right)

In a separate forum on 14 Sept 2019, Tajuddin was the only Muslim on a panel discussing ‘Naratif Malaysia Baru’.

The event at the Chinese Methodist mega church in Kota Damansara otherwise featured an all-Christian panel.

The optics make it appear as if the sole non-Muslim (Tajuddin) present to speak was a Christian sympathizer.

His fellow panelists were DAP Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim, DAP Subang Jaya Adun Michelle Ng and two academics, James Chin and Lee Kam Hing. The forum moderator Philip Koh is a prominent Christian lawyer.

From available reports regarding the panel discussion, their New Malaysia narrative seems to be political Christianity.

BELOW: Tajuddin claims there is no reason for Malays to have a “phobia” of DAP (photo c.2012) … but in the intervening decade, he has not succeeded in changing the mind of a single phobic Malay about this matter

Writing in Harakah on 15 Sept 2019, Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff recalled that Tajuddin had previously – on a different and separate occasion a month earlier – proposed for the reinsertion of the history of Christianity into our Sejarah school syllabus.

Tajuddin reportedly did this during the Dong Zong forum at KLSCAH on 5 Aug 2019.

From his fervent advocacy on behalf of the Christians, one can almost be persuaded that Tajuddin is the foremost Malay apologist for their cause.

Tajuddin’s well-intentioned advice, however, is incongruent with the motivations of the group whom he is advising.

The good advice: We should all ikut adab bila menegur Tuan Guru Hadi Awang. Biar berhemah.

Recipients of this advice: The very same group yang suka langgar adab.

Tajuddin must necessarily be suffering from a painful cognitive dissonance realising that giving such advice bagai mencurah air ke atas daun keladi.


‘DAP Christian politicians: Prof. Tajuddin Rasdi’s big, blind spot’ — read HERE


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  1. hadi is a liar, mahathir is a conman, lks is a hypocrite, and lge is stupid, wee is dog, not sure what kind of mercy is needed when calling a spade a spade.

  2. As I have said many times before, the “Chinese looking outside but Western inside” DAP leaders DO NOT REPRESENT 99% of the Malaysian Chinese. Let these purported Chinese stand up to be counted so that the 99% Chinese know whom they are voting for in the next GE. It is time to find out who are the FAKES and who are NOT FAKES. It is far safer and better to vote for sincere and honest Mandarin speaking young Malays candidates who stand in Chinese majority constituencies than to vote in these Chinese political FAKES who are like chameleons when in POWER. They change colour and promises at the drop of the hat.

  3. When the Christians British from Europe came they observed in the Malay peninsula..From a labor point of view, there are practically three races, the Malays (including Javanese), the Chinese, and the Tamils (who are generally known as Klings). By nature, the Malay is an idler, the Chinaman is a thief, and the Kling is a drunkard, to justify bringing in Banglas like Zuraida Kamaruddin and Zahid, for the British, now Chinaman, plantations/tin mines.
    Mining in Malaya for Gold and Tin by Warnford-Lock (1907:31-32)

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