DAP appears to tacitly agree that Chinese schools be abolished

Amanat Tun Dr Mahathir aka Kongres Maruah Melayu passed a resolution to abolish our Chinese and Tamil schools.

The congress on 6 Oct 2019 was convened with the purpose of platforming Mahathir’s lifelong agenda.

Mahathir was the then Harapan PM and DAP’s most beloved Atuk.

In his keynote address to the above gathering, the Harapan chairman had repeatedly likened Malaysian Chinese to “orang asing”.

MCA pointed out – see video below – that DAP did not squeak a single objection to the resolution passed by Mahathir’s congres calling for an end to Chinese schools.

DAP’s silence means consent

We can take it that the Malaysian First party is not really against the closing of vernacular schools which use ‘bahasa asing’ as their medium of instruction.

So what will DAP do now that the Malay nationalist groups are seriously pursuing the congress agenda via the court?

Answer: Nothing.

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DAP will not do anything because the party mantra is always “Do not spook the Malays.”

Therefore the nationalist groups have picked a timely, tactical moment to launch Mahathir’s vision of Sekolah Perpaduan. They’re striking while the iron is hot to shut down the Chinese schools which they claim are causing disunity.


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2 thoughts on “DAP appears to tacitly agree that Chinese schools be abolished

  1. How many noticed that the Demagogic Action Party was like a pussy cat which meowed when patted by TDM ? The allegation that the DAP did not squeak when the vernacular schools were under attack spoke volumes about their alleged Trojan secret agenda of being the alleged homeland’s priorities came first. These were to secure the rocks of Pulau Batu Putih, the LKY inspired CPTPP which was the TPPA until torpedoed by President Trump in 2016 etc. The alleged Trojan Horse did complete its mission at great cost which spelt the death knell of the DAP as we now see it falling into separate parts. With their mission achieved, the DAP had nothing to offer to its dedicated and loyal followers despite its glowing promises since 1966. The Melaka Momentum will be subsumed by the Sarawak Momentum on 18 December 2021. Malaysia Boleh. No problem.

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