Melaka Malay voters will teach DAP a lesson

Tomorrow in Malacca, DAP will be knocked off their high perch. Good.

Can’t wait to see such an edifying sight!

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Let me explain.

In GE14, the DAP enjoyed a 100% success rate in Malacca as it did in the rest of peninsular west coast states with the sole exception of Perlis.

One hundred percent success meant that DAP had contested eight Malacca state seats in 2018 and won each and every one of them.

DAP also contested two DUN seats in Kedah and won both.

In their home state of Penang, DAP made a clean sweep of the 19 DUN seats allocated to the party by Harapan.

DAP had similar perfect scores in Perak (18 for 18), Selangor (14 for 14), Negeri Sembilan (11 for 11) and Johor (14 for 14).

DAP’s impressive 100% success rate in the seven states listed above garnered the party a total of 86 seats out of all 86 where they’d stood.

Their winning streak will, however, be thwarted come tomorrow. Look forward to DAP’s unblemished eight-for-eight GE14 record in Malacca taking a beating, finally.

DAP defending its eight seats

My first prediction is that DAP will not be able to hold on to Pengkalan Batu.

The incumbent Adun there is superfrog YB Norhizam Hassan Baktee who hopped out of DAP last year.

The Pengkalan Batu electorate used to be quite evenly divided between Malay and Chinese voters the last few elections but in GE14 became Malay majority after a chunk of Chinese were shifted out during the redrawing of boundaries.

I forecast Pengkalan Batu this time (Nov 20) going to Umno.

My next prediction is that DAP will lose its current Gadek seat against the MIC challenger.

Indian voters ought to have kept in mind still the ‘Tamil Tiger’ arrests debacle as well as Seafield temple incident occurring under the watch of DAP’s beloved Atuk. And make Harapan pay a price.

Like Pengkalan Batu, Gadek is Malay majority with 16.3 percent Indians. Gadek’s 23.6 percent Chinese electorate will not be able to carry DAP across the finish line here.

Plus if BN wins, the Indians will likely get a state exco from their community.

Due to PAS splitting the Malay votes, DAP further won two other Malay-majority seats – Duyong and Bemban – beating MCA candidates.

While I don’t see Chinese votes bleaching to either MCA-BN or Gerakan-PN, I nonetheless foresee a lower Chinese turnout and depressed non-Malay support for DAP.

Malay votes will certainly swing back to Umno to some extent but by how much and will it be enough? I hope so.

One thing’s for sure though. DAP will certainly not be able to retain the transient Malay fence-sitters they got the last time.

If you’re a Malay, there’s really nothing that can be seen in the DAP to like.


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3 thoughts on “Melaka Malay voters will teach DAP a lesson

  1. Absolutely. Right up to the demise of their founding Father LKY, the Demagogic Action Party leaned on the charisma or BS of LKY. Was he a saint or a devil ? Neither, he was a normal human being who made as many as 47 Policy errors in his lifetime. These were 1) His Policy to undermine Malaysia. 2) His 2 Child Family Policy which China adopted with much regret. in 1982 and now discarded in 2021. 3) His failure to provide resourceless Singapore with a weapon to face the World. The weapon was GOLD. Instead, he put all into Wall Street in 2008 and lost BIG, US$ 108 Billion. If he had bought GOLD at US$320 per oz. since the 1970s up to 4,000 tons, Singapore would be King of the Hill rubbing shoulders with G7 and not a Knight in rusty armour hanging around the G20 ! Malaysia would be in his little pocket. 4) His Policy to buy out Thaksin to prevent him from building the Isthmus of Kra Canal cost Singaporeans dearly. The Canal would have provided Singaporeans with jobs and services for more than 10 years. Now they only live on hope without natural resources, not even water and electricity by 2050 ! Prosaically, the Demagogic Action Party lost the LKY mojo since 2015 and like Icarus, it is now exposed naked in the hot sun of Melaka, a State in Malaysia, hanging onto a bunch of fellows whose beliefs were not OLDER THAN 1970 ! OMG ! We Malaysians are not STUPID, we should send these orphan trouble-makers back to their homeland. Dear Friend, where are you ?

  2. Helen:
    gist for your column………….
    BN: They still smell right in the heads of the voters.( like a child’s bantal busuk? They can still sleep with it soundly. )
    PN: waving goodbye?
    PKR: bye, bye to Anwar’s shenanigans,, to Anwar’s politics, to Malay support.
    PAS: hanging on to BN or PH?,……. barely Wiped out TOTALLY
    DAP: Guilty by association with PH, no balls? Wiped out TOTALLY.
    Lain-lain….dan lain, lain to voter.

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