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Cina DAP not Confucius but only vely Confused

Hannah Yeoh claimed today that wearing tudung does not change her race or faith.

What a confusing statement emanating from a confused mind — see Malaysiakini top story headline below.

But to begin with, what is her race actually?

We remember that she had wanted to register her newborn child as bangsa “Anak Malaysia”.

Nonetheless, when the National Registration Department did not allow her to do that, Hannah reluctantly agreed that her (elder) daughter is “Cina” — see below photo of Hannah’s birth cert application for her child.

The race of Hannah’s younger daughter is Indian.

Imagine, two siblings in the Yeoh family – both having the same parents – yet they’re registered with the NRD one as Chinese, the other as Indian.

This kind of diversity confusion can only come from DAP leaders.

Confusing much?

Hannah’s claim that wearing hijab “doesn’t change my race or my faith” is hardly original. It mirrors something Lim Kit Siang said not too long ago.

The elder Lim had declared learning Jawi “doesn’t make me any less of a Chinese” — see FMT report above.

Another a confusing statement emanating from another confused mind. It’s easy to see how Kit Siang is Hannah’s mentor.

Their fellow DAP Yang Berhormat Zairil Khir Johari is in turn a protege of Lim Guan Eng.

While Guan Eng had famously proclaimed himself as “not a Chinese”, DAP had been equally insistent to proclaim that Zairil is a Melayu.

And just as Hijabi Hannah is the female face of religious secular DAP, Zairil is the party’s go-to muka Melayu (below).

Well, it has been said that Zairil was born to Chinese parents and later adopted by a prominent Malay figure Tan Sri Khir Johari.

So it’s like this.

Hannah: Wearing hijab “doesn’t change my race or my faith”

Kit Siang: Learning Jawi “doesn’t make me any less of a Chinese”

DAP: Getting adopted changed Zairil’s race from Chinese to Malay!

And Zairil is reported to have telegraphed the most ‘confusing’ (being polite here) message to Najib on the topic of race — see Malaysian Insider BM’s tweet back in 2015, below.

Hannah can out-tudung Wanita Umno and Zairil is capable of out-Melayuing the Umno scions.


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11 thoughts on “Cina DAP not Confucius but only vely Confused

  1. It was reported in the media that there was an uproar between the Deceitful Action Leaders on the absurd dress attire of a born again christian whenever she met groups of Malay ladies. Let us not forget that DAP was alleged to be a Trojan Horse for Singapore. It is now alleged that this person is a TWO-LEGGED TROJAN HORSE FOR THE FOUR_LEGGED TROJAN HORSE. by allegedly putting on a Malay garb to deceive the a purported born again christian whose alleged TAX FREE religion was alleged to be founded after 1970. This is what I call arrogant, insensitive and insouciant . The Malays are intelligent, courteous and hospitable. Do not take these good virtues as soft or weak. THS IS WHERE THE LEADERS OF THE DAP ARE WRONG IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF THE MALAYS WHOM THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND AT ALL ! In this living example of sheer absurdity, we see a person who claimed to be a born again christian putting on a traditional garb of a Muslim community for not more than a few hours or whatever for the sake of a pix to show the World of her purported good intentions.This is exactly like putting on a Dutch costume by the Zuider Zee to tell the World that one is a Dutchman. You may con some people some of the time. But you may not con all the people all the time ! THE ABSURDITY IS FOR ANY DAP BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN TO PUT ON THE TRADITIONAL DRESS OF ANOTHER COMMUNITY WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF MALAYSIAN POLITICS ! If the intention is not to deceive, then wear the normal apparel of one’s own community especially for a declared politician in a country where accommodative policies are always at play. If this fellow is NOT a politician, I have no complaint. But 95% Chinese voted for the DAP. This is how the DAP returns their TRUST ! Tickling the sensitivities of other communities without due consideration for the feelings of others.

  2. Dr Boo is correct in his view of a TWO-LEGGED TROJAN HORSE in traditional Malay dress prancing around the Kingdom, pretending to be a Malay to some of the Malays ! It is alleged that FIL is a TDM YES-MAN. I have never heard of this one before. But he has been called a TDM BOOT-LICKER CRAWLING ON THE GROUND in the media many times. Thus, I believe to be called a TDM YES-MAN in DAP political terms is the KISS OF POLITICAL DEATH ! Once the DAP Leaders were squeaky clean like the Singapore Government Cabinet before a Malaysianised Singaporean was parachuted into the once squeaky clean Singapore Cabinet. Now both stink high heavens !

