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Religion politics has superseded race politics

First we shall do a thought experiment. How offensive is it to give Malay names to products — say rokok jenama Zahid or Najib Premium Cat Food?

Alternatively, imagine if the most quintessential Muslim male name should ever be slapped on any non-halal product manufactured by a Chinese company. Heaven forbid!

BELOW: Simba, my cat 

The Timah controversy is both a race and a religion issue but its religious component weighs far more heavily.

Critics opposed to the ‘Timah’ brand claim that drinking the whisky “macam minum wanita Melayu” — see below. This is a bizarre race angle on communal sensitivities.

For other critics, Timah is the diminutive of Fatimah — the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. This approach would be invoking religious sensitivities.

Which of the two aspects has greater impact — Malay or Islam?

BELOW: Do the protestors in the outdated photo below still think DAP is more anti Malay (or nowadays more anti Islam)? 

Politik Lama — Bangsa

In the realm of old politics, BN had been cast as “racist” by the Nons.

Harapan voters said Umno, MCA and MIC are racist because they be communal parties whereas their own wonderful DAP is a “beyond race” party.

In this regard, DAP has already won the battle. See their upward trajectory in the election results (chart below) over our last eight polls.

From GE7 to GE14

In the 1986 and 1990 general elections, DAP and MCA were about evenly matched in their number of parliament seats.

In 1995, 1999 and 2004, the DAP performed mediocrely while MCA did well.

Then in 2008, DAP and MCA flipped their respective positions, with the former climbing up and the latter sliding down.

In 2013, DAP trashed MCA and by 2018, DAP had annihilated MCA.

The red and blue bars in the graph above display a pattern, which is that DAP and MCA are engaged in a zero sum game.

There are some 40 – 45 seats in play for the two of them. All eight sets of results spanning 1986 to 2018 show that when DAP has more MPs, MCA will have fewer, and vice versa.

  • DAP 24 + MCA 20 = 44
  • DAP 12 + MCA 31 = 43
  • DAP 29 + MCA 15 = 44
  • DAP 38 + MCA 7 = 45
  • DAP 42 + MCA 1 = 43

These two race politics parties always see-saw within their combined limits of between 40 and 45 seats.

Politik Baru — Agama

DAP/MCA vs PAS are in the same zero sum game with regard to their influence on the government.

In 2004 when MCA was the second biggest party in the BN ruling coalition, PAS was not in government.

In 2018 when DAP was the second biggest party in the Harapan ruling coalition, PAS was not in government either.

In 2020, PAS joined the Malay-Muslim ruling coalition, DAP was out of government and MCA is irrelevant.

You can see the see-saw in their political fortunes.

PAS is of course an Islamist party. A number of PAS leaders believe DAP to be a Christian-dominated party.

Malaysian politics has shifted from the race paradigm of May 13 and Ops Lalang to the religious friction of today.

It is unimaginable that PAS and DAP can agree to be in the same coalition any time in the future.

Therefore if the next government has in it DAP (Christian influence), there will be no PAS participation. On the other hand, if it has PAS (Islamic influence), there will be no DAP participation.

Again the see-saw. This outcome evolved from Chinese votes being drained away from MCA, and Malay votes draining away from Umno.

It is not to say that race is no longer a factor. Race remains a consideration but religion has become the bigger and more sensitive issue.

Take an example from our neighbour Indonesia which has similarly a Muslim majority and a Chinese ethnic minority.

Ahok the former governor of Jakarta is a Chinese and a Christian. Both these attributes bothered his political enemies.

However when mega street protests were mounted against Ahok in 2016, the demonstrators were more angry that he was a Christian who had committed blasphemy against Islam.

The Muslim groups that organized the massive demos never said that Ahok had hurt the feelings of the pribumi (yang serumpun dengan orang Melayu).

DAP’s scorched earth ascendancy has created the same trend of potential conflicts.


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9 thoughts on “Religion politics has superseded race politics

  1. many malay muslim, are as fragile and compius as communist. odd some blame it on dap and laos.

    ah hook did comment on islam, which is a naive act from a politician.

  2. Post may 13 racial conflict made majority race political party stronger. Which party will be stronger after religious conflict? Yes. The 95% malaysian chineses are either not aware of this or too arrogant to acknowledge. Keep on with the hate politics and they will be surprised again as they were surprised by the last sheraton move.

    1. killer always get stronger after killing, for eg communist killed student in 64 and become one of the most powerful regime in the world.

    2. Funny, that is what the man said in cases of domestic violence.
      “They asked for it…”
      The men are the actual victims. They were pushed and provoked.

  3. If someone wants to discriminate, there are plenty options to pick from. Taking a page from division playbook 101, monotheism is a literal god-send excuse for division. If most share the same faith? Please revert to class warfare. Everyone from the same class, as in socialism? ‘Morality’ and ‘wrong think’ are always there to fall back on.

