Dapsters swallowing toilet paper — a pictorial

“Why are you doing this to Dad?” — Marina Mahathir, The Apple and the Tree (2021)

BELOW: Flashback of Bersih protestor doing his toilet on ‘Najib’ in 2015

“They [Sheraton Movers] too sat around our long dining table facing Dad at the head of it, his face possibly looking more disgusted than before. The presence of these people made the house feel unclean; if Najib Razak had walked in then, I think I would truly have lost it.“ — Marina Mahathir, The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

BELOW: Sheraton Movers @ Mahathir’s house; Najib is not in this picture

A “small crowd of people gathers in the mall to have their picture taken with [Mahathir]. Most appear to be ethnically Chinese”. — Jamil Anderlini, Financial Times (26 May 2017)

Dapsters line the streets on the night of 9 May 2018 near Istana Negara joyously blowing their vuvuzela after winning GE14. Drivers in Jalan Duta honk their cars to celebrate Mahathir becoming their Prime Minister of Hope.

ABOVE: Harapan manifesto not worth the toilet paper it is printed on

BELOW: Promise made in Harapan manifesto to ‘Stop Lynas’ was rubbished by Mahathir

BELOW: The Atuk crying GE14 advert which Dapsters swallowed hook, line and sinker


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3 thoughts on “Dapsters swallowing toilet paper — a pictorial

  1. paling lawak kak helen.. itu DAP lagi mau pro sama itu Tun M… melukakan hati DSAI… sbb itu DSAI berani sebut Melayu dan Islam masa press conference “we have the numbers” after the sheraton move government formed.. prior to darurat if not mistaken… eh ini DAP mmg tak dak setia kawan langsung la… too bad la kena main sama itu Tun M… very shame loooor… u recruit itu bdk2 Melayu masuk DAP pun lagi u harap sama Tun M.. betul2 jadi macai saja la itu Melayu2 DAP… hahahahhahahaha

    now we can see who is really good or can say the best in our local political game… nnti sudah kalah kena main mesti salah UMNO jugak lagi.. sendiri tongong tak mau mengaku jugak… like ur words.. mengkhianati kaum Cina.. misleading their own people as AK47 here commented…

  2. The Demagogic Action Party people are only good at dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s since 1966. Who is more naive, TDM or these folks ? By missing out the broad strokes in May 2018 with DAP metamorphosed into a pro-Constitution Party, they would have out-manoeuvred TDM and wiped out MCA for all time. And most importantly, they control their own destiny ! They did not but remained totally predictable as arrogant, exclusive and insouciant. This is as old as the hills since 1966. Hence, the Pater looks tired and Fil attempts to put on a smile these days of legal affidavits.. Only they know the future Destiny of this Party which 95% Chinese voted blindly on a knee jerk reaction in May 2018 ! Power was like quicksilver in the Demagogic Action Party hands. Or was it easy come, easy go, dear best friend ?

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