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Melaka Malays reject DAP bigly

Malay voters are not giving DAP a second chance nor the time of day.

DAP only managed to retain its four Chinese-majority seats in yesterday’s Malacca election.

Whereas DAP’s Chinese candidates secured victory in the party traditional strongholds, they however lost in four mixed seats.

Its Malay and Indian candidates were defeated in two seats where DAP were the incumbents.

Kerusi Cina totok yang dimenangi DAP ialah:

  • Kota Laksamana (79% Chinese voters)
  • Bandar Hilir (77% Chinese voters)
  • Kesidang (57% Chinese voters)
  • Ayer Keroh (51% Chinese voters)

In the Kota Laksamana Cina-lawan-Cina fight, DAP’s Chinese candidate beat his fellow Chinese from MCA and Gerakan.

The DAP man additionally scored the biggest majority (11,494) in this state election. He achieved this feat in Kota Laksamana, a constituency with the highest percentage of Chinese voters. (Nothing surprising there, right?)

Incidentally, this almost 80 percent Cina-majority seat was held by Mrs Lim Guan Eng aka Betty Chew in 2008 and 2004.

Di Bandar Hilir, Cina DAP kalahkan Cina MCA, Cina Gerakan beserta seorang lagi Cina calon bebas.

Di Kesidang, Cina DAP tewaskan Cina MCA dan Cina Gerakan.

Di Ayer Keroh, Cina DAP juga berjaya mengatasi Cina MCA dan Cina Gerakan.

Hence DAP’s four winning seats featured all-Chinese brawls.

BELOW: Harapan won five urban seats — DAP (4), Amanah (1), see contiguous areas in red on the electoral map

DAP’s four losing seats

DAP was unable to win non-city seats that are less than 50 percent Chinese.

DAP losses were in:

  • Duyong (60% Malay voters)
  • Gadek (60% Malay voters)
  • Bemban (61% Malay voters)
  • Pengkalan Batu (66% Malay voters)

In Bemban, the DAP state chief’s 3,095 votes were not merely fewer than Bersatu’s (the winner @ 4,211 votes) but also fewer when compared to the 3,883 votes garnered by MCA.

Bemban is a good example of split votes where Melayu Bersatu ultimately finished at No.1, Cina MCA No.2 with Cina DAP ending up No.3. Two independents were in the 4th and 5th spots.

Duyong, the hot seat lost by DAP to Umno, saw a similar multi-cornered battle. Here Melayu Umno finished No.1, Cina DAP No.2, Melayu PAS No.3 and trailed by two independents and one fella from a mosquito party.

BELOW: My cat Simba

Predictions that I got right

I correctly anticipated a win for BN.

And not only did BN prevail but they won in style by obtaining a two-thirds majority — 21 Aduns in the 28-seat Malacca DUN.

My expectation that “DAP will be knocked off their high perch” was also on the ball.

DAP had been most formidable in GE14 with its 100 percent success rate in seven west coast states. But last night they were missing their aura of invincibility.

Winning four out of eight seats contested gave DAP a reduced success rate of 50 percent, hahaha.

I also correctly predicted that ‘Melaka Malay voters would teach DAP a lesson’. Indeed they did and handed DAP a spanking in the four Malay-majority seats named above.

Umno successfully wrested Pengkalan Batu from DAP as I expected. DAP’s Muhamad Danish Zainudin failed to defend this seat previously won by DAP’s Norhizam Hassan Baktee.

MIC too wrested Gadek from DAP as I’d also correctly predicted. DAP incumbent Saminathan this time failed to parry the challenge from MIC’s Shanmugam who proceeded to win with a landslide 3,000 majority.

DAP’s Malay and Indian candidates meanwhile could not get enough traction with Malacca voters.

The last item in my series of predictions wherein I was spot on (well partially) is that Gerakan candidates would lose their deposits.

Gerakan will not be collecting their deposit refunds from Kota Laksamana and Bandar Hilir … as I already guessed.

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Predictions I got wrong

My forecast said that ALL the Gerakan candidates would lose their deposits. I was incorrect with regard to the seats contested by the party in Ayer Keroh, Kesidang and Asahan.

There appears to be some kind of gender bias here. While the Gerakan ladies (Karen & Clarice) both faltered badly, the Gerakan gentlemen (Michael, Patrick & Dhanesh Basil) all fared better than their female counterparts.

Let’s look at Ayer Keroh where Gerakan succeeded in retaining its deposit. The electorate is 51% Chinese, 40% Malay and 8% Indian.

Assuming that the bulk of the Chinese vote went to DAP, Ayer Keroh’s Malay electorate were nonetheless only still presented a choice of three Chinese men to pick from.

Ayer Keroh vote count:

  • Kerk Chee Yee (DAP) — 9,459
  • Yong Fun Juan (MCA) — 3,835
  • Michael Gan (Gerakan) —2,479

Kesidang vote count:

  • Allex Seah Shoo Chin (DAP) — 14,769
  • Leong Hui Ying (MCA) — 4,532
  • Patrick Ng Chin Kae (Gerakan) — 3,124

Kesidang voters are 57% Chinese, 37% Malay and 5% Indian.

