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Haram al-Sharif is the Muslim’s, says M’sia — Apa kata evangelis Hannah ’tudung’ Yeoh

Will Face-of-DAP Hijabi Hannah (News Item #1 , pictorial below) side with the Muslims or with the Christians-Old Testament (News Item #2, tweet below) in the latest Temple Mount dispute?

Hannah’s excuse: Bertudung b’cos respecting mosque

Hannah Yeoh‘s avid supporters are deflecting criticisms of her cosplay by saying that it is right for the Segambut MP to bertudung when visiting masjid or surau.

Correct. Female non Muslims should indeed cover our hair if we were to visit Islam’s houses of worship. However …

Critics of Hannah are nonetheless left wondering about the many separate occasions when she was not actually inside any Muslim prayer hall.

Hence her insistent excuse on wearing tudung draws a question mark. See photos below.

Hannah is wearing tudung in somebody’s house, it seems, and not within masjid walls

Hannah is wearing tudung in a garden and not inside the masjid or surau

Here Hijabi Hannah is similarly outdoors and not indoors

Hannah Yeoh in black tudung litup seated at the head of the table during daytime meals, and not in any Muslim prayer worship setting

Again Hannah seen bertudung at a lunch or dinner table (not inside mosque)

Hannnah showing her DAP Subang Jaya Adun successor how to do the right stuff to fish Malay votes?

DAP Aduns wearing tudung at the Selangor state assembly dewan. They’re clearly in a “secular” building and not inside any mosque!

Wanita DAP pakai tudung sambil berkursus?

Jerusalem holy site not co-named as Temple Mount 

Malaysia agrees that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem should be referred to by its Arabic name of ‘al-Haram al-Sharif’.

Malaysia joined the ‘Yes’ camp when the UN voted on Wednesday (Dec 1).

Some evangelical Christians like Nikki Haley (below) – the former American ambassador to the UN – take issue with the framing of the pro-Palestine resolution that omitted mentioning the holy site’s name in Hebrew.

Although the DAP leadership is dominated by Christians, don’t perhaps expect them to publicly side with Christianity and Judaism over this issue pushed by the Palestinians to stake Islam’s claim as the stronger.

The Jews’ Wailing Wall is here as well as the remains of Solomon’s demolished temple. Here was also another great Jewish temple – rebuilt and destroyed once again after Jesus’s time — where Christ the Lord had famously overturned the Jewish moneychangers’ tables, according to the Bible.

All three Abrahamic faiths lay claim to the sacred ground.

The relevant text naming the ‘Haram al-Sharif’ is contained within a parcel of resolutions on Jerusalem, including one that rejected earlier recognition by the Trump presidency of this ancient Jewish-Arab city as the undivided capital of Israel.

The Haram al-Sharif historical religious landmark is home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock.

Malay Muslims know the Jerusalem location too for peristiwa Israk dan Mikraj.

Malaysia voted this week to support a UN resolution that refers to the site – which is also holy to Christianity and Judaism – solely by its Muslim name.

BELOW: UN voting record on the resolution

DAP’s schizophrenia over Israel Palestine

Malaysia is one of a total of 129 countries to vote ‘Yes’ to the said resolution at the UN general assembly.

Of the world body’s 193 members, only 11 countries voted ‘No’ — among them Israel, the USA, Canada, Australia and Hungary.

The UK and 30 other countries abstained.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the DAP is schizophrenic.

Of late, the DAP – so eagerly fishing Malay votes – has been vocal in championing the Palestinian cause.

In the case of this week’s Temple Mount dispute at the UN, the evangelicals will have to reconcile their party’s ostensible pro-Palestine stance with a corresponding setback for Christendom.

Christians cannot in principle agree to call the holy site solely by its Arabic name because doing so would be to concede to Islam’s preeminent claim on this most contested piece of religious real estate.

DAP is trapped in its self-made ‘bird in hand’ conundrum. The party has secured the Christian vote (one bird in hand) but it still desires to chase after the ‘two birds’, i.e. Malay Muslim voters, chirping in the bushes.

Such a cognitive dissonance makes the DAP behaviour appear erratic to its Chinese Christian base.



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