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Patrick and Michael must have got Malay votes

There are 28 state seats in Malacca. PAS contested only eight of them in the election two days ago (see table below).

In Merlimau, Kelebang, Kuala Linggi, Bukit Katil, Serkam, Durian Tunggal, Taboh Naning and Duyong, it was easy for a PAS member to make his choice. He would vote his party candidate.

In Saturday’s polls, there were 20 seats in which there was no PAS candidate. For comparison: In the 2018 general election, there were only four Malacca seats in which there was no PAS candidate (table below).

So last weekend, PAS supporters in eleven Malacca seats could pick between voting for either Bersatu or Umno in the absence of their own man on the ballot.

The party central leadership told them to vote Bersatu which is their PN coalition partner. PAS grassroots, however, leaned more to Umno in the spirit of Muafakat.

Some PAS loyalists voted Bersatu, others Umno.

Now let’s look at voting behaviour along coalition lines which at the same time cut across ethnic lines.

Traditionally Melayu Umno had voted MCA. More recently, Cina DAP have voted Amanah. Most recently, Melayu Bersatu voted Gerakan.

Gerakan stood four Chinese candidates in Malacca.

(1) Karen Fong lost her deposit in Kota Laksamana, a seat with 79% Chinese voters

(2) Clarice Chan also lost her deposit in Bandar Hilir (77% Chinese voters)

(3) Patrick Ng managed to retain his deposit in Kesidang (57% Chinese voters)

(4) Michael Gan also kept his deposit in Ayer Keroh (51% Chinese voters)

For details on Gerakan’s fifth candidate – a 30-year-old Indian – read my yesterday’s blog post ‘Melaka Malays reject DAP bigly’

The demolishment of Gerakan’s Karen and Clarice in the two Cina totok constituencies was a reflection of what happened everywhere to non-DAP Chinese politicians in GE14.

We remember Gerakan’s fate in GE14 when the party was shellacked. Zero MPs (12 losers at the polls), zero Aduns (33 losers).

Gerakan’s Patrick and Michael were saved from losing their deposits in Kesidang (37% Malay voters) and Ayer Keroh (40% Malay voters).

Patrick and Michael would have gotten their votes on Saturday from PN supporters — the Malays.

The votes for Patrick (3,124) and Michael (2,479) were beyond expectation when we consider that Gerakan only hooked up with Bersatu and PAS in February this year, i.e. some nine months ago.

Race politics is our realpolitik

I’d earlier remarked on the symmetry of the three coalitions, each with three parties.

  • BN: 3 racial
  • Harapan: 2 multiracial, 1 Islamist
  • PN: 1 racial, 1 multiracial, 1 Islamist,

I do not see how or why the Nons should ever regard Harapan’s combo as being morally superior to BN and PN.

Dapsters are pot calling the kettle black when they label Umno, MCA, MIC and Bersatu as “racist” and PAS as “Taliban”.

After all, in terms of pushing the Islamisation agenda, DAP’s partner Amanah dengan PAS dua kali lima.

Don’t forget that Amanah firestarted the Timah whisky controversy, and the stance of Amanah on drinking and gambling is no different from PAS.

The choc box above helps illustrate the 3 x 3 coalition gameplay.

How the various components would face off in elections

Among the permutations:

  • PAS vs Amanah
  • DAP vs MCA
  • Umno vs Bersatu vs PKR
  • MIC vs PKR vs Gerakan
  • etc, etc

DAP the most ruthless

Parties vying with each other for power is politics. Politics for DAP is a blood sport.

None of the parties are even close to DAP when it comes to the scorched earth strategy.

DAP are stone cold political killers.

MCA had a near death experience when they scraped the bottom of the barrel with one sole parliament seat in our 222-seat Dewan Rakyat.

Gerakan too was effectively killed off in the last general election when none of its 45 MP-and-Adun aspirants made the YB club.

Last Saturday in Kota Laksamana – the seat with the highest percentage of Chinese voters – both the Gerakan and MCA candidates lost their deposits.

In Bandar Hilir – the seat with the second highest percentage of Chinese voters – the Gerakan, MCA and independent candidate all three lost their deposits.

