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All women visiting govt buildings should tutup aurat

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

‘Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak’.

Hordes of Malaysian Firsters lauded Hannah Yeoh for donning hijab when she visited a mosque recently.

They said the DAP Segambut MP was rightly “respecting” the custom of the place. And YB Hannah showing her “respect” was the talking point that these Harapan supporters repeated again and again and again.

They also quoted the ‘When in Rome’ and ‘Masuk kandang kambing’ proverbs most copiously when praising Hijabi Hannah (pix below) as a role model.

Do as the Romans do

Hannah was showered with plaudits for being “respectful” in covering her hair when inside the mosque because it is customary there (When in Rome …) for Muslim women to keep their head covered.

Likewise, the same rationale applies to government buildings. All the women working in them don’t show any leg nor their bare arms.

It is customary for female staff in the civil service to tutup aurat.

As one of Hannah’s fanboys pointed out, surely Dr Boo Cheng Hau did not expect her to turn up in a mini skirt because it’s just not done.

Hence paralleling, in any visit to a public building for the purpose of transacting government business, the familiar ‘When in Rome’ adage must apply.

Nobody in the government buildings goes to work wearing a short skirt. All their women workers are dressed in accordance with tutup aurat.

DAP and its 95 percent Chinese polity are absolutely enthusiastic for Hannah to show “respect” for the place she visits by following its custom.

Thus it is perfectly reasonable for our Malaysian bureaucracy to expect this same “respect” (which Dapsters are so eager to give) in the matter of dress code when one has any occasion to be inside a government department.

Do as the Romans do.

Such is only being respectful and DAP people are really very keen on this giving “respect” thing.

Below is a Malaysian Firster visual aid to help non-Malay women observe a respectful dress code should they have need to visit government buildings.


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  1. i understand why one go to rome and govt office or building, i dont quite know why one go to mosque, maybe the malay like us to visit their mosque from time to time? only malay can tell.

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