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DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)

Talk about black humour twist to a bizarre story.

DAP’s campaign poster had used a stock photo of the landmark Malacca church to be its backdrop. Strangely, the cross on this centuries old historical building is missing — see below. Continue reading “DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)”

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Missing church cross: How convenient for DAP

According to a Malaysiakini article today, “MCA secretary-general Chong Sin Woon has accused the DAP of removing the crucifix [sic] from a photograph of Malacca’s Christ Church to placate Malay Muslim voters”.

Chong is referring to DAP’s election poster in Chinese urging youths to return home to Malacca for a day to vote “a decision that lasts five years”. Continue reading “Missing church cross: How convenient for DAP”