BN is the only coalition without an Islamist party

•  BN — Umno, MCA, MIC

•  Harapan —DAP, PKR, Amanah, Upko

•  PN — Bersatu, PAS, Gerakan

Lim Guan Eng is badmouthing Wee Ka Siong over the Timah whisky issue vis-a-vis erosion of “non-Malay rights” (see below) despite the MCA president’s helpful intervention in this particular matter.

For decades, DAP has accused Mahathir as being the chief architect for the erosion of non-Malay rights. And great grand mastermind the old man surely is.

No other prominent Malay leader has ever publicly called the Nons “orang asing” — something which Mahathir continues doing repeatedly.

Yet it was none other than DAP which installed Mahathir as PM2.0 on the back of Chinese votes, and allowing him to finish the job of his ‘perjuangan yang belum selesai’.

DAP is also badmouthing MCA over the government decision (see above) to restrict liquor sale in the Federal Territories.

Actually it was Amanah that first seized on the ‘Timah’ name to race bait the non Muslims as well as play religious one upmanship on PAS — see Malaysiakini article below.

Amanah is a Harapan component and DAP’s coalition ally. It is always trying to out-posture PAS, i.e. Amanah’s Islamist arch rival in the government coalition PN, on halal and haram strictures.

While it’s true that PAS is happy about the new KL liquor restriction, Amanah is not objecting either.

In any case, PAS is in PN while MCA is in BN, both of which are separate coalitions.

The BN Chinese party (with its two MPs and one cabinet minister) has no clout over the PN Islamist party with 18 MPs and three cabinet ministers. For that matter, DAP with its 42 MPs has no clout over own coalition partner Amanah with its 11 MPs either.

PAS is currently holding the Religious Affairs portfolio. In the previous Harapan government, Amanah held the Religious Affairs portfolio.

Amanah‘s Mujahid Yusof Rawa was Religious Affairs Minister from 2018–2020. He also believes the government must be strict about curbing alcohol consumption — see above.

Even if Harapan were the federal government today, their liquor policy to “protect Muslim sensitivities” promulgated by Amanah would be no different from PAS’s.

Mujahid himself said so last month on Oct 20, stipulating that “law enforcement at the local government to federal levels needs to be tightened and improved to manage any ‘negative effects’ of alcohol”.

Wee Ka Siong said yesterday “it was Amanah who first started the whole issue” by making provocative remarks about Timah.

And it was through Wee’s efforts in cabinet – see above – that a solution was reached allowing Timah to keep its name.

When the DAP was in the Harapan cabinet, the party despite its 95 percent Chinese support did bupkis for the community.

Guan Eng’s role in the Finance Ministry was “castrated”, and he and his DAP cabinet colleagues were anyway busy “bending the knee to the old maverick”, wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan on Sept 2020.

Thayaparan said the ‘Chinese’ community was “getting scraps from the table and everyone knew it”.

The DAP was “basically eunuchs in the Mahathir-led administration,” Thayaparan added.

‘How about Chinese voters start being nicer to Wee Ka Siong?’ I had blogged a year-and-half ago on 4 March 2020.

Err, no dice. Cina DAP still heaped a ton of curses on Wee for claiming credit in deescalating the Timah controversy.

So what can Malay party Umno in BN as well as Malay party Bersatu in PN learn from this most recent episode?

Answer: Calcified Chinese voters prefer Guan Eng-DAP regardless of whatever favours Ka Siong-MCA do for them.

Best to leave DAP to the PAS-Amanah combo to duke it out since all three parties actively engage in political religion.


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