It was a wipeout there in the city by DAP.

However, Gerakan’s two Chinese guys did not lose their deposits in the mixed areas with 40 percent Malay voters.

These results are telling of the voting behaviour of the Chinese community.

Kota Laksamana moreover gave its DAP winner the biggest majority (close to 11,500) obtained in the Malacca election.

DAP winning all its four seats in all Chinese-majority areas contesting in an all-Chinese field shows how racial the party really is despite its veneer of multiracial membership.

DAP’s thorough brainwashing of the Chinese would have done Chairman Mao proud. None of the other parties can boast a similar stratospheric level of loyalty from any of the Malaysian ethnics.

This continued ‘95 percent’ Chinese support for DAP is a popularly quoted figure but it’s also indicative of how the community has congealed into a collective.

They’re a hive mind in their thought, and a Chinese herd stampede in their action.

BN is undeniably a race formula where it concerns the three Malay-Chinese-Indian parties. But how is the DAP any less racial?

MCA and MIC can win in Malay areas. Can Amanah win in a Chinese area?


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3 thoughts on “Patrick and Michael must have got Malay votes

  1. dont beg like a dog, the 95% must persist to the end, without destruction there can be no construction, no more two boats with one foot. forget mca and gerakan, the only problem is how to get rid of that emperor and his stupid son.

  2. The Demagogic Action Party has finally reached its 3rd Gen which all ancients have predicted will be the end of a Dynasty or Wealthy Family. Pater + Fil will be no exception. This event is also repeated in the homeland of these resourceful folks who did mental acrobatics with their best friend, friends and supporters. Because the Duo were so exclusive, the rest of their followers would be left high and dry after the made-in-singapore paper rocket misfires into the Sea of Singapore soon. By not re-inventing themselves after May 2018 which was their finest opportunity to catch all by surprise, the Demagogic Action Party has no exit for its loyal members WHO WILL SINK WITH THEM LOCK STOCK AND BARREL if the rocks of Pulau Batu Putih are not nearby. For these tramps, no passports are required to return to their homeland. Imagine ! Less than 100,000 Chinese voted them in their fortress which was was once the stomping ground of the FAMILY – Melaka ! Once the INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP AFTER 1970 ARE TAXED ( No other Kingdom must exist in a Kingdom ), all these new supplicants WILL HAVE TO WORK FROM 9 AM – 5 AM LIKE ALL THE OTHER RAKYAT. No more fooling around with the Rakyat’s hard-earned money. in fancy dresses and enjoying exotic foods. With all the cards on the table, why this LITTLE GROUP OF CHINESE LOOKING FELLOWS STEEPED IN WESTERN VALUES WHO ARE NOT MORE THAN 300,000 CHINESE OUT OF A POPULATION OF 32 MILLION BE PERMITTED TO HAVE INCOME TAX FREE PRIVILEGES IN THESE HARD AND TRYING TIMES ? A Kingdom within a Kingdom ? WHERE ELSE BUT MALAYSIA !

  3. Believe it or not ? All the pro-Demagogic Action Party supporters are now out in force to decry the glorious victory of UMNO and BN in the Melaka State Elections. One claimed UMNO actually lost the elections. The ageing Leader uttered that ‘UMNO should not decide on an early 15th GE.’ – UMNO is not stupid. All barbs were poisoned to misinform and disrupt UMNO’s Melaka Momentum. There are at least 4 good reasons why an early 15th GE will wipe all recalcitrants off the Parliamentary Map. First, it is the Melaka Momentum. Second, the money contributions to the Demagogic Action Party are DOWN because of the poor economy. Third, UMNO calls these egoistic and verbose fellas’ BLUFF by an early 15th GE ! Fourth, UMNO should not meow like a cat anymore BUT ROARS LIKE A TIGER – the Tiger of our beloved Malaysia – not to be bullied by midgets ! UMNO should strike while the iron is hot to bring the Malays back for MALAY UNITY AND MALAYSIAN UNITY IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST ! An ancient saying for UMNO, ” DO NOT MOURN ABOUT THE PAST. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE. FOCUS ON THE PRESENT WISELY AND EARNESTLY ! ” This is the FACT which no one can erase !

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