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DAP to convince the Nons that Mahathir will save M’sia again?

The non Malays have incomparable freedom to live a liberal lifestyle, according to the latest salvo from Mahathir.

This time, Mahathir recalls the unprecedented liberalism shown to non Malays and non Muslims in the country — see below.

Mahathir said today that “the Malay-dominated Governments had accorded the non Malays certain rights which other multi racial countries do not allow”.

He further said “the other races were allowed to retain their identification with their countries of origin, their languages and cultures, their schools, their NGO’s and civil organisations, their Chambers of Commerce, associations, assembly halls, sporting teams and clubs etc”.

Mahathir pledged that his Pejuang party “will adhere to all the liberal policies and privileges that Malaysia accords the non-Malays”.

He added Pejuang “will practice good governance with the objective of making Malaysia a developed country by 2030 or earlier”.

The above line about “good governance” and “making Malaysia a developed country“ (echoing the Lims’ favourite phrases) sounds like Mahathir is earnestly channeling the DAP.

Indeed it is not as if Mahathir and the Father-Son have not done their glorious mind-meld before.

It was the Lims and DAP’s evangelistas in particular who successfully persuaded the Chinese electorate earlier to embrace Mahathir as their born again saviour.

DAP sheeple: Hadi bad, Atok good … baaa, baaaa

DAP alternately told the Nons that PAS is bad (pre 1978), PAS is good (Barisan Alternatif), PAS is bad (post 1999, wants Islamic state), PAS is good (Pakatan Rakyat), PAS is bad (post 2015, wants to implement hudud RUU355) and now PAS is badder because the Islamist party is placing a ban on drinking and gambling in Kedah.

Kedah – following in the footsteps of Kelantan and and Terengganu – is putting in the new Islamic measures and its menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi snapped that “those who want to buy [betting tickets] can go to Penang”.

The Islamist MB was explaining Kedah’s new morality laws, and quoted by reporters in Alor Setar after tabling his state budget 2022 in the DUN yesterday.

Lim Guan Eng retorted that Kedah is “bullying” the minority ethnics, and “to ban such activities will be seen as PAS’s attempt to forcibly impose its extremist values on non-Muslims contrary to diversity and a plural society”.

The sniping exchanges between PAS-ruled Kedah and DAP-ruled Penang occurred yesterday.

Today Mahathir steps into the fray pledging that his party will uphold “all the liberal policies and privileges” that the non Malays are so used to enjoying.

Therefore it is not far fetched to speculate that the DAP will once again try convincing its voter base that beloved Tun is “a changed man”, that he has ubah from bad to good (again), and hence it’s now time for the Nons to embrace Mahathir once more.


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4 thoughts on “DAP to convince the Nons that Mahathir will save M’sia again?

  1. All the time I thought that it was Tun Dr Mahathir who saved the DAP from destruction. And now the Demagogic Action Party is alleged to be tired of their very best friend who could not reach the winning post on 3 easy occasions eg. 1) 1997. If the DPM had taken a US holiday, he would have returned as the Honourable PM. 2) 2008. If the 32 Aduns had been sorted out before the 12th GE, the DAP’ would have been in Putrajaya since. 3) If the Duo had declared a 100 day fast to death like Gandhi, during the 13th GE, DAP would be in Putrajaya. The 2 best friends lost out on three occasions by missing out on the 3 easy steps. Is the Demagogic Action Party serious to help their friends or not ?

  2. pejuang and bersatu dont kacau chinese life, pas do, now under a umno/bn govt, pas kacau more. given choice, chinese shd support anyone but bn and pas, the 2 kacau chinese life parties

  3. The Demagogic Action Party Leaders should not expect TDM or any other Malay party to save them because they could not rise above their ossified mindsets. From 1966 to November 2021, they still could not see the bigger picture of Malaysia and her Constitution. Without an over view of the whole picture, these fellows still focus on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. They have been doing this ‘confrontation politics’ since 1966 or 55 years. Somehow, they missed out the broad strokes on the canvas and paid the price for their arrogance, exclusivity and insouciance. One could only surmise whether they have been thoroughly brainwashed by LKY or they are being pragmatic about the state of Malaysian Politics. Whatever it is, both modus operandi do not benefit the peace-loving, hard-working and loyal Chinese of this country as recent events have shown. Not only do the Chinese want status quo but also keep step in development, job opportunities and progress with all the other communities. But the Demagogic Action Party has shown it has done nothing worthwhile for the Malaysian Chinese. Not only that, some of their leaders are alleged to cherish Western beliefs and values inside and look Chinese outside. THE ONLY SUCH CHINESE IN THE WORLD after being driven from Singapore, a no nonsense-city-state. May be all TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED COMPANIES OF WORSHIP AFTER 1970 SHOULD BE TAXED LIKE A COMPANY. This will put the whole lot of politicised places of worship on AN EQUAL FOOTING WITH THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS. Why should a very small group of people, 500,000, be given TAX FREE STATUS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HUGE MAJORITY, the only such device in the World ? How could these Tax Free RM 2 incorporated types be more HOLY than us and enjoy TAX FREE STATUS ? Something is not right, somewhere !

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