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    1. Looks that way, doesn’t it ? PH should care to admit it. Truth is many Melayu’s also don’t like the conman’s politics. But the conman was a fairly good administrator. That was how he won 6 GE’s.

      Since 2008 (that was 1st time BN was not led by conman) rakyat wanted whoever that made Opposition to have more voices in Parliament. But over ambitious PR and PH have something else in mind and hence indulge in combative politicking instead of governing to the people’s wishes in states it won. The people are not dumb and that they read this situation well. You can’t influence fence sitters with rethorics; they are way smarter than you think, PH. What is with all these “Langkahs” to put a man into position where he was already having his toes on it but has been deprived for his impatience ? Conventionally, he would still have to sit out till GE15.

      What we wish today is that for the conman to stay out from active politics. He has become very divisive

      1. i always said ph won bec of mahathir, whether we like it or not, mahathir never lose an election since he took charge, my personal view on his misstep wrt sheraton move was he underestimated the royalties, that both fear and detest him very much, and muhyiddin wild ambition. whether ph can perform as they often claim or boost i dont know, we should let them try it for the agree term and can boot them out later, thats democracy spirit that every msian shd cling to, but bersatu spoiled it, with help from umno as usual.

        i dont think malaysian is ready for multiracial, but we shouldn’t give it up just because someone else insist otherwise.

  1. Congratulations to UMNO and the BN ! This is the Way to go with the Malays flocking back to the paramount Malaysian Party UMNO and with them, the UNITY of the MALAYS as well without which UMNO is a cat that meows and not roars like a TIGER ! Without the UNITY of the Malays led by the best amongst them, we Malaysians get Snow White and the 8 dwarfs type of politics ! Without Malay UNITY, the Chinese could only sit on their backsides and just look on. AT LAST, WITH THE MALAYS FLOCKING NOT FROGGING BACK TO UMNO, it’s like a huge breathe of fresh air which will now waft our beloved Malaysia to be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. The Melaka State Elections is a pointer to the 15th GE to come. A huge support from the Malays for UMNO and the BN, a swing of Chinese votes for BN. In Melaka, UMNO swept all. DAP 8 candidates, only 4 won. Their best friend has lost glamour. Gerakan has become a non-entity. Melakans have never heard of PAS ! Only 4 hard core Chinese majority seats supported the DAP which has now run out of ammo for the first time since 1966 ! The Malays are right to support UMNO once again. For many years, I have been saying in the Spirit of 1945, all the Malays should unite for a better and a gracious Malaysia. Therefore, all Chinese should always support UMNO, the paramount Party of Malaysia for peace, harmony and prosperity. As for the Demagogic Action Party, the opportunity to be a Premier Party of Malaysia has gone for good since May 2018, having missed becoming the Constitution Party of Malaysia. There are no more options for the DAP once the UMNO Government appoints honest and talented Chinese from the 7 million Chinese as Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLC executives etc.after the next 15th GE. If the British could rule Hong Kong and Singapore better than the Chinese themselves, why not the MALAYS ? It is obvious to all, TDM was the winner in this game of thrones with the DAP which only delivered some rocks, CPTPP, etc to the homeland. They are now naked and missed the broad strokes as usual. An opportunity of a Life-time. Where are you, best friend ? UMNO is now the only leading light in Malaysian Politics. I suggest ALL MALAYS SHOULD RETURN TO THE FOLD IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. No more. No less.! A PM is born, not made !

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