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Bangla, Rohingya, Pakistani, Nepali, Yemeni, Burmese and everybody else speaks better BM than Cina DAP

Bersatu Youth triggered the Dapsters when their spokesman pointed out that foreigners speak better BM than a certain group of Malaysian citizens. Continue reading “Bangla, Rohingya, Pakistani, Nepali, Yemeni, Burmese and everybody else speaks better BM than Cina DAP”

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Pro or anti Jawi? DAP’s religious schizophrenia

DAP suffers from ‘religious schizophrenia‘, something I’ve already mentioned before. And we’re now looking at the party’s bipolar problem acting up again.

Two of the party firebrands, the evangelical Christian Nga Kor Ming and Wong Kah Woh, raised a hue and cry recently about sekolah Cina signboards in Pahang that had Jawi writing but were missing Chinese script (see pix below). Continue reading “Pro or anti Jawi? DAP’s religious schizophrenia”

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“Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng” — Thayaparan (Malaysiakini)

“In Pakatan Harapan’s brief tenure in the federal government, former prime minister (twice) Dr Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng, when he said that Lim had to run everything through him before he made any important decisions” wrote Thayaparan in his Malaysiakini column yesterday. Continue reading ““Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng” — Thayaparan (Malaysiakini)”

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Expecting Gerakan to lose all their deposits

Below are the Gerakan-PN candidates in today’s Malacca election. I predict they’re all going to lose their deposits.

  1. Dhanesh in Asahan (35% non-Malay voters)
  2. Michael Gan in Ayer Keroh (51% Chinese voters)
  3. Clarice Chan in Bandar Hilir (77% Chinese voters)
  4. Karen Fong in Kota Laksamana (79% Chinese voters)
  5. Patrick Ng in Kesidang (57% Chinese voters)

“Kota Laksamana, Bandar Hilir, Kesidang and Ayer Keroh, where Chinese make up between 50% and 79% of the electorate will go to DAP even if the candidate is a banana tree.” — Joceline Tan in The Star on 16 Nov 2021

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DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)

Talk about black humour twist to a bizarre story.

DAP’s campaign poster had used a stock photo of the landmark Malacca church to be its backdrop. Strangely, the cross on this centuries old historical building is missing — see below. Continue reading “DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)”

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Missing church cross: How convenient for DAP

According to a Malaysiakini article today, “MCA secretary-general Chong Sin Woon has accused the DAP of removing the crucifix [sic] from a photograph of Malacca’s Christ Church to placate Malay Muslim voters”.

Chong is referring to DAP’s election poster in Chinese urging youths to return home to Malacca for a day to vote “a decision that lasts five years”. Continue reading “Missing church cross: How convenient for DAP”

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The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM

Why didn’t the non-Malay reporter simply rephrase her supposedly “tough question” in BM when asked to do so by the PAS minister?

How is a request by the minister for Minderjeet Kaur to frame her question in BM (instead of using English) to be regarded as hindering the journalist from doing her job? My response to the headlines below. Continue reading “The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM”


Not ‘backdoor govt’ but sucker punch!

Was the Sheraton Move something out of the blue or could we reasonably have expected such a scorpion sting to come from Mahathir?

DAP had assured its sheeple that Mahathir was a “changed man” who would never think to pull the rug out from Anwar’s feet before the promised PM changeover.

DAP lied. Continue reading “Not ‘backdoor govt’ but sucker punch!”

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Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM

A captive audience has filed a civil rights lawsuit against their Oklahoma jail for torturing them with the song Baby Shark played on an endless loop.

The plaintiffs (a group of former prison inmates) said in their lawsuit that the children’s song – blared on repeat mode for hours – was used as a “device to torment” them. Continue reading “Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM”


“Non Malays will be orang asing, now and forever” — Malaysiakinians

“This Malay Dignity Congress has brutally shaken us out of our delusional slumber. We are ‘orang asing’, now and forever.” — David Dass in Malaysiakini vox populi, 8 Oct 2019

“Orang asing membanjiri negara kita” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019 Continue reading ““Non Malays will be orang asing, now and forever” — Malaysiakinians”

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Mahathir’s blood-and-soil argument

Mahathir said that the residents of Bukit Malut are not Rohingya but Kedah Malays.

One group of Malays are said to have merantau up north circa 1865, even reaching to as far as southern Burma.

Mahathir said these olden Malay travellers (seafarers) have lately returned from Myanmar to Bukit Malut, Langkawi — see his tweet below. Continue reading “Mahathir’s blood-and-soil argument”