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Pro or anti Jawi? DAP’s religious schizophrenia

DAP suffers from ‘religious schizophrenia‘, something I’ve already mentioned before. And we’re now looking at the party’s bipolar problem acting up again.

Two of the party firebrands, the evangelical Christian Nga Kor Ming and Wong Kah Woh, raised a hue and cry recently about sekolah Cina signboards in Pahang that had Jawi writing but were missing Chinese script (see pix below).

Jawi’s relevance to Islam

According to Mahathir, Malay children learn Jawi so that they can read the Quran.

“Kita nak kena baca Quran, kena tahu Jawi,” Harapan’s Beloved Atuk was quoted as saying in his Sinar Harian interview on 12 March 2020 (news report via Malaysiakini).

When Mahathir was still the DAP’s prime minister 2.0, he greenlighted the teaching of Jawi in Chinese schools.

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The logo of Mahathir’s political party is a Jawi character.

The Pejuang party name is represented by ‘pa’ written in Jawi while its three dots have also got their own Islamic symbolism.

Explained Mukhriz, “tiga titik di atas, melambangkan tiga rukun – Rukun Islam, Rukun Iman dan Rukun Negara”.

Earlier this year, Jawi super fan Lim Kit Siang strenuously denied that he “had betrayed the rights, interests and future of the Chinese in Malaysia” — see his tweet below.

DAP’s schizophrenic behaviour is sad to behold.

For one thing, the party is truly unable to shake off its anti-Islam reputation.

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Yet at the same time, its prominent non-Muslim leaders have a veritable fetish for wearing tudung, occupying mosques, haunting pasar Ramadan, quoting Quran and Hadith as well as showboating Islamic poses such as their display of faux puasa during the fasting month.

And most importantly, demanding for Christians to use kalimah ‘Allah’.

Ordinary people who are non Malay and non Muslim find the bipolar behaviour of the DAP most bizarre, if not disturbing.

The average person does understand implicitly that politicians go around kissing babies and pressing flesh; they’re always glad handling anyone who can be their potential voter.

DAP however takes the art of appeasement to a bewildering level, leaving its loyal Chinese base who fear the Islamization process even more konpius than the proverbial Umno-PAS Malays.


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2 thoughts on “Pro or anti Jawi? DAP’s religious schizophrenia

  1. The Leaders of the Demagogic Action Party moved from ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ a mischievous and anti-Constitution slogan concocted by their founder Lee Kuan Yew in 1964 to the extremely political subject of religion, the Islam religion. Their lack of insights into the historical and cultural aspects of Islam in Malaysia made them appeared to be practising some alleged ulterior motives. Why the the sudden change of political tack beginning around 2008 and not before this date ? Why only the DAP chose this route for political advancement through the territory of the majority ? Why do they intrude into the territory of other communities when they are purportedly to be a socialist Party for all even though they only have Leaders who look Chinese but 100% Western internally ? The Leaders of the DAP have wittingly contributed to their own dubious image by having too many faces to the Chinese, a diverse lot in Malaysia but not to the non-Chinese because to the non-Chinese all chinamen look the same. Little are they aware that different Chinese clans are as different as chalk and cheese. I doubt if the 95% Chinese who voted for them feel comfortable with what they have seen the DAP did during the last 3 years especially those connected with the Chinese Vernacular Schools from where they sourced their original support ! There is an ancient saying for such acts,’ After crossing the bridge, remove the planks.’ Or ” Bye bye, Chinese Vernacular Schools, we have new friends now !” Or ” We do not know you !” This confirms the non-Chinese characteristics of these alleged fakes which goes against the saying ” The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. the Malaysians forgive and forget !”

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