As in Ayer Keroh, Kesidang’s Malay voters were given a limited option of choosing between three Chinese candidates.

Asahan vote count:

  • Fairul Nizam (Umno) — 5,659
  • Idris Haron (PKR) — 2,666
  • Dhanesh Basil (Gerakan) — 1,364

Asahan has 15,745 voters comprising 64% Malay, 23% Chinese and 11% Indian. A total of 9,968 votes altogether were cast for six candidates (including three independents) with the number of spoilt votes unknown.

Curious: So who did the roughly 35 percent Nons in Asahan vote for? Clearly not the Umno man and not ex-Umno strongman Idris (frog) either.

Gerakan’s 30-year-old Dhanesh appears to have been a beneficiary of circumstances where his two Malay opponents were unpalatable to non-Malay voters.

The 1,364 votes polled by Dhanesh were roughly 13.7 percent of the total ballots. The minimum threshold to avoid forfeiting the deposit is 12.5 percent.

BELOW: Harapan’s haul dropped from 15 seats the last election to now five

Some takeaways

Najib thanked the PAS Malacca grassroots who he said provided Umno ground support in the spirit of Muafakat.

Rightly so.

In the closely fought seats where PAS did not field its own candidates, big winner Umno would have received an appreciated boost from the PAS people to help carry them across the finish line.

It is a positive development that Umno’s two satellite parties are inching back into relevance with MIC’s one seat and MCA’s two last night. BN’s multikulti is showing signs of a revival.

The seats gained by MCA – Machap Jaya and Kelebang – had been in PKR hands earlier.

Last night saw multiracial PKR completely bungkus (0-11). A takeaway from these flat-out losses suffered by PKR is that the party’s three Chinese and two Indian candidates lingkup juga.

Meanwhile, multiracial DAP won four out of the eight seats it contested. Its winners are all Chinese.

One conclusion we can make from the Malacca election is that BN’s multiracial representation has made a modest comeback.

On the other hand, although DAP and PKR are multiracial, the two parties no longer command Malay support.

To sum up, just why don’t Malays like DAP? Likely because they’ve experienced cat-hating Dapster neighbours from hell.

I’m only half joking.


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10 thoughts on “Melaka Malays reject DAP bigly

  1. MCA benefits only from malay electorates in malay majority constituencies but is still not applealing to chinese voters in general. Blue wave is coming, but chinese voters are still dreaming. MCA needs to work a lot harder to wake them up!

    1. Machap Baru and Klebang have been MCA traditional seats for many PRU’s. It should have won Bemban too. But that’s ok PN needs to win something and they won Sg.Udang too. We must know other than in Kota Melaka parliamentary constituent, DAP does not command that much support elsewhere in Melaka. MCA on the contrary has its grassroot intact in Melaka and they see to the people affairs. Malays are more likely to vote MCA than DAP. And WKS speaks flawless Bahasa Malaysia. Better than Pasir Salak yang suka menyalak tak pasal pasal macam ada beberapa parti tu. Haha…

      1. Nope. It does’nt bode well with some UMNO leaders in the area. Heard some members took down BN flags after they put them up, feeling frustrated knowing their leaders were not nominated? Their action is understandable.

  2. malay always reject dap, its not news worth telling, thats why dap want/need mahathir. my query is more on whether the 95% remain. it seem yes.

  3. Here is the latest BS from the failed Leader of the Demagogic Action Party. Quote FMT, ” Fatal if UMNO thinks it can win an early general election, says Kit Siang. ” UMNO IS NOT STUPID ! Indeed, UMNO and the BN will win a huge landslide GE if an early GE is held. No doubt about it ! The Melaka Momentum will wipe the DAP and its best friends from the face of the Earth and send them back to their homeland. THE FACT THAT LKS APPEARED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DAP’S MONUMENTAL LOSS N THEIR FORTRESS STATE OF MELAKA SPEAKS VOLUMES THAT DAP IS AT ITS MOST VULNERABLE MOMENT WHICH IS NO ONE IN MALAYSIA OR MELAKA SUPPORT OR BELIEVE IN DAP ANYMORE. By trying to deflect an early GE, Lim Kit Siang actually exposed the fact that the Demagogic Action Party is at its weakest since 1966. A hero to zero sort of situation which was created by themselves and their ossified mind-sets ! SERVE THE DAP LEADERS RIGHT FOR THEIR ARROGANCE, EXCLUSIVENESS AND INSOUCIANCE. After playing with CHAUVINISM FROM 1966 TO 2015, THEY SWITCHED TO THE SUPPORT OF THE INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP WHICH CAME AFTER 1970. OMG ! If the next Federal Government realises that these INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP ONLY BENEFIT a mere 300,000 Chinese out of 7 million Chinese OR 32 MILLIONS MALAYSIANS, and in the name of equality for all Malaysians especially the majority,, a retrospective income tax should be applied on these ANOMALIES. NO NATION IN THE WORLD PERMIT A KINGDOM TO EXIST WITHIN A KINGDOM. Our beloved Malaysia has only our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans ! A strong UMNO led BN must see Justice is not only seen to be done. IT MUST BE DONE IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST. AND MALAYSIAN UNITY. The earlier our beloved Malaysia holds the 15th GE the better. THE TIME IS NOW. All should not believe in the ‘altruistic’ advice from a failed Leader since 1966 as historically recorded. HIS PAST HAS CAUGHT UP WITH HIM.