    22.4% Malaysian Chinese is the minority. In Indonesia, less than 2% of the population is Chinese. Indonesian Chinese had assimilated, given up their Chinese names and speak fluent bahasa Indonesia. Still, these Chinese had failed to pacify the majority mob from singling them out. In Malaysia, similar call for ‘assimilation’ has been heard. It has fallen on deaf ears, perhaps, taking cue from the plight of Indonesian Chinese, giving up family name and culture in exchange for security do little to pacify the bigots and racists.

    Tax the rich and the Chinese are rich, or so we are told. But, the power to make legislations is not in the hands of the minority Chinese. Sure, they (Chinese) businesses can try “influence “through their money, but, it is almost 100% done for personal benefit rather than for building race superiority to subdue the majority race. The Chinese all over the world are known to be submissive, mind their own business(sometimes to a fault) and has no desire for activism beyond lining their own pockets. (The exception to the rule being state sponsored CCP initiatives to prop up China and its fragile ego.)

    Fact is, majority matters. The will of majority always prevail…and should too, in the name of stability. One has no objection certain majority race get their perks and dues. But, like the saying goes, how society or majority as a whole treat its minority and animals reflect the mentality of the pack.

    One can talk about human rights, universal rights etc, the simple yardstick is, if one group has the rod, will they use it to compel the others to kneel, bow and submit to their whims? Or would they afford the lesser group fairness and dignity worthy of a fellow human being…and that is the question.

  4. It is a typical fundamentalist vs liberals dichotomy. The polity was almost in equilibrium aka centralism prior to PRU14. Post PRU14 sees the polity tilting towards liberlism that lasted for 22 months. Then came sheraton move, followed by 3 PMs changing hands with fundamentalism is seen gaining stronger ground. Will fundamantelism or conservatism prevail? The herald of conservatism is likely, especially if religious sentiment and hate politics are staged between now and PRU15.

  5. There are substantial Christian minorities in Egypt and other Arab countries which have lived in peace, harmony and prosperity for centuries amongst the majority Muslims. For a handful of brand new Christians in Malaysia who began at the earliest in the mid-1970s through the discovery of the income tax free loop hole of the incorporation of RM2 income tax free places of worship, to instigate all sorts of nit picking against the Muslim majority, have they got their heads screwed on in the right places or not ? Or they have no heads at all ? Also, this type of leadership behaviour is recorded in Malaysian Political annals. A Lao Chinese from the same clan as those alleged agitators now in DAP’s leadership, used the MCA from 1977-1985 to make money. Not only did he ruined his own clansmen but he ended up in the clink in Singapore and Malaysia as well. After 7 years in politics, he could remit via my friend S$100 million from Singapore to his girl friend’s account in Hong Kong. This saga ended with the VP of UMNO, Tun Ghaffar Baba being appointed the temporary President of MCA ! Have we forgotten this sordid episode in Malaysian politics ? Is history repeating itself in the form of the DAP this time round ? History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. For those interested in Malaysian Unity, I propose that Malay-based parties should also field Mandarin speaking Malays in Chinese majority constituencies. The younger the better. I am certain these Malay candidates if elected will serve better than the incumbents from Chinese Communal Middlemen Parties eg. MCA and DAP which have become obstacles to Malaysian Unity due to the fact that their usefulness to their creators has since long expired ! Also, the 100% Chinese are now leaderless due to the arrogance, insouciance and exclusivity of the present incumbent Chinese elected representatives for want of any fresh ideals/ideas.

  6. From the chart, the years when the economy seemed to be prosperous with no scandals, the DAP lost big time to the MCA eg 1995, 1999 and 2004. It took over 10 years with proper financial management to create a normal and functioning economy. from 1981 There was a hiatus between 1974-1980 in governance. From 2004, the goodies for the Rakyat were seen to defy gravity by flowing up to the apex of the Power Pyramid. At this point, the DAP began its work on the socio-economic dissatisfaction of the Chinese.which reached a crescendo in DAP’s favour in 2018. In simple terms, when a Government was seen by the socio-economic minded Chinese to manage the economy well, the Government aligned Chinese party, MCA, will get their support. Whether the 100% Chinese will support the DAP or not depends on the socio-economic policies of the incumbent Malay based Governments. Like the rest of the World’s Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese do not care two hoots about RACE OR RELIGION but only in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. ALL THESE BS ABOUT RACE AND RELIGION IS THE CREATION OF THE DAP ALONE IN THEIR QUEST TO CREATE ISSUES. Mark my words. The DAP has opened a Pandora’s Box of issues which I sincerely hope they are man enough to say ,” The DAP opened the Box.’ when blame has to be rightfully and properly placed in the right pigeon hole ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth which no dead man or woman escapes from, not even Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore !

  7. Syabas to the 21 year old female Malay candidate who is standing for the Melaka State elections. I hope she wins not because of her Party but she embodies the vision, honesty and service to come for all Malaysia. A Green Candidate.

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