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Minister six times asked reporter to speak BM

A video clip uploaded on Nov 15 shows the contentious exchange between two PAS ministers and FMT reporter Minderjeet Kaur.

In it, Deputy Human Resources Minister Awang Hashim can be heard (view below) asking the reporter a total of six times to speak bahasa Melayu— five times directly requesting her to phrase her question in BM and another asking her to put forward her question “properly”, i.e. that it is respectful to pose it in our national language.

When the reporter at last made a feeble attempt, she still did not manage to string together a complete sentence in BM without resorting to some words in English.

minute 0:15

minute 0:21

minute 0:25

minute 0:35

minute 0:42

minute 0:46



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5 thoughts on “Minister six times asked reporter to speak BM

  1. Why the zealots in office do not, cannot and will not give a reason why encroaching the lifestyle of the non-Muslims is justified?

    Minister: You must ask the question properly. If you want me to respect you, you must respect us first…

    No, the reporter was not rude.

    Just so everyone understand the context, “Respect” the minister was talking about was actually the demand for the reporter to pose her question in BM. If not, then one is deemed “disrespectful”. The bar to offend is set awfully low. Almost as low as the justification set to deny nons their right to continue their lifestyle, one might add.

    The minister replied , in gist, if your husband is a gambler, wouldn’t you be glad.? (gambling outlets are banned)

    The 4d outlets are legal businesses that were licensed and taxed.

    Some people might question the caliber of reporters today and their grasp of oral BM. Perhaps the caliber of leaders shaping the future nation ought to be of greater concern.

    Talking about disrespectful, this is disrespectful when those making decisions with implication on future bans affecting non-Muslims don’t even take the trouble to come up with a good excuse.

  2. wow, komunis hijau ni berkembang dari pejuang agame ke bahasa dan bangsa, umno finally meet it matct, malay-sian now progressing into era of common properity, mercedes is no more the monopoly of umno.

  3. suruh cakap bahasa Melayu pun merengek mcm kena buli… tak dapat IC.. nak IC.. dah bagi IC.. semua benda dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan tak setuju…… mereka ni tak sedar ke kak Helen?? yang Inggeris pernah jajah tanah air mereka dahulu??? ~~~~~dont do this to me~~~~~~~~

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