  3. Indeed the 95% Chinese who voted DAP must be confused. So was the Johor DAP Leader Dr Boo. I have commented on the alleged antics of YH only from one side of the coin in support of the sensible and logical facts as presented by Dr Boo to rebut the emotional outburst by FIL + PATER.. However, I now present facts on the other side of the coin which are for all intents and purposes, the alleged antics of YH seemed. to be ENCOURAGING THE 95% CHINESE WHO VOTED FOR DAP TO BE MUSLIMS. This is a good thing as promoted by YH who seemed to be so inclined also. After all, ISLAM IS PURE, STRONG AND COMPASSIONATE. This is how I see it from the other side of the proverbial coin ! No more quibble on minor issues like a child’s progeny in the alleged birth certificate. In Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected ! Acheh !

  4. I am delighted that the Leaders of the DAP are in full support of the front-liner antics of their troops.. So be it. As an independent observer of the proceedings, I suggest that these front-liners BECOME THE GOOD MUSLIMS TO SHOW THE 95% CHINESE THAT A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. Or else, after all their antics may be misinterpreted as deceptions by the alleged DAP politicians hungry and desperate for the Malay voted !

  5. How many Malaysians these days noticed the many fakes of all kinds in the country ? The political and the non-political. A paediatrician even claimed to be an expert epidemiologist or a person with a general science degree from tiny New Zealand could convince a PM to buy her a RM 23 Million telescope to look at the stars through the ever cloudy skies of Malaysia ! etc.etc. HY is no fake but only burnishing one side of her proverbial coin. Only she knows which side she burnishes. May be both sides for safety sake’s.

  6. Do not get me wrong. I may be the only person in this country who wants all to be rich. It is no use to be like President Bongo of the Congo with all the diamonds and the population dirt poor. All must be rich to make a rich Nation. Money must circulate amongst the population with ever increasing velocity. Do not hide money under your mattress or in a Swiss bank account. Like this, it has no value ! THINK !

  7. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. How many remember the first proposal in the Dewan Rakyat by the aforesaid person was that a nursery for babies should be established in the Dewan Rakyat ? Obviously, babes and sex were always on her mind. Then, there was her proposal for an anti-bottom pinching Bill.’ Bottom pinching has been going on since Adam and Eve. Without this ritual, human beings would have ended with Adam and Eve. Another proposal by the same was that to stop traffic jams, developers should not build condos. My retort was that developers do not build cemeteries where deathly silence was assured. with no traffic jams. I believe she calls TDM ‘UNCLE’.

  8. I have always asked my friends this. ” Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ? To a man or woman, they always roared in unison with a resounding “NO”! Then, I would continue and said,
    ” But there are some who are so very clever to be stupid !”. They would all scratched their heads and looked puzzled. With this, I mentioned Lee Kuan Yew and one Malaysian Chinese with the facts. Silence. Suddenly, my friends would burst out with a resounding, “YES!” Lee Kuan Yew brought down Singapore with 3 Policies out of 47 failed Policies. First, his determination to undermine Malaysia. Second, his disastrous 2 Child Family Policy of 1972 brought the death knell of the Chinese. Today, male Chinese in Singapore are only 700,000 aged 21-50. Soon, India rules. Vide Singapore Census 2010. Third, he thought he could stop the building of the Isthmus of Kra Canal by buying out Thaksin in 2006. This divided the Thais into two and brought on two coups, deaths and suffering to the Thais to this very day ! Not only that, without the Canal, Singaporeans have no new jobs or provide services for over 10 years of its construction. Just these 3 facts proved it does not pay to be smart and NARCISSISTIC ! If Lee Kuan Yew was so smart, why he and Singapore NOT AWARDED THE NOBEL PRIZE or set up as the ultimate Model for all Third World countries by the United Nations ? Think ! Because of him and his decades of brain washing the naive and nubile minds of Malaysians especially the Chinese since 1966, some fellows in Malaysia believed themselves to be as smart as Lee Kuan Yew, and acted brashly and arrogantly with a narcissistic bent like their virtual god Lee Kuan Yew. THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOUR IS ABSOLUTELY UN-CHINESE LIKE BECAUSE THE CHINESE ARE ALWAYS HUMBLE, HARDWORKING AND COURTEOUS ! The Chinese are always aware of an ancient saying,
    ” THERE IS ALWAYS A HIGHER MOUNTAIN ! ” This is the reason why the Chinese do not boast or behave arrogantly !

  9. actually i am impress with hannah decision to register her kids as chinese and indian, its a deed of feminist and unprejudiced, at the same time make me look like a male and race chauvinist.

    1. I am of the view that the Government should revert back in the official declaration forms like Pre-Merdeka days the term “Dialect” because it it not fair for a small majority of Lao Chinese to do zany things at the expense of the vast majority of the Han Chinese. For those who are puzzled by my comments, I suggest you find out why the British sent their police cadres to Swatow, Canton and Xiamen for 6 months before being posted in the Straits Settlements and the Malay states !

  10. I learnt English, BM, Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi, Latin, Anglo Indian English, Classical Cantonese but I am still a Chinaman. This was what I have been saying in the media for over 10 years. Malaysia these days are full of copy cats !

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