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Guan Eng speaks BM so poorly


Really painful on the ear to listen to the DAP sec-gen during yesterday’s debate with Wee Ka Siong (video available at the bottom of this page).

BELOW: Guan Eng’s typical speaking style from the rostrum (recorded on a previous occasion)

Bengali speak better BM than Cina DAP

There is a Rohingya settlement in Bukit Malut, Langkawi — see Harian Metro report June this year in next video below.

Mahathir claims these Rohingya are really Malay. He also adds that they speak fluent bahasa Melayu.

Some years ago, Mahathir said the Rohingya had been in Burma much longer than the Chinese have been in Malaysia.

“This country [Myanmar] claims that the Rohingya are not their people. They’ve been there for 800 years, much longer than the Chinese in Malaysia,” Mahathir said in his interview with The New York Times (‘Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Unleashes Criticism’, 18 June 2015).

BELOW: Rohingya and Bangla look almost alike, according to a Human Rights Watch year 2000 report on the sectarian conflict in Arakan (Rakhine)

On 12 Nov 2018 in an interview with CNBC, Mahathir contrasted Rohingya statelessness with Chinese acquiring easy citizenship in Malaysia.

He said: “When Malaysia became independent we gave citizenship to people who were obviously of foreign origin”.

BELOW: Rohingya aka Bengali cannot not speak Burmese well —click to enlarge

Mahathir: The Nons are descended from people “of foreign origin”

The truth is that after “800 years”, the Rohingya in Rakhine speak Burmese as badly as Dapsters speak BM.

The text excerpt above is from a 2013 government commission of inquiry report into the Rakhine sectarian violence.

The commission found Rohingya from the Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships to be poor Burmese speakers.

Rohingya in the surveyed areas were believed “always took Bangladesh’s side whenever Myanmar had disagreements or issues with that country” — refer passages underlined in red.


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9 thoughts on “Guan Eng speaks BM so poorly

  1. everyone can be a malay except chinese and indian.

    i love to see all rohingya become malay, malay-sia is inclusive, compassionate and welcome all.

  2. He speaks Singlish better. Here is the latest sleigh of hand from the DAP homeland since the 1962 Water Agreement in which Malaysia now subsidise the water due to the ringgit’s weakness. The media reported that Singapore intends to buy electricity from TNB Malaysia. Singapore has just signed to phase out coal by 2050. Then, Singapore becomes unsustainable without coal, hydro, nuclear, oil, solar or wind generated electricity. Malaysia’s situation will be worse because of the present frequent blackouts. Therefore, Singapore has signed an international agreement which she cannot fulfil WITHOUT Malaysian TNB electricity. MALAYSIA HAS NOW GOT THE SINGS BY THE BEES ! The Leadership should be wary of the umpteenth times Singapore had won on carelessness in the small print on the part of Malaysia’s civil servants who may have been compromised. Malaysia always lost, never won. With the 1962 Water Agreement, Malaysia now subsidises the free water to Singapore. Let us hope, Malaysia will not supply free electricity to Singapore anymore and be caught by some small print in the agreement. THE BEST IS FOR MALAYSIA TO BUILD A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN SINGAPORE WHICH SUPPLY IS SHARED BY BOTH COUNTRIES . QED. DAP. What goes round comes around. Thanks Covid-19 virus the leveller of all inequalities !!!

  3. Both speak well but DSW shows master of the language and the country’s policies, especially with regard to cabotage. He explains in a humble and lucidity that the issue emerged because the multinational companies were not aware of the policy. Had they been made known (by the PH government), the companies leadership would respect and adhere it.

    The narrative that the country “may” loose RM12b is akin to the one raised in parliament recently that the use of human language to communicate with elephant is insulting. There are many confused people today. The reason is because their leaders are confused themselves with their narratves.

  4. Do we really require these self appointed Chinese looking types with Western beliefs from the DAP to represent the 100% Malaysian Chinese ? Not only did they mislead the Chinese that they are not the true blue Malaysian Chinese with Asian values but in their heart of hearts, they are alleged to be loyal to a tiny dot of an island as their record showed. It is now prudent for all to demand the Elections Commission to add another requirement to the candidate’s form eg. their dialect. The British did this in all the official forms to separate the rice from the chaff. For a knowledgeable Chinese or an alert British official, one Chinese dialect stood out like a red flag. Ask LKY why he loved this clan as his butler ?

