Melaka superfrog: One jump fwd for DAP, two hops backward for Chinese

The Malacca election on Nov 20 will be a bellwether for the future of multiculturalism in Malaysia.

Hadi Awang said yesterday that PAS is remaining in PN to oppose the “extreme parties”.

Contesting in Malacca under the PN banner are PAS, Bersatu and Gerakan — these would be the non-extreme parties by Hadi’s reckoning.

And the ‘extreme’ parties are?

N15 Pengkalan Batu state seat

The incumbent here is Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee who won the seat in 2018 on a DAP ticket. This time he is contesting as an independent.

Norhizam got his ‘superfrog’ nickname for jumping out of DAP last year, then withdrawing his support for the BN-PN Malacca government this year and after that, trying to jump back to Harapan again.

Pengkalan Batu is the new name for the N15 ward following a boundary delineation exercise. In previous elections, this seat was called Bachang.

Bachang was held by DAP in 2013, 2008 and 1999; by Gerakan in 2004 and 1995.

The position of Adun from 1995 to 2018 was alternated in Bachang between Gerakan and DAP — YBs Chua Peng Song (two terms) and Lim Jak Wong (three terms) respectively.

BELOW Lim Guan Eng is another hopper, jumping from constituency to constituency; he was an MP in Malacca from 1986 to 2008

DAP’s politics of ‘extremes’

The kind of politics we endured for the last decade-and-a-half has been very beneficial to the DAP while overall disadvantageous to the Chinese community.

Norhizam was DAP’s Yang Berhormat exco member in the Malacca government with use of an official state car (Toyota Camry). He received his Datukship in October 2019.

Other DAP politicians also enjoyed the perks and privileges that money can’t buy, such as being given police bodyguards (to escort cabinet ministers and deputies).

Being a DAP Adun was most advantageous for Norhizam, for Hannah and their party carpetbaggers.

BELOW: Of course @hannahyeoh would not want her voter base to emigrate … think of the multiple government pensions she has acquired from turkeys voting for Christmas

DAP’s rocket trajectory

In 2004 – which was also the last time BN enjoyed its supermajority – DAP only had 36 Aduns in total.

By 2018, the DAP had a whopping 106 Aduns. They successfully tripled their number of DAP reps in the DUNs by playing extreme politics to perfection.

In 2018, MCA Aduns were reduced to two, with both of them representing Malay-majority seats. Gerakan Aduns, zero.

As I’ve demonstrated before, DAP and MCA are locked in a zero sum game, e.g

In 1986, DAP had 24 MPs, MCA 20. Total between them, 44

In 2004, MCA had 31 MPs, DAP 12. Total 43

In 2013, DAP had 38 MPs, MCA 7. Total 45

The two parties reliably see-saw. When MCA is strong, DAP is weak and vice versa.

Until 2018, Bachang which has a mixed electorate, similarly see-sawed between Cina DAP and Cina BN to represent the seat.

When a BN Chinese YB represented N15, there was no national controversy.

But when a Malay DAP represented N15 (name now changed to Pengkalan Batu), there arose a national brouhaha. YB Norhizam said that during his 22 months with DAP-Harapan, he felt like a “barua” — see below.

Malay voters in N15-Melaka were not up in arms against the BN Chinese Adun.

Chinese voters in N15-Melaka cursed and swore at their DAP Malay Adun when he frogged.

For six consecutive general elections (GE9–GE14), BN had fielded a Chinese candidate in Bachang/Pengkalan Baru. This coming state election, however, BN will be standing a Malay for the first time.

The 95 percent Chinese swing to DAP has changed the race dynamics in BN irrevocably. An Umno Malay is contesting N15, a seat traditionally alloted to Gerakan which has since quit BN.

Meanwhile, a Bersatu Malay (not a Gerakan nominee) will be contesting on the PN ticket. PN does not share the BN tradition of giving way to a Chinese candidate in a mixed or Malay-majority seat (e.g. in the Tg Piai byelection).

The next Pengkalan Baru Adun will definitely be a Malay since all the candidates featured in the five-cornered fight are Malay.

Before 2008, Gerakan and MCA had contributed plenty of Chinese MPs and Aduns to the government bench.

Now? Gerakan is in the political wilderness and MCA is irrelevant.

The Chinese chose to put all their eggs in one basket. And what did DAP do with this basket?

They lined the basket with gift paper, tied a ribbon and presented it as a grovelling hamper to the single most racist politician in Malaysian history. 


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  1. The disconcert thing about the Demagogic Action Party is their leaders seemed to revel in verbal brawls all over the shop. They should have taken a more prosaic stance befitting the representative of 95% Malaysian Chinese voters who are peaceful, hard-working and loyal like all the other Chinese in countries around the World where they are much appreciated by the authorities.

  2. As I was saying, the Demagogic Action Party now meows like a pussy cat which no one fears because they have effectively neutered themselves as such. Not only that, their paper rocket designed by Singapore rocket scientists has always been a rocket which never flew off the paper ! If these folks have any vision, their homeland not only signed an agreement to eschew coal by 2050 in the same year when Malaysia stop giving them free water. Horror of horrors ! Today, Singapore signed another agreement with 120 other nations to stop deforestation in Singapore ! I never knew of any forest in tiny Singapore except the Botanical Gardens. Don’t joke. Like this by 2050, Singapore will have no Power, Water or Trees ! It does not pay to BS at any time !

  3. the meagre 20% and most in urban can have how many eggs? thus chinese must have the dignity to put all eggs in one basket, this has nothing to do with dap, its about being chinese.

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