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The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM

Why didn’t the non-Malay reporter simply rephrase her supposedly “tough question” in BM when asked to do so by the PAS minister?

How is a request by the minister for Minderjeet Kaur to frame her question in BM (instead of using English) to be regarded as hindering the journalist from doing her job? My response to the headlines below.

Clutching pearls, expecting to be treated with kid gloves

You’d have thought that reporters would be able to cope with tough or stressful assignments. It comes with the territory, no?

Can’t this FMT reporter handle even a little “badgering”? – see headline below.

As I recall, the Dapsters love to say ‘Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’. But of course, they practise double standards — one rule for themselves and their cohorts, another for the pro-establishment people.

It must be deja vu for the PAS leadership to find themselves the targets of such over-the-top accusations by the non Malays.

Now the PAS ministers are accused of making a “personal attack” on the reporter.

Previously another PAS deputy minister Zawawi Salleh had been accused of “hate speech” by the DAP – see below – and perpetrating “hostile attacks against Christianity”.

Looking at the reactions (below) to the incident, i.e. allegations that PAS bullied the reporter, the pearl clutchers appear to think that not speaking BM or refusal to speak BM is a non issue.


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4 thoughts on “The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM

  1. I truly believe that in the Public arena, BM should be used first followed by English. The 2 most commonly used languages in the country. If my children and grandchildren could get As for BM, why the others could not study BM to foster their livelihoods ? It seemed to me some one set a trap to embarrass the other side. There will be no end to these capers, from Timah to 4Ds etc. If everything is politicised including the ultra-microscopic Covid-19, soon our most private garments will be politicised too – like a clown suggested in the Dewan Rakyat to the Government to supply washable pads to 130,000 teenagers. It’s not done for hygiene’s sake, stupid !

  2. msian is bilingual, as long as it is not chinese language, malay-sian never complained, so pas and bm advocate dont be a hypocrite.

  3. This ban is to apply only in Kedah. Jadi soalan wartawan lebih bagus diajukan kepada Menteri Besar Kedah ataupun exco kerajaan Kedah. Reporter ni pergi soal federal minister nak buat apa ? Apa tujuan dia ? Dalam masyarakat Melayu, jawapan balas ustad-ustad kepada soalan-soalan berkenaan mana-mana larangan dalam ugama Islam biasa lah berbunyi macam tu – tegas dan keras sebab larangan memang jelas dan sebab larangan pun memang jelas. Ada dalam hukum pun. Ini pun macam dah tahu bertanya pula. Apa tujuan ? Ini bukan soal hak tapi perkara yang memudaratkan memang harus ada larangan. PAS ni rakyat Malaysia tahu bila ada peluang nak memperkasakan Islam, PAS memang nak kuatkuasa. Rakyat Kedah mahukan PAS. Apa boleh buat ? Next election cuba lah vote PAS out of Kedah. Semoga berjaya.

    Kedua-dua ustad ni patut jawab, “ini awak kena pergi tanya pada Sanusi”.

    Kalau DUN Kedah lulus usul larangan ini, maknanya itu kehendak majoriti ADUN yang mewakili rakyat Kedah. MB Kedah buat pengumuman sahaja dan kerajaan negeri Kedah akan memastikan peraturan dikuatkuasakan. Satu negeri yang buat peraturan macam ni bukan satu Malaysia.

    They just won’t speak in BM. Just plain refusal.

  4. hahahaha.. personal attack… suruh cakap bahasa Melayu pun personal attack… kalau pandai sangat bahasa Inggeris pergi la negara lain.. tengok bangsa putih dan bangsa hitam sana boleh layan u orang baik macam mana…. …. what a snowflakes… hahahhahaa

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