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DAP schizophrenia on the oppressed Muslims

Not only is ‘secular’ DAP trying to out-tudung Wanita Umno but in recent days, the evangelical party has also muscled in on Muslim cause celebre like championing the Palestinians and Rohingya.

To virtue signal its newfound Muslim solidarity, DAP eagerly condemns Jews and Burmese who are oppressors of the two dispossessed Muslim groups mentioned above.

Nonetheless, will DAP ever condemn the Chinese who are oppressing the Uighurs in Xinjiang? So far, crickets.

Additionally, does the DAP have anything to say about Beijing removing the Uighur language as medium of instruction in Xinjiang schools and replaced with Mandarin?

BELOW: Leaked revelations on China’s pogroms on the Uighurs most recently reported by Indian cable news channel WION in its special features programme ‘Gravitas’


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3 thoughts on “DAP schizophrenia on the oppressed Muslims

  1. Since the DAP leaders are so fond of wearing Muslim fashion, it is time for them to be Muslims to underline their enthusiasm for Islam which is Clean, Strong and Compassionate.

  2. Are these Demagogic Action Party leaders trying to turn back over 1,000 years of Malaysian history ? If so, they are up against a solid wall after all the religion of these DAP leaders was only founded after 1970, 50 years ago, which was created by themselves ! The Income Tax Free status of these RM 2 incorporated places of worship is yet to be determined ! This is the wild west of Malaysia. My ex-hair rinser sister-in-law who was illiterate could form her own CHURCH and made millions and millions of TAX FREE ringgits. She invested in London and made more. My cousin Chief Abbess of a temple rides around in a golden Mercedes S driven by a chauffeur. Why should a very tiny group, less than 100, enjoy TAX FREE MILLIONS OF RINGGITS whilst the 32 millions eke out a living for them ? Their Income Tax should be RETROSPECTIVE to put them EQUAL with the 32 millions ! See the huge palaces they live in, the gigantic buildings they operate in and the POLITICS they preach ! All Income Tax Free at the expense of the 32 million, OUR EXPENSE ! Wake up all, 32 millions and see for yourselves who is conning who ! You may con some people some of the time. But you cannot con all the people all the time !

  3. I really do not understand and beyond any logic that of all topics the leaders of the Demagogic Action Party picked on a religion whichever to act as a platform for their purported advancement in Malaysian Politics. I do hope that 99.9% Chinese realise this and oust them from representing the Chinese who have nothing to do with any interference in the religions of others but only to work hard, productively and loyally for the good of all like all other Chinese in this World. This is a fact. Political Power is sensitive and fragile in our beloved Malaysia. We must get rid of those who hide their Western or foreign values inside but show a Chinese face outside. This group is the only one in the World because such people cannot thrive in another country. Not only that, their Leader have been talking and talking since 1966 with no tangible results especially their mischievous and anti-Constitution slogan “Malaysia for Malaysians.”. His constant refrain of reforms is impossible because being a lawyer, he must have known at the outset, THAT THE MAJORITY RULES THE CONSTITUTION. ! Also, it may be alleged to be mischief making by trumpeting this slogan since 1966 – a slogan alleged to be concocted in 1964 by the brilliant lawyer Lee Kuan Yew. A game of smoke and mirrors since 1966 – sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t ! At the end, the Chinese found they have lost what they had bargain for by voting the DAP 95% ! Instead of harmony and friendship with all, the 95% Chinese found they have been dragged into confrontational Malaysian Politics WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION ! It must be remembered by all 100% Malaysian Chinese unlike some that we have no other HOMELAND but our beloved Malaysia ! Malaysia our homeland, right or wrong !

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