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Hannah’s tudung a prop like LKY’s songkok

DAP is truly konpius …

At the same time that Hannah Yeoh is displaying her Islamophilia (love of Islam), Guan Eng is being accused of Islamophobia.

Ustaz Zamani Ibrahim, the Barisan Jemaah Islamiah Se-Malaysia president, today said the DAP sec-gen “menghina Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan”.

Zamani asked if DAP was a party that regarded religion as an opiate ala the communists? He raised this question in the context of DAP’s objection to the ever tightening regulations on drinking.

See ‘Kritik sekatan jual arak, Guan Eng buktikan DAP parti politik songsang’ in Ismaweb.

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Jangan lagi mudah terpedaya

In the same Ismaweb news report, Zamani was quoted as saying: “Orang Melayu terutamanya jangan mudah tertipu dengan lakonan DAP, ingatlah peristiwa orang Melayu ditipu dengan songkok akhirnya Singapura keluar dari Tanah Melayu”.

He is alluding to the famous episode where a young Lee Kuan Yew donned the songkok to woo Singapore Malays.

The Berjasa ustaz also commented on the Wanita DAP fetish spearheaded by Hijabi Hannah & Friends.

“Sudah sampai masanya semua rakyat tidak perlu lagi memandang positif kepada DAP walaupun pemimpin wanitanya memakai berbaju kurung dan berselendang”, said the ustaz.

On the same topic, Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan remarked: “Every time Hannah Yeoh decides to wear a tudung, the DAP’s hypocrisy is on full display”.

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Wanita DAP’s free will in what they wear

Meanwhile writing in Harakah today, Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir asked if Guan Eng was insinuating that Islam is “extremist and primitive”.

The DAP sec-gen yesterday accused PAS leaders of extremism and primitive thinking because of their stress on modest female attire. Guan Eng had alleged that they “want to control what women can or cannot wear”.

Roslan counters that Muslim-style dressing is a matter of religious guidance and not necessarily a PAS diktat.

He added Guan Eng “mahu campuri malah mempertikaikan hak umat Islam mengendali dan menguruskan agamanya”.

See Harakah article ‘Mengawal pakaian kaum wanita Islam itu ekstrem dan primitif?’

Evangelist DAP on warpath against Islamist PAS

Only just yesterday, DAP sec-gen Guan Eng complained that new “extreme” regulations are further limiting the public availability of liquor — see NST report above.

Alongside these increased restrictions on the sale of alcohol is also the stricter control on legal gambling.

The government has the power to limit or to outright ban drinking and gambling if it sees fit. And the current government has in it 18 PAS ulamas cum MPs.

The Chinese community – whose 42 favourite MPs are no longer in Putrajaya – is now upset that they’re being deprived of their “human right” (konon) to enjoy a drinking-and-gambling lifestyle.

In his statement yesterday, Guan Eng complained most furiously: “Clearly, this is a new ruling by the current government influenced by PAS’ extremist policies”.

Let’s forget the PAS-ruled Malay heartland for a minute and look at our country’s mixed population states.

Even such multiracial ones like Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Malacca, Perak and Pahang today lack or have completely no Chinese Aduns in their state governments.

This situation today arose because Chinese voters had put all their eggs in the DAP basket, and killed off BN’s Chinese-dominated component parties in the last election.

Guan Eng is ostensibly “shocked” by these current developments – see FMT report tweeted below.

There is no need to be “shocked”.

Chinese voters reap what they sow for electing evangelistas. By still continuing to support Hannah full throttle, they’re willing participants in the politics of religion.

Last weekend saw DAP’s ferocious non-Muslim followers take to the battlefield, marching under Hannah’s banner. 

ABOVE: Siti Kasim remarks on the strategy of “using religion as a political tool”

DAP suffering ‘identity crisis’, says PAS

Defending his fellow Born Again Christian and her most recent tiresome caper, Guan Eng virtue signalled Hannah’s religious piety even though ‘secular’ DAP preaches the separation of church and state.

And not only had Guan Eng labeled PAS “extremist” and “primitive” as mentioned earlier, he also called them “intolerant and regressive” — see his press statement below.

The DAP messaging is Evangelist good, Islamist bad.

PAS info chief Khairil Nizam Khirudin yesterday responded to Guan Eng, saying: “Sebaliknya, DAP dengan dasar Malaysian Malaysianyalah yang selama ini ternyata ekstremis!”

He also took a swipe at what he termed the DAP “identity crisis” — “krisis identitinya yang semakin membarah kebelakangan ini”.

Although the PAS spokesman only glanced at the DAP’s internal schism with regard to Hannah’s tudung controversy that burst into the open, PAS has long been aware of the evangelista agenda.

It is damaging enough that the DAP plays political Christianity.

Hijabi Hannah and the DAP troll army are moreover determined on taking the fight on religious terrain to PAS’s own home ground — the mosque. How smart is that?

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Strange bedfellows during the 22 months of Harapan


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  1. LKY wore a Sikh turban too. His personal lawyer was a Sikh. His butler was Hainan. Some DAP leaders could quote passages from the Holy Koran. Yet, they seemed to be opaque in their intentions.. Despite their efforts to convince some Malay ladies with their Malay garb and fondness for nasi lemak. the Malays are wise, intelligent and clear-minded to fall for such clownish behaviour unbecoming an Adun of His Royal Majesty’s Government. A study of the anthropological antics of DAP leaders should be undertaken sometime.

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