  4. There is no doubt from today, all the Malays are returning to the paramount political party of Malaysia, UMNO. The year of the Spirit and Unity of the Malays, 2021 like in 1945 ! The years of experimentation with Political Party ownership has gone forever. One man President of a political party does not jive or convince anymore. The Rakyat demand the return of truism based on tradition, achievements, stability and progress. in pace with race and religion. In other words, the Rakyat expect the goodies will flow down the slippery slopes of the POWER PYRAMID once again to the outstretched hands of the proletariat, like pre-2004 days because thereafter, the goodies were seen to defy gravity by flowing towards the apex from 2004-2018. IT IS WITH MY RESPECT AND ADMIRATION THAT THE MALAY RAKYAT COULD EXPRESS THEMSELVES HONOURABLY AND HONESTLY BY WAY OF OUR MALAYSIAN DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM WHICH IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD. It is towards this end that we must focus and build our Nation’s foundations on. Our beloved Malaysia had her moment of weakness from 2004 to 2018. This nearly destroyed all of us. Which country in the World has’nt such a dangerous moment ? If huge amounts of money were lost, these could be recovered eventually according to the Law or re-created again. IT IS THE LOSS OF MORALITY, ETHICS, STANDARDS, PROPRIETY, FILIAL PIETY, COMPASSION, LOYALTY, ETC WHICH IS OF THE GREATEST CONCERN, NOT MONEY ! Hence, as I said before, the huge win by UMNO and BN with the support of the Malays and others showed that our Rakyat, especially the Malays, have not lost their moral compass and values. THIS PROVIDES THE HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS FOR ALL MALAYSIANS NOW AND THE FUTURE FOR PEACE, HARMONY AND PROSPERITY IN THIS LAND. Our beloved Malaysia IS ALIVE, NORMAL AND WELL. We now all look forward to the UMNO leadership to lead us forward AS ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING THE UK, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND AND MALAYSIA. Malaysia Boleh ! No problem.

  5. After all the years of hot air of righteousness, fancy dress and exotic foods, from its ascendancy in 2008, the total votes from the Chinese for the Demagogic Action Party in the Melaka State GE may be less than 100,000 !

  6. Switzerland with its four races, the Germans, the French, the Italians and the Romansch, is somewhat like our beloved Malaysia. The Romansch came from the Roman Legions who deserted and holed up in the high Alps when the Roman empire fell around 500 AD. It took the Swiss 800 years of Confederation to achieve what it is today. Her greatest crisis was during World War II when Hitler made used of her railroads to fight the Allies in the south, in Italy. But with ingenuity, hard work and understanding, the 4 tribes worked together to create what Switzerland is today in a land WITH NO NATURAL RESOURCES !. Despite the apparent peaceful facade, the Swiss still make snide remarks about each other when given the opportunity. Today, Switzerland is one of the richest country in the World ! Malaysia is 800 years in political development behind the Swiss. No problem. 1MDB ? No problem.

  7. Tiba2 teringat strategi Lim Guan Eng dan Mahathir bila mula2 dpt kuasa dulu. Depa hold bantuan utk rakyat, ekonomi etc. kononnya negara muflis sbb Najib. X sempat nk menipu rakyat, kena sepak! Hahaha.

    I bet both of them are regretting their poor strategy. Thats why I keep calling Lim Guan Eng as the most “bodoh, tolol, bongok, bebal” Minister of Finance in the history of Malaysia.

  8. As I was saying, with a tremendous 15th GE victory, UMNO and its Leadership should begin to shape the destiny of our beloved Malaysia. I reckon with some stumbles, Malaysia will be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Malaysia has the advantage of its abundant natural resources in a geographic locale somewhat like Switzerland in Central Europe. All things being equal, Malaysia should be an Asian Switzerland by the 22nd Century whilst China and India are superpowers the First and the Second. Further, the Swiss have a German majority which was seldom exercised overtly. BUT THE SWISS CLEVERLY USES THE NATIONAL REFERENDUM DEVICE TO PUSH THROUGH MAJORITY VIEWS ON ANY SUBJECT OF NATIONAL INTEREST. from voting rights for women to the highest citadel a mosque can build ! By then, the 22nd Century, SINGAPORE WILL BE LIKE ITALY full of 20th Century architectural monuments !

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