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Cina DAP are like turkeys voting for X’mas

“Really, is Mahathir anti-Chinese?” asked Kit Siang on 5 May 2018, i.e. a week before GE14.

I think he is.

But my opinion is in the minority — representing only five percent of the Chinese collective thinking.

The majority of Chinese, on the other hand, were wholeheartedly buying into the DAP groupthink which claimed Mahathir sudah bertaubat.

And according to this Cina DAP hive mind, Mahathir was the best man to Save Malaysia.

They also believed that Mahathir had ubah from his bad old days and would, as a penance, strive to recreate New Malaysia in a pleasing shape.

So they made him PM a second time.

Mahathir’s clucking fan boys 

‘Turkeys voting for Christmas’ is an English idiom.

In England, turkey is the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner. At other times of the year, however, turkey is not a meat that’s so commonly eaten.

If you were a turkey, it would be wise to stay away from the annual Christmas celebration.

To return to Kit Siang’s disingenuous question in 2018: “Is Mahathir anti Chinese?”

Yes he is. Yet 95 percent of the Chinese electorate voted for Harapan, the coalition chaired by Mahathir.

The newspaper clipping above is from 1979 when Mahathir threatened a “shoot-on-sight’ order against the ethnic Chinese fleeing Vietnam who were trying to land their boats on Malaysian shores.

Mahathir’s positive embrace of the Rohingya boat people is vastly different from his earlier reaction to the Chinese-Vietnamese boat people.

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The Jews of Asia

Mahathir is known around the world also as an anti Semite. He has made plain his sentiments about the Jews and Israel.

Mahathir’s views about the Chinese minority, which he expressed in The Malay Dilemma, has not changed an iota since 1970.

In a 26 May 2017 interview with the Financial Times, Mahathir said that despite the NEP, Chinese in Malaysia are doing well — which “shows that they are a very resilient people who can survive under any condition”.

Mahathir is adamant too that Chinese here are rich, and their presumed wealth is like a bee forever buzzing in his bonnet.

The wealth of the Jews had similarly bothered the Europeans.

Jamil Anderlini, the FT writer quoted above, reported that during his 2017 meeting with Mahathir, a “small crowd of people gathers in the mall to have their picture taken with him”.

Describing the Mahathir fans gathered at The Loaf bakery in KL where he interviewed Mahathir, Anderlini wrote: “Most appear to be ethnically Chinese”.

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4 thoughts on “Cina DAP are like turkeys voting for X’mas

  1. to most chinese, or 95%, anti chinese is not really a problem, we all grow up in an anti chinese atmosphere, the same apply to malay and indian.

    chinese concern is more on freedom, in the context of how one commentator mentioned: conservatism vs liberalism, can we continue to eat, drink, gamble, trade, living the chinese way of lives etc. to most chinese, mahathir is a symbol of liberal, his family wealth and outlok denote liberalism.

    when mahathir claim anwar is too liberal, i think most chinese dont comprehend what is he talking about, no chinese believe anwar is liberal. and i am also curious how malay perceive mahathir and anwar in term of conservatism and liberalism.

  2. It is time for the Chinese born again Christians of the DAP to stand up and be counted. Do not hide behind your external Chinese looking facade with your Western beliefs and values so that the 95% Chinese may truly assess your words and sincerity before voting for you the next time. The places of worship of all need welfare, support etc as well.

  3. DAP the Demagogic Action Party should be the real name. All Chinese must oppose the term ‘JEWS OF THE EAST’ or “DIASPORA’. These are insulting and abusive which have no regard for human rights and its racism to the extreme. The Jews lost their Israel when the whole lot were driven out of their own Israel by the Romans beginning with the destruction of King Herod’s temple in 3 AD. The Chinese were banned from leaving China by the Ching Dynasty until it began to crumble from mid-19th Century. This became a flood near the beginning of the 20th Century when China was affected by famine, starvation, civil strife, disease etc as the Imperial Command structure began to collapse and the beginnings of demands for cheap labour by the new colonialists to develop their new conquered lands due to the disorganised natives. The Chinese were traditionally bullied in all the countries where the Europeans were overlords like North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Peru. Since World War II, the Chinese re-settled themselves from hostile to less hostile locales. This was only natural. The bustling Chinatowns of Bombay and Calcutta, India, after the 1962 Sino-Indian War are but a shadow of their former selves. Those in South Africa ended up in Singapore, being Brian Chang, shipyard magnate and Wong Pakshong, central banker. The Chinese should never be mixed up with the Jews.who are as different as chalk and cheese. Any attempt to do so is not only vicious but also malicious and jealous. Both the Jews and the Chinese have brought much benefits to Humankind. As Napoleon once said, ‘ When China awakes, the World will tremble’.

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