Not ‘backdoor govt’ but sucker punch!

Was the Sheraton Move something out of the blue or could we reasonably have expected such a scorpion sting to come from Mahathir?

DAP had assured its sheeple that Mahathir was a “changed man” who would never think to pull the rug out from Anwar’s feet before the promised PM changeover.

DAP lied.

If only the Nons could think for themselves instead of being led by nose, they’d have seen many clues to Mahathir’s imminent sucker punch … his swift uppercut knocking down their precious government which 95 percent of Chinese turkeys voted to install.

BELOW: Note that Ismail Sabri was not at this 23 Feb 2020 pow wow greenlighting the Sheraton Move

Mahathir spoke openly to the world but Cina DAP stone deaf

Harapan was in power for 22 months. I’ve divided the duration of Harapan’s Putrajaya stint into four equal time blocs of six months each — as below.

For each time bloc, I’ve listed one Mahathir utterance at a significant event which indicated his negative thinking about the Chinese.

His publicly articulated views should have given Cina DAP a hint (four hints even) of the knockout blow against Harapan that was soon to be thrown.

Four time blocs spanning election victory 2018 to Sheraton 2020

  • Bloc #1:   April 2018 to Sept 2018
  • Bloc #2:   Oct 2018 to March 2019
  • Bloc #3:   April 2019 to Sept 2019
  • Bloc #4:   Oct 2019 to March 2020

Four Mahathir speeches delivered at:

• Bloc #1 — UN general assembly on 28 Sept 2018

• Bloc #2 — Asean summit on 13 Nov 2018

• Bloc #3 — UN general assembly on 27 Sept 2019

• Bloc #4 — Amanat Tun Dr Mahathir aka Malay Dignity Congress on 6 Oct 2019

((1) At the UN in 2018, Mahathir said Malaysia would ratify Icerd — the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

This promise on Icerd was like the tekong setting up his ball in a sepak takraw match. It was red meat lofted to the Malay nationalists who took the bait.

They mounted a street rally on Dec 8 — a massive protest and show of Malay might that suitably cowed the Nons.

(2) At the Asean summit, Mahathir spoke of non-Malay citizens who were “people of foreign origin” — see details in my blog entry posted earlier today. The Chinese were cast anew as “orang asing”.

(3) At the UN in 2019, Mahathir referred to the expulsion of Rohingya from Myanmar, saying “Many colonies of the West, upon independence, expelled non natives in their countries”.

In our local context: Tunku did not expel the non natives from Malaya upon Merdeka.

(4) Mahathir’s amanat at Kongres Maruah Melayu was filled with references to the Chinese as orang asing.

BELOW: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Why then did the DAP voter base use all their electoral muscle to lift this racist as their beloved seventh prime minister?

See Kit Siang’s tweet above for an overabundance of gallows humour.

As their Harapan chairman, Mahathir needled and prodded but the narcotised 95 percent Chinese felt no prick until the Sheraton shoe dropped.


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4 thoughts on “Not ‘backdoor govt’ but sucker punch!

  1. As I have said many times before, if the Demagogic Action Party could not re-invent itself into a pro-Constitutional Party and become Malaysia’s finest in the National Interest, it can only find itself up a greasy pole of no return – forever trying to keep itself from slipping downwards which is happening now. In June 2018, I tested the 4 leaders by trying to meet them and was ignored. This test confirmed the alleged suspicions of their exclusive ambiguity in Malaysian Politics A constructive or a destructive political entity, the Demagogic Action Party ? They have lost a golden opportunity to be Malaysia’s finest non-Malay party forever due to their dismal record with the PH in POWER May 2018 – March 2020 which was alleged to have sown more distrust about them. It is obvious the Demagogic Action Party was used to achieve a bigger objective which its leaders could not comprehend as they were alleged to be bent on delivering rocks, CPTTP etc to Singapore. By November 2021, most of the Demagogic Action Party alleged misdemeanours have been exposed and engraved in history. Vide. i) Dato Seri Azmin Ali expose’ in the Dewan Rakyat in October 2020. ii) High Court Suit on the PH Government’s withdrawal of an Appeal on Pulau Batu Putih. How can the 95% Chinese vote for the Demagogic Action Party again in the next GE after being left with no credible Party to represent them from March 2021 onwards due to the alleged antics of this Demagogic Action Party ?

  2. Can anyone explain how a roaring Singapura lion, the Demagogic Action Party since 1966 became a Malaysian pussycat which meows on being stroked by the PM ? Were they seeking more favours from the PH Government on behalf of their homeland ? Pictures galore of Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs were the order of the day then. No kiss. No tell ?

  3. From the Chinese perspective, the GE-14 win, LGE finance minister post were symbolic of the early founding of Malaysia under TAR with Henry Lee as the first finance Minister. It is like the rebirth of Malaysia all over again.

    Would PH had won without Mahathir?

    Majority of the Chinese voters don’t think so.

    Technically, the Chinese were screwed by Mahathir, Anwar and Azmin Ali.

    PH was a coalition of 4 parties. Someone did not keep their word and failed to deliver, and it is not DAP. They (DAP) were actually the biggest losers despite enjoying 95% support from the Chinese community.

    Yes, the Chinese were once again screwed by Malay leaders, this time from their own coalition …. but what’s new? Isn’t that the story of the Malaysian Chinese?

  4. malay dont con, chinese dont con, indian dont con, its mahathir the conman who con all. there is not much one can do if the choice is either a conman or a bunch of racist. too bad we pick a conman, but if given choice, we will pick the conman again and not racist that kacau our lives.

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