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DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)

Talk about black humour twist to a bizarre story.

DAP’s campaign poster had used a stock photo of the landmark Malacca church to be its backdrop. Strangely, the cross on this centuries old historical building is missing — see below.

The absence of the cross from the DAP election poster was pointed out by the MCA sec-gen — see my previous blog post.

Quick on the uptake, the Red Bean Army came out in full force to deflect from the embarrassing issue of DAP’s missing cross and to ferociously attack MCA for highlighting the anomaly.

One thing never changes. Those cybertroopers on the ready to defend DAP are really a vicious pack of Rottweilers.

As damage control, DAP quickly edited their digital poster to reflect the reality of the cross actually being there on the old Malacca church.

See Malaysiakini and its report today (above) complete with screenshots of the DAP’s ‘Before’ poster where the cross is missing, and the ‘After’ poster where the DAP graphics artist seems to have digitally inserted the cross onto the church building.

What DAP has done – Now You See It, Now You Don’t (in reverse) – is just so surreal.

It mirrors the evangelical party’s political approach to navigating our fraught Malaysian religious landscape.


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2 thoughts on “DAP campaign poster: ’Before’ pix (no cross), ‘After’ pix (cross is added)

  1. Just got back from Mkini comment section. It seems DAP fans are still fervently defending the rocket.

    I agree with your consensus Islamist parties which do not share the same ideology as their coalition counterparts should go their own way. It won’t end well for religious parties if they are asked to compromise their principles in exchange for earthly gains.

    But then like DAP loyalists , neither are those Islamist voters calling out their party for joining hands with the progressives who do not share their ‘holy’ aspirations for mankind.

  2. i think dap is doing the right thing by taking extra care of islamist feeling who have difficulty to tell timah from fatimah, and demonstrate that their tongue licking skill is as good as mca if not better. good news to dap fanboy is there are still vast gap between one that have great potential to be dog a second time and one that is outrightly dog.

    however to helen and malay, is this not supposed to be a positive change?

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