“Non Malays will be orang asing, now and forever” — Malaysiakinians

“This Malay Dignity Congress has brutally shaken us out of our delusional slumber. We are ‘orang asing’, now and forever.” — David Dass in Malaysiakini vox populi, 8 Oct 2019

“Orang asing membanjiri negara kita” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

Mahathir’s opinion about the seven million “orang asing” in this country has not changed one bit since 1970 when he published his banned book.

To him, descendants of Malays who left Kedah more than one hundred years ago still remain orang kita.

But he will never let the Chinese here forget that their grandparents were orang asing.

Did Najib ever call the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia “orang asing”? — My News Hub, tweeted on 1 Nov 2019 (below).

“So you guys still love Mahathir?”

DAP:  Yes. Yes! YESSS!

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“Perniagaan kedai runcit dan aneka jenis tukang-tukang semuanya terdiri dari orang Cina.” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

“[…] bandar-bandar didiri dan dipenuhi dengan kedai Cina” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

“Raja-Raja Melayu tidak iktiraf orang Cina dan India sebagai rakyat. Kepercayaan mereka ialah orang ini, akan kembali ke Negara masing-masing apabila khidmat mereka tidak diperlu lagi.” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

“Orang Cina biasanya berhijrah ke Negara lain jika mereka nampak peluang mencari makan. Mereka berhijrah ke Amerika dan Australia dan ke Negara-Negara jajahan British. Melihat kestabilan pemerintahan British dan peluang kerja, mereka datang dengan ramai ke Negeri-Negeri Melayu.” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

“Dan orang asing pun membanjiri Negara kita. Tujuh juta orang asing masih berada di sini sekarang ini.” — Mahathir, 6 Sept 2019

BELOW: By Mahathir’s light, the Lim side grandfather of “Saya-bukan-Cina” Guan Eng would be one such orang asing; likewise the forebears of Bangsa-Anak-Malaysia Hannah Yeoh, seen below almost kneeling


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2 thoughts on ““Non Malays will be orang asing, now and forever” — Malaysiakinians

  1. thats why i am chinese malaysian, i never see myself as malay-sian, and i never understand why chinese malaysian want to be malay-sian. what mahathir say is the core ideology of umno, or any parties that have its roots from umno, if all are malaysian, then who needs umno? mahathir say this in open, the rest say this behind or during agm, no diff. that said, i am fine with this arrangement or racial classification as long as we can preserve our chinese way of life. thus the no 1 threat to chinese is now pas, not umno.

  2. He does not think Rohingya people as a threat. Rohingya only come to seek the basic need for survival. But the very people he mentions are thirst for both economic and political power of the country. He has clarity of vision. He talks fact and never u-turn from from this issue. Only the confused don’t see it through.

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