  5. A good leader is he who can successfully persuade foreign leaders to respect and follow the country’s policy, NOT he who follows their demands. DSWKS seems to have that trait of good leadership beside his excellent command in the languages.

  6. all 3 recent mca president, otk, ltl and wks was from srjkc, attended local uni um ukm and uitm (the racist u), and all 3 speak both decent bm and chinese, with soso english, unlike lge that speak poor bm and chinese, but with fantastic eng, a lasalle and monarch product. odd that the 95% disregard all this and just give our vote to dap, leaded by a elitist that refuse to fund tarc. however given a choice, i still wont give my vote to mca. 95% dispise dog no matter what.

  7. A lot of misinformation / misleading “news” by some media have been spread except Awani & a few reporters who really did field reports / investigations there.

    FYI, those people (Melayu Islam Kedah in Bukit Malut, Langkawi) are NOT Rohingyas but “MYANMAR MALAYS” who were (and still are) originally from Kedah before this recent (during 1980’s) RETURN MIGRATION to their homeland (Kedah / Tanah Melayu, now Malaysia).

    Clearly, they are Malays based on their physical (look / face) & language (Kedahan / Perlis Malay dialect). Research (add knowledge), about the Myanmar Malays in Tanintharyi (Tanah Sari) Region, the southern part of Myanmar. This includes Mergui Archipelago where you can find a lot of them who really speak Kedahan – Perlis dialect (their own language / dialect) as their daily / native language. You can also find Malay words used as place names especially in Kawthaung (also called “Puloduo” locally, meaning “pulau dua”). The Kedahan Malay population over there is around 30,000 people.

    Previously, at least since 1865, a lot of Kedahan Malays (pre-independence of Tanah Melayu) had migrated to SOUTHERN Myanmar from Kedah following Nayuda Ahmed. It is unlike Rohingyas who are from Rakhine State in the NORTH of Myanmar / western coast of the northern Myanmar. Plus, Rohingyas have different physical (look / face) & language compared to Myanmar Malays (who are originally from Kedah).

    And then, in 1940’s, during Japanese occupation of Tanah Melayu, tens of thousands of Malays especially from Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan etc. have been brought to Myanmar as SLAVE LABOURS to build the well-known “Death Railway” (Thai-Burma Railway) over there.

    That’s basically show you how they settled over there & then became known as “Myanmar Malays / Burmese Malays” by some people. However, after settling there due to those aforementioned, some of them decided to RETURN to their homeland (Kedah / Tanah Melayu, now Malaysia).

    ps: Nevertheless, some of them are natives of the southern part of Myanmar in which Kedah Tua / Langkasuka (Empire) used to stretch as far as Tanah Sari (Tanintharyi) & Segenting Kra (Kra Isthmus). In addition, there are sea gypsies called Moken or “Selung” (one of Austronesian peoples), who are related to Malay physically & linguistically.

    ps2: Yes, Malays are not only in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei & Indonesia but also in MYANMAR, Thailand, Cambodia / Vietnam where there was a Champa Malay Kingdom in now Vietnam & an eastern part of Cambodia; Philippines; Australia specifically in Cocos Keeling Islands & Christmas Island; & etc.

    For expanding the knowledge & eyes on “Malays in Southern Myanmar” (the same ethnic group as in Bukit Malut, Langkawi), I recommend you to watch these:

    Asal Usul Orang Melayu Di Selatan Myanmar (by a reporter, Astora Jabat):


    JEJAK MELAYU MYANMAR BAHAGIAN 2 (by a reporter, Astora Jabat):


    MELAYU MYANMAR BUKA LANGKAH! on Munarman Vlog (to know about their Malay cultures etc ie. in terms of language, clothes, wedding, silat which are exactly Malay’s):


    The Rohingya village that isn’t – ‘Melayu Islam Kedah (MIK)’ – on Fat Bidin channel (by Zan Azlee – a reporter who went there to investigate):

    1. Noted.

      You say the Bukit Malut people look like Melayu whereas the Rohingya have a different look.

      [Helen’s note: Human Rights Watch reported that the Bangladeshis say Rohingya look like Bengali.]

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