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Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM

A captive audience has filed a civil rights lawsuit against their Oklahoma jail for torturing them with the song Baby Shark played on an endless loop.

The plaintiffs (a group of former prison inmates) said in their lawsuit that the children’s song – blared on repeat mode for hours – was used as a “device to torment” them.

Their three jailors (two resigned, one retired) also face misdemeanour “cruelty” charges in addition to being sued — see below yesterday’s news report tweet.

It is similarly traumatizing when we’re forced to hear some Malaysian Firsters mangle our national language.

The way these people attempt to speak BM causes deep distress to the rest of their countrymen.

An MCA nominee to contest in the Malacca election, Leong Hui Ying, is one example of a Malaysian unable to express herself in bahasa Melayu.

According to the Malay media, Leong had studied in an independent Chinese secondary school.

She is said to have sat for the UEC university qualifying exam and gone on to Taiwan to obtain her bachelor’s degree.

After a viral clip circulated online showing her cluelessness in the face of reporters’ questions, Leong released a video responding to the claims that she is unable to speak BM.

Leong’s response is a classic illustration of digging a deeper hole as it only confirms the allegations about her inability to speak BM.

She serves as an excellent example for those who agree with Mahathir’s assertion that “Tujuh juta orang asing masih berada di sini sekarang ini”.

BELOW: Saya-bukan-Cina Lim Guan Eng’s spoken BM might conceivably cause us ear cancer

Guan Eng the Mahathir sidekick

Is Leong typical of the ‘tujuh juta’ or a rare exception in her patchy command of BM?

We know the truthful answer to this question versus the in-denial answer.

And MCA, at least, is the more transparent party.

Its name is after all the Malaysian CHINESE Association and the party is in the political arena to fight for and protect Chinese rights.

Within Barisan, MCA has the Cina role because BN is a coalition where the other components have their own racial orientation — Umno Melayu, MIC kaum India and before its 2018 breakup, BN’s Borneo alphabet soup parties had represented the various natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

MCA is partly responsible for creating the Leong-Hui-Ying-language type through its propping up of Sekolah Cina and fostering spiritual kinship with Taiwan.

: Kit Siang proclaims himself Malaysian First

Kit Siang the Mahathir sidekick

When Harapan ruled Putrajaya in 2018–2020, the then lead party (because it was the PM’s vehicle) was a Malay entity, Bersatu.

Today, the self-proclaimed Malaysian First party DAP is the biggest one in Harapan.

Harapan’s other components are PKR a multiracial party, Amanah an Islamist party, and Upko a regional party based in Sabah.

In the absence of Bersatu and Anwar’s increasing loss of credibility, DAP becomes the Harapan template for Malaysian Firstness.

Malaysian Firster patriarch Lim Kit Siang was DAP sec-gen for 30 years from 1969 to 1999.

Kit Siang was DAP national organizing secretary (a post presently held by Anthony Loke) from 1966 to 1969, and party chairman 1999–2004.

Kit Siang alone held these three DAP top posts consecutively for altogether 38-and-a-half years. His official control has spanned 70 percent of DAP’s existence. (DAP was founded in 1966 and is 55-and-a-half years old.)

MCA presidents Lee San Choon (1974–1979), Neo Yee Pan, Tan Koon Swan, Ling Liong Sik, Ong Ka Ting, Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai (2013–2018) have all left politics … but Kit Siang is still around.

Guan Eng has been the DAP secretary-general from 2004 until today — clocking 17-plus years and still counting. Before that he was DAP deputy sec-gen another nine years (1995–2004).

Kit Siang’s daughter Hui Ying (pictured above) is currently Penang DAP secretary, and a senator.

DAP is the Lims, and the Lims are DAP from Day One without break.

The party is shaped in the image of the Father, Son and Holy Hannahs.

Guan Eng claims to be “bukan orang Cina”, Kit Siang claims to be Malaysian First, and both speak BM as a means of torturing listeners.

DAP’s Malaysian Firsters don’t speak BM any less torturously than BN’s parti Cina members.


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5 thoughts on “Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM

  1. itu wartawan sepatut guna bahasa pasar, bahasa melayu ialah bahasa khas bagi kaum melayu dan suku aku bukan cina. seumumnya untuk kaum cina, kami fasih dalam bahasa pasar sahaja, wartawan tu orang baru kot. lebih lebih lagi seandainya kami boleh bertutur bm sebagus helen dan hannah, kami masih dianggap orang asing, tiada perbezaan asalkan nama kami adalah leong, helen atau hannah dan bukan fatimah.

    akhir kata mca bila mahu tutup kedai? undi cina tak dapat, nampakmya undi melayu pun sikarang chance agak tipis, kalu tan cheng lock masih ada, i rasa dia pun no eye see.

    1. I like Helen’s humor. But I’d say tak apa sakit telinga. Janji boleh faham. Mana boleh sama macam orang Melayu cakap. Jangan buat macam Kulai sudah la. “Lahabau” tu perkataan kurang manis dan ditutur dengan kenalan rapat. Tak apa la dia dah mintak maaf pun. Case closed.

      you toksah dengar cakap Mahathir la atau any politician umum nya. Lagi sakit telinga. Semua pun cakap ikut sedap mulut. Umum nya orang Melayu tak ada pun fikir keturunan bukan Melayu ni orang asing. Kita semua rakyat.Malaysia. Mana Melayu yang cakap macam ni semua taksub politik. Taksub politik ni masalah kronik Malaysia sampai negara pun tak ditadbir dengan baik. Ahli parti semua taksub politik. Bukan umno aje, PH pun sama jugak.

  2. All those who were born after Merdeka and speak bad BM should be ridiculed. My children had As for BM and also their children. How many Malaysians know that after the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1951, all subjects which originated from China like geography, history, culture, hygiene and things Chinese were no longer in the Chinese Vernacular Schools curriculum. In other words, all the Chinese students in the Chinese Vernacular Schools were only taught to speak in Mandarin, study Malayan subjects in Mandarin and NOTHING ON CHINA. The graduates ended up only knowing how to speak Mandarin and a knowledge of 1,200 Chinese characters, enough to read the comics in the Sin Chew Jit Poh. A Beijing or Taipei university graduate knows 3,000-4000 Chinese characters out of 10,000 characters. Does this tell us that we can do without the Chinese Vernacular Schools and have Mandarin taught as a Core subject in the SMK schools ? Look after the Chinese Vernacular School teachers and the Chinese media because the MANDARIN language is alive and well in the SMK schools. AND CHINESE CULTURE WHICH NEVER APPEARED IN THE CHINESE VERNACULAR SCHOOLS AFTER 1951, HAS NOT BEEN EXTIRPATED contrary to the BS dished out by the politicians. The Chinese lady candidate is lazy and should have spent at least 3 solid months improving on her BM if she is serious being a Public Servant in Malaysia !

  3. The problem with these Demagogic Action Party types these days is the fact that they speak very bad BM and Mandarin. The mainlanders rolled themselves with laughter when these spoke. I have been saying it is better for UMNO to field young Mandarin speaking Malays in Chinese majority or mixed areas who will bring about Unity than these Demagogic Action Party types who never bothered to master the National Language which underlined their crypto-chauvinism, whilst the Chinese in the rest of the World are only too keen to learn the language of their adopted lands !

  4. mmg itu amoi tak pandai cakap bahasa Melayu… bkn dia sorang.. ini KL saja 99 persen orang Cina semua tak suka dan tak mau cakap bahasa Melayu… tapi taraf Bumiputera mereka mau… wakakakkakakakakaka

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