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Bangladesh police arrest 172 Rohingya 

Story reported yesterday in the Bangkok Post.

‘Bangladesh tahan lebih 170 Rohingya’— laporan semalam @ Berita Harian 

The police arrests are related to an assassination in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp last month of a moderate Rohingya community leader as well as the mass shooting last week at a madrasah which killed seven Rohingya.

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Do Rohingya in M’sia carry similar undercurrents?

Giving a briefing in parliament on Oct 6, Foreign Affairs Minister Saifuddin Abdullah revealed that there are 200,000 Rohingya in Malaysia.

Saifuddin‘s statement was the first time (that I’m aware) the government has pinned a figure on the total number of Rohingya living here.

Our authorities are very late in officially acknowledging their huge numbers.

The infographic below by the Anadolu Agency (AA) shows Malaysia as the world’s Top Five Rohingya-hosting country with 200,000 of them in our midst.

Malaysia’s 200k Rohingya influx was listed by Turkish media AA in its chart prepared on 23 Sept 2019.

Foreign media were already providing accurate info more than two years ago about Rohingya settled in Malaysia. Our own government, however, was only prepared to publicly divulge this in October 2021.

Mahathir claims they’re Malay 

Earlier this year, Mahathir had insisted that the people of Bukit Malut, Langkawi are not Rohingya.

He claimed they’re Malays who emigrated to Thailand and Myanmar, and later moved back to Kedah (see his Twitter thread below), 

In his CNBC interview on 12 Nov 2018, Mahathir also said the Rohingya have been in Burma 800 years.

He said that in contrast to Myanmar which made the Rohingya a stateless people, “when Malaysia became independent we gave citizenship to people who were obviously of foreign origin”.

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