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How teenager became multi millionaire overnight

A Covington Catholic High School student sued CNN $275 million for defamation. In January 2020, CNN reached an out-of-court settlement with Nicholas Sandmann.

The amount ultimately paid by the cable news network to the 18 year old (pix below) remains confidential under the terms of their private settlement. More details @ Cincinnati Enquirer

Tormenters of the teen mainly hated on him for the ‘crime’ of wearing a red MAGA hat.

Sandman also sued The Washington Post for $250 million. In July 2020, WaPo similarly settled Sandmann’s libel lawsuit.

The teen is however not allowed to disclose the amount of the payout he received from the ‘Fake News’ Washington newspaper (see below).

Sandmann still has several other lawsuits pending against the dogpilers who had slandered him as “racist”, Kovington Kid Klansman (KKK) and other defamatory labels.

In the same vein, many have urged Kyle Rittenhouse to sue Joe Biden as well as the many Never Trumper public figures who had widely defamed the teenager.

BELOW: Liberal media “disgracefully biased and dishonest”

The president recently said he was “angry” over the verdict where a Wisconsin jury had cleared Rittenhouse of any wrongdoing.

Long before Rittenhouse had his day in court, Biden already badmouthed the 17 year old as a “white supremacist”.

Not only does the media tell endless lies about white youths like Sandmann, Rittenhouse and James Alex Fields Jr, this same mainstream press also lies about roving reporters who do not subscribe to their liberal groupthink.

Andy Ngo – an American gay journalist of Vietnamese descent – was yesterday targeted by the pro-Democrat social media mob (see below).

Ngo was dogpiled for reporting that the driver of the SUV that ploughed through a Wisconsin Christmas street parade, killing five and injuring 50, had BLM links.

In the first 24 hours following the attack in Waukesha, legacy media had deliberately withheld information that the car driver was black.


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