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Bangla, Rohingya, Pakistani, Nepali, Yemeni, Burmese and everybody else speaks better BM than Cina DAP

Bersatu Youth triggered the Dapsters when their spokesman pointed out that foreigners speak better BM than a certain group of Malaysian citizens.

Good on them for finally addressing the elephant in the room. Even the elephants understand BM (and Tamil as well as Thai) better than Cina DAP.

An article in Dapster Sentral saying that the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepali are better in BM attracted 400 reader comments — see below.

Attitude problem born & bred of resentment

Local Chinese are contemptuous of our national language, and the Malays know this.

Malays have observed too that mainlander Chinese visiting here from the People’s Republic of China are able to speak better BM than the DAP Malaysian Firsters.

And these Cina DAP will never ever be persuaded to speak BM any better. They’re actually rather talented in languages as they themselves always love to boast. So it is really a matter of their being unwilling to speak BM.

In short, they do not speak BM because they will not. And they cannot because they will not bother to learn or to improve. All this refusal stems from RESENTMENT at Malay privilege.

In the past, MCA successfully jampi Umno to paper over these and other social cracks. Since the ascendency of DAP and decline of MCA, however, the crack has grown into a chasm.

Before the rise (2008) and rise (2013) and rise (2018) of Cina DAP, any idea of an almost all-Malay government (2020) would have been unthinkable.

However following the Sheraton Move, not only has this idea of an all-Malay government become imaginable, it is something quite doable.

The template for an almost all-Malay government in a racially mixed state was first created in Perak when Umno-BN’s Zambry ousted PAS-Pakatan menteri besar Nizar.

Monoracial Umno Aduns took over the Perak BN government on 9 Feb 2009, replacing multiracial Pakatan.

The new MB Zambry’s Perak 2009 administration had only one Chinese Adun from MCA and no Indian due to MIC’s wipeout by Pakatan in the state.

A decade ago, this almost monoracial Perak government was a fringe occurrence.

Today, near monoracial governments in racially mixed states have become more commonplace.

As a result of the domino effect post Sheraton, state governments changed hands in Kedah, Perak, Malacca and Johor. These west coast peninsular states, with the exception of Kedah, then ubah from multiracial Harapan to monoracial BN-PN.

Thus the monoracial Perak government model framework that was a fringe phenomenon in 2009 had become acceptably mainstream by 2020. Note that this change happened in the short span of a dozen years.

DAP moved the sekolah Cina ‘Overton Window’

As detailed, the Overton Window which framed the idea of monoracial state and federal governments has shifted.

For an explanation on the concept of Overton Window, view the short video above. It explains how groundbreaking political ideas that change a country are seeded, spread and eventually adopted by the majority.

The Sheraton Move was an equal and opposite reaction – cue ‘Newton’s Third Law of Motion’ – to DAP coming to power in Putrajaya.

More recently, Kedah MB Sanusi decided to ban gaming outlets. It will come as no surprise if PAS is merely ‘reacting’ to DAP given the numerous spats between Kedah and Penang.

Kedah’s ban on gambling is shifting the Overton Window with regard to the accommodation of haram activities in our public spaces.

Syariah-compliant restrictions were first introduced in the Malay heartland states of Kelantan and Terengganu. Both have a smaller Chinese population compared to Kedah. Curbs on gambling and drinking in the latter state is therefore now being felt more acutely by Chinese compared to the earlier strictures in PAS-ruled east coast.

Just like how the monoracial state governments have become an imaginable reality, expanded bans on activities like drinking and gambling are increasingly imaginable in tandem with the Overton Window shifts.

If monoracial governments are possible, if drinking-and-gambling bans are possible, then a ban on vernacular schools is also within the realm of possibility.

Chinese schools had been protected for decades because MCA possessed enough political clout. Today the MCA no longer has much clout.

But MCA – as the Malaysian Chinese Association – can at least present its rationale that Chinese schools are needed to cater to the Chinese minority ethnic.

DAP, on the other hand, proclaim mereka “bukan Cina”. Instead DAP proudly declare themselves bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’.

If they’re not Chinese, why the need for sekolah Cina?

Bersatu has called bullshit on the DAP Bangsa Malaysia rhetoric of Malaysian Firstness which nonetheless places support for Chinese schools above national schools.

For Bersatu, attaining Bangsa Malaysia is more feasible through the ‘Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua’ route with BM as bahasa pengantar.

Describing the non-BM speakers, Bersatu Youth spokesman Mohd Ashraf Mustaqim said yesterday: “Ini merupakan suatu realiti, mereka lahir di Malaysia, mereka mendiami negara ini dan negara ini telah menjadi kampung halaman mereka, tetapi tetap gagal bertutur bahasa kebangsaan”.

The Bersatu Youth statement further read: “Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal yang duduk baru beberapa bulan, ramainya lebih fasih malah masuk setahun dua tatabahasa yang bukan warga ini lebih baik tambah tanpa pelat mengalahkan mereka yang punyai kad pengenalan biru, warganegara Malaysia – sedarlah!”

“Sedarlah dan usahlah berdalih konon nak merubah sikap dan pemikiran kaum Melayu atas nama kesedaran ‘Bangsa Malaysia‘ dengan segenap madah kamu semata walhal tersimpan segenap muslihat penipuan dan tidak berlaku adil dengan matlamat sebenar, dalam pada hipokrasi saat tetap membela segenap yang memecah-belahkan agenda integrasi dan penyatuan segenap kaum.”

It added: “Sampai bila nak tegur mereka yang pelat gagal fasih berbahasa? Selain dari membuai khayal Melayu yang lunak dengan propaganda Hang Tuah boleh bicara 12 bahasa!

Sakit telinga dengar Cina DAP cakap Melayu

If the Islamists, once having power, can ban drinking and gambling, so too can the Malay nationalists one day ban Chinese schools when they have the power.

MCA has been doing the firefighting here and there. MCA’s Wee Ka Siong waded into the Timah whisky controversy while MCA’s Mah Hang Soon intervened in the Chinese school Jawi signboard issue.

MCA leaders are the Chinese community’s problem solvers. DAP leaders, on the other hand, are confrontational and invariably worsen any conflict situation.

DAP moreover brings its unique schizophrenia into the problem — for example are they supporting or opposing the inclusion of khat in the Chinese school syllabus?

Are they pro or anti Jawi?

Are they still secular?


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  1. All Chinese who were born after 31 August 1957 should be able to speak and write BM fluently. There is no excuse for not doing so. If my children and grand-children could get As for BM, all Malaysians could do so. It is well-known the Malaysian Chinese speak a different kind of Mandarin from the mainlanders. Not only that, the curriculum in the Chinese Vernacular Schools is limited to study Malaysian subjects in Mandarin. The students graduate with only a command of 1,200 Chinese characters out of 10,000, just enough to read the comics in the Sin Chew Jit Poh ! A graduate from a university in Beijing or Taipei commands 3,000-4,000 characters. This is the Chinese Dilemma. But some Chinese parents put their children in SMK schools after doing the Primary in the Vernacular schools.this is the right way to go. Why the MCA or the DAP did not resolve this simple problem since 1957 ?

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